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First Posted: 6:31 pm - June 25th, 2015

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First Posted: 9/14/2013

Abington Heights

Coach: Amy Wojcik, second season

2012 record: 1-13 in WVC, eighth in Division 1-2A; 1-13 overall

Key players lost: Gina Fiore; Kiki Selig.

Key returning players: Sarah Beamish, Sr/D; Chloe Cummings, Sr/D; Serena DeSeta, Sr/F-M; Tara Hambrose, Sr/D; Brianna Jaegar, Jr/M; Malorie McCoy, Sr/M-D; Lillianna McHale, Jr/F; Alyssa McMinn, Jr/F; Claire Notarianni, Sr/G; Paige Notarianni, Sr/F-M; Shirley Tung, Sr/D.

Key newcomers: Melanie Fricchione, Jr/G; Susan Scappatura, So/F; Jesse Show, Fr/D; Abby Sutton, So/D.

Coach’s outlook: Having gained a lot of experience last season, our goal is to improve on that moving forward. We are focused on generating more offensive opportunities during games while still maintaining our defensive strategies. We are focusing on our positioning and working hard on optimizing our transition game.


Coach: Brandi Bertollo, second season

2012 record: 2-11-3 in WVC, eighth in Division 2; 2-11-3 overall

Key returning players: Lizzie Dyer, Jr/G, WVC second team; Ashley Hess, Jr/M; Allie Katsock, Jr/F; Makaela Miller, Jr/D; Steph Parker, Jr/M; Mady Readler, Sr/D; Destiny Samsel, Sr/D; Alexis Steeber, Jr/M; Ky Welsh, Jr/F.

Key newcomers: Kiersten Bertollo, Fr/M; Mikayla Davis, Fr/F.

Coach’s outlook: The outlook for our season looks bright. We have a seasoned backfield, anchored by our goalie, Lizzie Dyer, and our forward line has been getting stronger during the preseason. We have a very dynamic midfield and I am anticipating good hockey from them. Our team is not the most experienced, but what they lack in experience, they make up for with aggressiveness and willingness to learn. The group of girls should be able to generate many scoring opportunities this season.


Coach: Colleen Wood, 22nd season

2012 record: 10-4 in WVC, tied for first in Division 1-3A; 14-5 overall

Last District 2 championship: 2012

All-stars lost: Madysen Jones, state All-Academic; Paige Tedik, All-State second team; Haley Waslasky, state All-Academic; Caitlin Wood, All-State first team.

Key returning players: Molly Andress, Sr/M; Alex Bukeavich, Sr/M; Kyra Castano, Jr/F, WVC second team; Katie Colleran, Sr/D, WVC second team; Kelsey Gabriele, Jr/M; Kaitlyn Lukashewski, Jr/F; Dominique Oko, Jr/D; Keighlyn Oliver, Jr/M; Brigid Wood, So/M, All-State second team; Kyra Wozniak, So/F, WVC second team; Sarah Zbierski, Jr/D, WVC second team.

Key newcomers: Kalie Reed, So/M; Savannah Robinson, So/M.

Coach’s outlook: We lost a lot from last year, even if it wasn’t a large number of players. Madysen and Caitlin were the strength of our offense. Losing Paige and Haley on defense is tough. but this group has been stepping up and trying to find some cohesion. They’ve been really positive with each other and have confidence in each other. They are getting their game where they need to have it.


Coach: Elvetta Gemski, 38th season

2012 record: 13-1 in WVC, first in Division 1-2A; 23-2 overall; PIAA Class 2A champions

Last District 2 championship: 2012

All-stars lost: Chandler Ackers, NFHCA Regional All-American; Rachael Ritz, All-State second team.

Key returning players: Hannah Ackers, So/M, WVC second team; Daniella Callaghan, Jr/F; Casey Cole, Jr/M, All-State first team; Maury Cronauer, Sr/F; Elizabeth Dessoye, So/F, WVC second team; Dallas Kendra, Jr/G, WVC first team; Morgan Kile, Sr/M, All-State second team; Kailee Krupski, Sr/D; Megan McCole, Sr/D, All-State honorable mention; Hunter Pitman, So/F; Marissa Surdy, Sr/F, All-State honorable mention; Ashleigh Thomas, So/F, WVC first team; Sarah Wodarczyk, Jr/F.

Key newcomers: Alexandra Jones, Sr/M; Samantha Geroski, Jr/F; Cara Jarmiolowski, So/M-D; Kellie Kalada, Sr/G; Danielle Metzger, Sr/D; Kelli Mickowski, Sr/M-D; Jordan Olenginski, Fr/F; Nichole Paranich, So/M-D; Madeline Ritsick, So/M-D;

Coach’s outlook: The team will continue to work hard and concentrate on their basic skills to meet the challenges of the season.


Coach: Kylie Rosengrant, sixth season

2012 record: 11-3 in WVC, third in Division 1-2A

Last District 2 championship: 2007

All-stars lost: Evonna Ackourey, All-State second team.

