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Senate needs urgency filling judicial vacancies

Senate confirms Mannion, Brann to federal bench posts (news story, Dec.22, 2012) correctly describes how senators Casey and Toomey worked together in securing votes on two strong consensus nominees for longstanding Middle District openings.

The major question is why the Senate took so long to vote when the nominees were filling judicial emergencies. Before the Senate adjourns, it must grant yes or no floor votes to the 11 excellent nominees, whom the Judiciary Committee has approved, so the courts can dispense justice.

Slow foreign aid, tax rich to spare working class

Why must the working class endure pain, any pain? The Republican House would not discuss a little more taxes on the folks earning over $400,000 unless there are cuts in the entitlement programs. Why?

.Consider the life style of the 2 percent, their million dollar homes, vacation homes, multiple luxury vehicles, jewelry that borders on sinful, country club life and vacations we the people don't even dare dream of.

If they pick up 1 or 2 percent in additional taxes, how will it affect them? None of the benefits previously mentioned will go away. Fancy dinner parties will not be canceled nor will the exotic vacations.

The average member of the working class works till he drops or reaches the age of retirement. If he is lucky enough to have had a good job, he will have a modest home, an average vehicle, Social Security and maybe even a pension earned during his working years.

If entitlements are cut, how will that affect him? He will scramble to find health coverage that won't cause him to forego a doctor's appointment or a visit to the emergency room. He may very well pass on a needed medication because it is just not affordable.

Dinner out on occasion will be at the local pizza parlor/restaurant or local diner but you can bet it won't be at a country club.

Would it ever dawn on we the people that we should be screaming to cut foreign aid, especially aid given to countries that vote against us in the United Nations?

Why do we the people have to make further sacrifice? How many of our young died protecting them?

The Tea Party tail has been wagging the Republican dog for the past two years and we the people stand by and wait to see what crumbs will fall on our tables and we gear up for the cuts that are sure to come.

If you agree, you can call our members of Congress and we can tell Rep. Lou Barletta, Sen. Toomey and Rep. Marino that it is we the people they should represent, not the 2 percent, not the aid receiving countries and certainly not the countries that enjoy our military support.

Congressman elect Matt Cartwright will fight for our entitlements even if he is the last man standing, but we can help Cartwright fight the fight with our voices. The time to raise them is now!

East End resident says streets need clearing

Well, here it is Dec. 28, two days removed from a nuisance snowfall of a paltry three inches, and not one Wilkes-Barre snowplow has even touched Bowman Street.

Whatever little snow there was, is now completely frozen. If it weren't for neighborhood traffic, the street would be an ice rink. Where's our DPW, Mr. mayor?

I'm sure Barney Farms and Public Square have received enough attention. Please send a salt truck with a plow to help out us peasants in East End.

Explaining link between Sandy Hook and abortion

Has anyone made the connection of the tragic shooting in Connecticut and abortion? Not possible, you say?

Think about it. If life is so cheap that an unborn baby can easily, and unfortunately legally, be disposed of via abortion, then why not anybody? Children, adults, the old, feeble and infirm and the handicapped. Once the seed to get rid of them is planted, just go ahead. We, as a nation, have distanced ourselves greatly from keeping the commandments, including the sixth commandment Thou shalt not kill. It is truly very sad. God help us all!

Remember to vote for compromise candidates

Is it me, or do you get the feeling our federal government thinks we're a bunch of driveling idiots? Which is a possibility considering the large disconnect in our American populace as indicated by our pathetic voter turnout time and time again in what's supposed to be a participatory government.

We aren't out of our financial dark woods or fiscal cliff just yet, because essentially all our illustrious leaders have done once again is kick the can down the road until March when the debt ceiling comes crashing down on us -- again.

As I see it, the problem is twofold. We cannot sustain our populace through countless giveaways and break after break. Spend, spend, spend equals more misery for our children and grandchildren for generations to come. Nor can we afford morally and ethically to turn our backs on the many people who actually need such entitlements. Abandonment would be un-American. What is needed is a sense of compromise. Not the winner-take-all-to-secure-our-re-election-prospects mentality that is pervasive.

It seems today our politicians take one side or the other and both sides quite frankly have room to compromise. I know it's a long way out and they are counting on us to forget by election time, as I am sure they are aware and already have the magician sleight-of-hand drama laden distraction story already in the works.

But do yourself a favor, cut out this letter. Place it on your refrigerator and recall what's written here come March and again in two years.

Remember our government is participatory. That is, we need to get involved. Encourage voters who don't vote every election to make our next one a priority. Encourage those who have never voted to register now.

We must vote out officials with this rigid partisan us and them vision before that can that continually gets kicked down the road ends up hitting us all in the back of the head and we find ourselves lying face down in the dirt wondering who will save us next.

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