West Side career center student efforts praised


    First Posted: 3/25/2013

    PRINGLE — At a meeting of the West Side Career and Technology Center Joint Operating Committee Monday night Tom Pieczynski Jr., marketing teacher at the center, lauded the efforts of the center’s marketing students for successfully executing two projects.

    He said they not only demonstrated their skills learned in the class room, but also their ability to transfer those skills to the real world.

    Marketing students were awarded the 2012 Distinguished Partner award for developing and executing a business plan for organization and customer service in a simulated business conducted at the school. The project reflected the concept of global entrepreneurship, preparing students for further education and future careers.

    Students also purchased a place on the Wilkes-Barre-opoly board game, a localized version of the classic game. Students then developed a promotional and sales plan, giving special deals to senior classmates and those also buying a yearbook.

    “These are the type of activities that fully prepare our students for successful futures,” said Pieczynski, addressing the center’s Joint Operating Committee.

    In other matters:

    • Principal Richard Rava said that recently a representative from Luzerne County Juvenile Probation had addressed students about successful living and making appropriate decisions. “She noticed the good behavior of our students during her presentations,” Rava said, noting that the school’s number of disciplinary infractions has continued to decrease.

    • The committee gave approval for 13 students to attend the SkillsUSA State Conference in Hershey in April.

    • Committee member John Marianacci attributed the success of the center to a willingness to adapt to the needs of students in the long term and to the ability of five area school district that serve as feeder schools to work together.

    • The next meeting of the committee will be on April 22 at 6:30 pm.

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