Key returning players: Lily Amadio, Sr/G, WVC second team; Jenny Cave, Sr/F; Abby Downs, Jr/D; Morgan Morris, Jr/M; Emma Niznik, Sr/D; Vanessa Parsons, Sr/F, All-State honorable mention; Michelle Thompson, Sr/M, All-State honorable mention; Cortlyn Van Deutsch, Sr/M-D, WVC second team.

Key newcomers: Steph Cybulski, Sr/F-M; Kami McGee, Jr/F; Kelsie Sincavage, Sr/M; Kaila Thomas, Sr/F.

Coach’s outlook: I am excited to see what the season brings. Only graduating one senior last year, we have a number of our returners coming back. We have also had a lot of improvement over the offseason from our underclassmen. With a veteran group returning, along with newcomers stepping up to the high expectations, I anticipate our season to be one of growth and development, both as the season progresses and for the future of the program.

Delaware Valley

Coach: Lindsay Gonzalez, seventh season

2012 record: 5-9 in WVC, fifth in Division 1-3A; 8-11 overall

Last District 2 championship: 2000

All-stars lost: Katie Murphy, state All-Academic; Rhiannon Hausenauer, WVC first team; Gabby Noto, WVC first team.

Key returning players: Marielle Cavallaro, Jr/M; McKenna Conselyea, Jr/M; Jillian Degraw, Sr/D, WVC second team; Alissa DePadua, Sr/F; Grace Farrell, Sr/F, All-State honorable mention; Hallie McClain, Sr/D; Payton Padgett, Jr/F.

Key newcomers: Macey Chlebowski, Fr/F; Eileen D’Auria, Jr/G; Leah Yost, Fr/M.

Coach’s outlook: We are looking to build upon last year’s season, taking it one game at a time. This group worked hard in the offseason and we have more players with varsity experience than we did a season ago. Our hope is to work toward the district championship game, improving and learning from each game.

Elk Lake

Coach: Heidi Woodruff, seventh season

2012 record: 5-10-1 in WVC, sixth in Division; 5-11-1 overall

Key returning players: Sabrina Clarke, Jr; Emily Kasson, Jr; Bobby Kelder, Jr, WVC second team; Kayla Krishak, Sr, WVC second team; Kristi Krishak, Sr; Brooke Seamans, Sr; Dakota Sherman, Sr.

Outlook: A year after losing everyone, Elk Lake lost just four key players from the 2012 squad. Seamens is in position to take over the netminding duties full-time. The top-two offensive threats are gone, but Sherman and Kelder should add to their totals from last season. This is another team that has youth on the horizon, as the junior high program boasted great depth last season.


Coach: Sue Woznock, sixth season

2012 record: 5-11 in WVC, seventh in Division 2; 5-11 overall

All-stars lost: Samantha Kirschner, state All-Academic; Tara Kolativa, state All-Academic; China Morningstar, state All-Academic; Candice Hartman, state All-Academic.

Key returning players: Samantha Conahan, Jr/D; Kristen Drozda, Jr/F; Avery Harris, So/F-M; Catherine Luckey, Jr/D; Ambar Lumbi, Jr/F; Lamonica Mateo, So/M; Brea Seabrook, Jr/F, WVC first team; Brittany Vital, So/G, WVC second team; Marrisa Yurchak, Sr/D.

Key newcomers: Mikayla Hoskins, Jr/D; Erica Merth, Fr/M; Samara McDaniels, Fr/G.

Coach’s outlook: We are very optimistic and looking forward to the start of the season. What our record from last season doesn’t show is that six of our losses were by one goal. This year, we hope to turn those close games to our favor. The girls are working great together and are excited to begin. Our greatest challenge this season is low numbers due to unexpected transfers and an injury to sophomore forward Lindsey Quinn. We’re added Mikayla Hoskins, who will provide some experience in the backfield, as well as Erica Merth, who brings energy in the midfield and Samara McDaniels to offer extra strength in goal.

Hanover Area

Coach: Jocelyn Holodick-Reed, 11th season

2012 record: 7-7-2 in WVC, fifth in Division 2; 7-7-3 overall

All-stars lost: Jackie Taylor, WVC second team.

Key returning players: Bryanna Eichler, Jr/D; Michaela Halesey, So/F, WVC first team; Marissa Keegan, Jr/F; Brittany McNair, Sr/D; Brexy Pena, Sr/M; Marissa Sudo, So/F; Mary Wychock, Sr/D.

Key newcomers: Regina Deno, So/G; Haylee Bobos, So/G.

Coach’s outlook: This season we have many players playing at the varsity level for the first time and veteran players playing new positions so we are looking forward to the growth the team makes through the season.

Hazleton Area

Coach: Mary Kelly, 13th season

2012 record: 6-8 in WVC, fourth in Division 1-3A; 8-10 overall

All-stars lost: Brianna Dalesandro, state All-Academic; Hannah Levine, state All-Academic; Alison Machey, state All-Academic; Alyssa Machey, state All-Academic.

Key returning players: Gabrielle Ator, Jr/M; Khrista Baran, Jr/D; Lauren Blakeslee, Jr/M; Selena Garzio, Jr/F, All-State first team; Grace Greco, So/M; Lexi Henchenski, Sr/D; Rebecca Kaschak, So/M; Kaitlyn McHugh, Sr/G; Victoria Middleton, So/F; Hannah Plaza, Sr/M, WVC second team; Madison Reed, Jr/F, All-State honorable mention; Kara Sanford, So/F; Celia Sokolofski, So/B; Amber Spahn, So/M.

Key newcomers: Annie Amentler, Fr/M; Martgaret Fulton, Fr/G.

Coach’s outlook: We had a number of players involved in offseason play with Futures, indoor clubs and KSG. Also, in the spring, we competed in several tournaments. During the course of the spring and summer, we concentrated on speed, agility and quickness, as well as ballhandling skills. This group of young athletes has a positive attitude, strong work ethic and willingness to learn. They have accepted the physical and mental challenge to improve our overall level of play. This is an exciting group of dedicated young athletes. We are looking forward to an exciting and challenging season. We will take one game at a time, hoping to gain experience and improve our performance with each competition.

Holy Redeemer

Coach: Juliann DeFalco, fifth season

2012 record: 13-1 in WVC, lost playoff for Division 1-2A title; 14-3 overall

All-stars lost: Marnie Kusakavitch, second team All-State; Allie Malacari, All-State honorable mention; Morgan Mancini, state All-Academic.

Key returning players: Greta Ell, Jr/M, first team All-State; Mallory Kusakavitch, Sr/M, WVC first team; Melanie Kusakavitch, Sr/F, All-State honorable mention; Alexis Lewis, Jr/D; Rachel Platko, Jr/F.

Key newcomers: Morgan Clarke, Fr/F; Jennifer Ringsdorf, Jr/F; Holly Slowik, Jr/G.

Coach’s outlook: As a coaching staff, we (DeFalco and assistant Tracy Ragukas) have been really focused on getting better each and every day. We have to be able to finish and play solid defense to win games this season. Our challenge this year is overcoming the abundance of talent we lost to graduation.


Coach: Rebecca Maciejewski, seventh season

2012 record: 8-6 in WVC, third in Division 1-3A; 13-7 overall

All-Stars lost: Nicole Cush, WVC first team; Mickey Johannes, WVC first team; Sam Krempasky, WVC second team; Mary Martin, WVC first team; Kate Pfeil, WVC first team.

Key returning players: Megan Benson, Jr/M; Valerie Gaglione, Sr/D; Stacey Hart, Jr/D, WVC second team; Bailey Martin, Jr/F; Janie Murphy, So/F; Sarah Redick, Sr/D.

Key newcomers: Jess Carney, So/D; Olivia Frigoletto, So/F; Heaven Houck, Fr/M; Mackenzie Jackson, So/G; Ally Meyer, Fr/F; Clayre Smith, Fr/F.

Coach’s outlook: Last season was our best ever in the history of field hockey at Honesdale. We took a District 2 silver medal in the 2012 championship game. The winning attitude our graduated seniors instilled in the program has stuck. We have a talented, young and fast group of newcomers to continue the competitiveness our school has worked toward in the last few years. We are taking each game as it comes and have strength in our flexibility in strategy and attack. We are aiming for a winning season.

Lackawanna Trail

Coach: Katie Snyder, first season

2012 record: 3-11 in WVC, sixth in Division 1-3A

Last District 2 championship: 2008

All-stars lost: Jessica Bowman, state All-Academic; Cameron Crock, state All-Academic; Courtney Ditchey, state All-Academic; Aliza Furneaux, state All-Academic.

Key returning players: Sarah Botscheller, Sr; Kasey Buck, Jr; Kerrigan Buck, Jr; Shelby Croasdale, Sr; Jordan Laytos, So; Daria Lewandowski, Jr; Nicole Rosa, Sr; Chelsy Stuble, Sr; Gabby Truesdale, Jr.

Key newcomers: Lauren Baldwin; Madison Lee; Mackenzie Semken; Allison Strauch; Emily Van Fleet.

Outlook: The junior high depth of the recent past will begin to deliver rewards to the varsity program starting this season, with a handful of freshmen getting a chance to contribute right away. The team lost its top scorer and a quality goalkeeper, but has back Lewandowski, who scored six goals in an eight-game stretch as a sophomore.


Coach: Jean Lipski, 33rd season

2012 record: 5-9 in WVC, sixth in Division 1-2A; 5-10 overall

Last District 2 championship: 1999

All-stars lost: Carly Gromel, state All-Academic; Amanda Mathers, state All-Academic; Karli O’Brien, state All-Academic; Kait Yoniski, All-State honorable mention.

Key returning players: Alyssa Adams, Jr/M; Kirsten Cope, Jr/F; Emily Glasso, