Dean’s List

First Posted: 8/15/2013

Wilkes University

Terese Wignot, interim provost, Wilkes University, recently announced the Dean’s List for the spring 2013 semester. Local residents who attained the honor are:

Heather Abrams of Wyoming; Benjamin Accardi of Bear Creek Township; Justin Adams of Drums; James Alfano of Pittston; Faisal Khalid Alharbi of Wilkes-Barre; Afnan Aljafari of Wilkes-Barre; Ahmed Alkhaldi of Wilkes-Barre; Somiah Almeky of Shavertown; Hassan Alsalloum of Wilkes-Barre; Renee Alshefski of Hazle Township; Ibrahim Altariq of Wilkes-Barre; Brianna Arcarese of Pittston; Andrew Asare of Wilkes-Barre; Kara Augustine of Shavertown; Kelsey Augustine of Shavertown; Giuliana Ayers of Freeland; Stephanie Bacchus of Wilkes-Barre; Brittany Battista of Pittston; Michael Bauman of Forty Fort; Miranda Baur of Dallas; Kendall Beard of Kingston; Brian Bedwick of Wilkes-Barre; George Behlke of Wyoming; Sara Bellanco of Wyoming; Cara Belles of Shickshinny; Andrew Bergey of Kingston; Christine Bergey of Kingston; Kaitlyn Bevans of Beaver Meadows; Channing Biggers of Pittston; Asma Binladen of Edwardsville; Alysha Bixler of Wilkes-Barre; Casey Bohan of Harding; Shawn Bookwalter of Forty Fort; Kaitlin Bowalick of Nanticoke; Matthew Boyle of Shavertown; Christina Breznak of Hazleton; Alyssa Brown of Mountain Top; Kathlina Brown of Nanticoke; Sarah Brozena of Larksville; Adam Burt of Ashley; Erin Bush of Kingston; Rachel Capitano of Hughestown; Christopher Carey of Duryea; Margarite Carter of Nanticoke; James Carty of Swoyersville; Jonathan Casey of Warrior Run; Christian Castro of Dallas; Cierra Cellerari of Wilkes-Barre; Casandra Cerulli of Larksville; Theresa Charnetski of Wilkes-Barre; Joseph Cherinko of Wilkes-Barre; Timothy Cheung of Kingston; Deborah Chielli of Dallas; Aleona Chinikaylo of Shavertown; Suzanne Ciarcia of Wilkes-Barre; Julia Cikota of Harding; Kelli Clemons of Hanover Township; Sean Coates of Mountain Top; Ariana Colella of Pittston; Amanda Coombs of Hanover Township; Dominick Costantino of Hanover Township; Kristen Craven of Larksville; Ashleigh Crispell of Pittston; Kelli Cummings of Kingston; Eric Danko of Dallas; Sara Davis of Dallas; Jacqueline Delucca of West Pittston; Giovanna DiBlasi of Hazleton; Dawn DiMaria of Forty Fort; Katherine Dodson of Nuremberg; Lucas Domulevicz of Glen Lyon; Melissa Duda of Wilkes-Barre; Bradley Dudeck of Hazle Township; Brandon Dudeck of Hazle Township; Olivia Dworak of Dupont; Emily Dymond of Harding; Jennifer Earley of Hanover Township; Kayla Eaton of Wilkes-Barre; Alyssa Elmy of Wilkes-Barre; Jonathan Eroh of Nescopeck; Amanda Evanich of Pittston; Morgan Evans of Hanover Township; Amanda Fasciana of West Pittston; Joseph Fasciana of West Pittston; Joseph Feibus of Wilkes-Barre; Adrienne Feisel of Ashley; Luigi Festa of Larksville; Krista Fetterman of Nanticoke; Christina Fischer of Nanticoke; Jennifer Foy of Wilkes-Barre; Mitchell Frear of Kingston; Chelsea Fufaro of Dallas; Rosalie Garcia of Wilkes-Barre; Beth Gilbert of Wilkes-Barre; Shannon Gilhooley of Laflin; Sarah Gillette of Dallas; Larissa Gimble of Larksville; Jesse Goble of Luzerne; Jessica Gorts of Wilkes-Barre; Claire Gothreau of Mountain Top; Cara Goughenour of Sugarloaf; Jill Grasso of Pittston; Erika Green of Kingston; Stephen Gruver of Wilkes-Barre; Ryan Habib of Nanticoke; Sara Hagenbach of Hunlock Creek; Kyla Halsor of Dallas; Casey Harding of Plymouth; Hillary Harris of Wilkes-Barre; Marissa Harrison of Shavertown; Richard Harth of Pittston; Forest Hawkins of Ashley; Johnathan Haydock of Nanticoke; Gregory Heindel of Sweet Valley; Thomas Heiser of Hanover Township; Brittany Hess of Wilkes-Barre; Erin Hohol of Hunlock Creek; Samantha Horchos of Pittston; Samantha Hunter of Hanover Township; Matthew Januski of Edwardsville; Michael Jayne of Shavertown; Katie Jescavage of Plains; William Johns of Pringle; Alyssa Jones of Wilkes-Barre; Sarah Jones of Trucksville; Zachary Jones of Wyoming; Michael Jorda of Kingston; Michael Kachmarsky of Exeter; Abigail Kaster of Mountain Top; Megan Kazmerski of Kingston; SamanthaAnn Kerpovich of Drums; Nicole Kerr-Stapleton of Wilkes-Barre; Jeffrey Kinney of Kingston; Eric Klemchak of Bear Creek Township; Jason Klus of Kingston; Patrick Klus of Kingston; Nathalie Kocon of Mountain Top; Michael Kohut of Exeter; Amanda Kornak of Dallas; Kayla Kotch of Nanticoke; Amanda Kowalek of Wyoming; Christopher Kropiewnicki of Nanticoke; Joseph Kubicki of Wilkes-Barre; Catherine LaBuz of Drums; Margaret Labuz of Drums; Michael Lanczak of Kingston; Eric Larsen of Wilkes-Barre; Kelly Lashock of Hazleton Township; Ashley Legg of Mountain Top; Roger Legg of White Haven; Robert Lehnert of Wilkes-Barre; Courtney Leighton of Wilkes-Barre; Patrick Lello of Dupont; Jaymelyn Lendacky of Wilkes-Barre; Martin Lewandoski of Plains; Troy Lewis of Wilkes-Barre; Brittany Lippert of Edwardsville; Carmen Lopresto of Pittston Township; David Macekura of Wilkes-Barre; Aimee MacFarlane of Exeter; Sarah Maheady of Wyoming; Jonathan Martin of Forty Fort; Karly Mason of Hunlock Creek; Rachel Matteucci of Pittston; Rebecca Mattioli of Pittston; Macey McGuire of Drums; Macson McGuirk of Wyoming; Rebecca McMahon of Hunlock Creek; Walter Mieczkowski of Nanticoke; Joseph Miele of DuPont; Thomas Mike of Shavertown; Noelle Miller of Shavertown; Rachel Miller of Wyoming; Emile Mirzoevs of Forty Fort; Matthew Montville of Wilkes-Barre; Michael Moody of Larksville; Bryant Morocho of Wilkes-Barre; Erin Mras of Hunlock Creek; Erica Naperkowski of Ashley; Kelsey Noss of Plains; Meagan O’Connell of Mountain Top; Stephen Olshemski of Shavertown; Joshua Olzinski of Nanticoke; Todd Oravic of Ashley; Kayla Oster of Hazle Township; Morgan Palermo of Drums; Angela Palmerio of Wilkes-Barre; Tyler Panzarella of Hazleton; Lauren Para of Jenkins Township; Alexandra Paranac of Hazleton; Nipa Parikh of Wilkes-Barre; Anup Patel of Wilkes-Barre; Bhumi Patel of Mountain Top; Deep Patel of Dallas; Hiral Patel of Mountain Top; Neepa Patel of Mountain Top; Nikita Patel of Mountain Top; Priyanka Patel of Kingston; Jessalyn Paveletz of Hanover Township; Jarrod Pavelitz of Mountain Top; Amanda Pawlowski of Nanticoke; Ryan Pearson of Hunlock Creek; Megan Petrochko of Nanticoke; Kyra Phair of West Nanticoke; Colleen Pike of Dallas; Michael Pino of Hazleton; Sara Pisak of Sugarloaf; Rose Polney of Swoyersville; Laura Preby of Plains; Stacy Prelewicz of Wapwallopen; Kimberly Price of Mountain Top; Ryan Prohaska of Larksville; Kenneth Pugh of Luzerne; Samantha Purdy of Hughestown; Jesse Quintiliani of Mountain Top; Kassondra Rader of Wilkes-Barre; Jordan Ramirez of Plains; Charles Reilly of Forty Fort; Victoria Rendina of Larksville; Bobbie Lynn Richardson of Wilkes-Barre; Theresa Rider of Kingston; Amy Robacheski of Nanticoke; Gabriella Romanelli of Wilkes-Barre; Sterling Rospendowski of Bear Creek; Stephen Ruch of Dallas; Sophia Rynkiewicz of Nanticoke; Ann Sadusky of Exeter; Nicole Scharpnick of Luzerne; Thomas Schmidt of Mountain Top; Kelci Scirrotto of Freeland; Jessica Scott of Nanticoke; Donald Searfoss of Shavertown; Kristina Seiger of Pringle; Jonathan Seward of Harding; Barbara Shaver of Kingston; Joshua Shaver of Trucksville; Amanda Shonk of Wilkes-Barre; Jocelyn Sickler of Larksville; Mallory Simchick of Swoyersville; Sarah Simonovich of Dallas; Marina Skevofilax of Dallas; Keri Skvarla of Nanticoke; Rachel Sluhocki of Wilkes-Barre; Aubrielle Smith of Dallas; Holly Smith of Milnesville; Gregory Snyder of Swoyersville; Jennifer Sobeck of Harveys Lake; Bernard Socha of Mountain Top; Robin Sorber of Wilkes-Barre; Robert Sperazza of Pittston; Lewis Stalbird of Duryea; Jenette Stapert of Alden; Alyssa Stencavage of Mountaintop; Ashley Sutton of Swpyersville; John Sweeney of Shavertown; Elham Takin of Wilkes-Barre; Joseph Taylor of Wilkes-Barre; Greg Thomas of Wilkes-Barre; Morgan Thomas of Dallas; Sean Thomas of Wilkes-Barre; William Thomas of Nanticoke; Garth Todd of West Pittston; Bobbie Tondora of Pittston; Justin Topa of Avoca; Sarah Tressa of Forty Fort; Daniel Troynacki of Pittston; Christa Tutella of Wilkes-Barre; Amber Uhrin of Drums; Michael Vamos of Mountain Top; Joseph Waichulis of Nanticoke; James Walker of Wilkes-Barre; Justin Wall of Pittston; Letitia Warunek of Pittston; Nicholas Watkins of Courtdale; Ryan Weber of Wilkes-Barre; Thomas Weeks of Trucksville; Jessica Weron of Nanticoke; Marjorie Whispell of Pittston; Erica Whitebread of Forty Fort; Stephanie Wilkie of Wilkes-Barre; Sara Williams of Wilkes-Barre; Ryan Wood of Kingston; Adoma Yeboah of Wilkes-Barre; Anne Yoskoski of Dallas; Michael Yuhas of Duryea; Lauren Yurko of Dallas; Emily Yuscavage of Mountain Top; Joseph Zack of Hanover Township; Luke Zack of Mountain Top; Justine Zaleski of Avoca; Thomas Zelinka of Wilkes-Barre; Aubrey Zenda of Wilkes-Barre; Ashley Zerfoss of Shavertown; Veronica Zimmerman of Edwardsville; Rachel Zomerfeld of Courtdale; Nicole Zukowski of Hazleton.

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