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W-B Twp. mayor calls writer an embarrassment

This is in response to Joe Naperkowski’s article from Feb. 26, 2013.

You say no common sense, no integrity and the Wilkes-Barre Township citizens are being embarrassed; this is done by you. Joe, you are an embarrassment to your family and town. You say we should have honored WWII and Korean veterans only. Joe, are you saying all other veterans who fought or died for us should not be honored? Way to go Joe.

You say the road department should be appreciated for its work. Should the residents know why? Remember there is a police department, road department and administrative department. They all get paid to do their jobs, and they do them well.

You say our old Wilkes-Barre Township high school should be used for recreation, a day care center and a senior center. If you would stop taking advice from the Pulaski Street garage, you would know that on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have basketball for kids at the school. Also there is a beautiful play group at the municipal building and the seniors have a place at the town hall. Quit being jealous because the only one dysfunctional is you, not the mayor, council and administration. Look in the mirror and grow up.

This administration and all past administrations have worked very hard to make this town what it is today and all should be offended by your comments.

Also, I can’t believe The Times Leader prints your garbage without checking your statements. I can’t believe it is that hard up to sell papers.

Mayor Carl Kuren

Wilkes-Barre Township

True animal lovers should be responsible owners

This is in response to the letter written about a dog shot and killed by a police officer and the writer’s faith that enabled him to go on and forgive the police officer.

There are two sides to every story and we do not have all the facts to make a decision. The writer stated that his dog did not know the difference between an intruder and a police officer.

Likewise, in today’s polluted world we have to consider that the police officer did not know if he stumbled onto a crack house with vicious dogs that protect them. Split second decisions may have to be made in this type of a situation. The writer said “friends” of animals prompted him to write his letter.

Let’s look at an important fact. The dog was loose, outside and not under the owner’s control. As a responsible pet owner this would have saved the dog’s life. Is the dog always loose? Usually the “friends” of animals think this is the animal’s right to run free. I have experienced this many times. One example is when our four sheep, which are in a one-acre enclosure, had a visit from the neighbor’s friendly dog that barked at them and ran around the fence. The sheep panicked, they did not know he was a friendly dog, and they ran into the fence injuring themselves. Who is the responsible pet owner?

The biggest problem is cats that the animal lovers believe should visit the neighborhood, breeding with each other and resulting in an explosion of feral animals. I am an animal lover who enjoys feeding a

nd watching birds and rabbits (we feed them seed and crackers by hand) that raise their young on our property. Then the cats come and kill the birds and baby bunnies.

The animal lovers say that this is their nature, let them go. Who is the real animal lover? The person who loves the wild animals or the person who supports an out-of-control domesticated population of human animals.

Yes, the dog and cat food companies that profit from this population have brainwashed the animal lovers into believing animals are people with the same value of life as a real baby. Maybe these people should read the Bible for an answer.

John Skirchak


Christians are failing to fulfill responsibilities

Recently I read of a report that showed that only 34 percent of Protestants and 24 percent of Catholics attend church on Sunday. And we wonder what is happening to our beloved country? Being baptized into the Christian faith is not just a social gesture to help us feel righteous. Imagine a minister going through seminary and then refusing to take on the responsibilities of preaching. Imagine a Catholic going through years of study and prayer to become a priest and then refusing to offer Mass. He becomes a priest to offer daily, to God the Father, the life, death and resurrection sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Baptized Christians have a very important role to play in God’s plan for they must, “fill up the cup that is lacking” as Colossians l: 24 tells us. Catholics must listen to Scripture to learn God’s plan for salvation. Then we must unite with all faithful Catholics on Sundays, to offer to the Father Christ’s great sacrifice re-presented on our altar. Jesus suffered for each of us individually. Each Christian, individually, owes it to Christ to enter into His passion and do all that we can to bring God’s world into the reality we pray for each day - “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done”.

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand once commented on following our own conscience. She wrote, “conscience, as filtered through one’s own pride and rebellious spirit is derailed into implying a right to follow one’s own will and wishes under the rubric of conscience, no matter what the outcome”. In this Year of Faith come home to your inheritance. Join us in church asking God to save our soul and our country.

Annette Corrigan Jackson Township

Reader is in favor of use of drones to protect U.S.

I am in total agreement with the use of drones to keep American citizens safe from terrorists, criminals and drug dealers in America. One drone could hover over Wilkes-Barre, and it would tell us how 78,000 gallons of fuel disappeared. One droned assigned to Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Hazleton, etc.

Send a umber of drones to our borders and ID those entering the country illegally and notify border patrol. Drones to ID the Mexican drug cartel operating at will in America. Drones would be the biggest crime prevention unit operating with law enforcement to ensure the safety of Americans.

George J. Kochis


Daughter gets great care from staff at Geisinger

On Sunday, March 10, 2013, our daughter was admitted to Geisinger Medical Center in Plains Township. From the minute she entered the Emergency Department to the time she left the hospital, the care that she received was phenomenal. Thank you to the staffs of the ER, Pastoral Care, Intensive Care Unit, Progressive Care Unit and the 3rd Floor.

We don’t always hear about the positive things that happen during a hospital stay, so we want to publicly thank everyone involved in our daughter’s care for their excellence.

Joe and Debbie Grenewicz Hanover Township

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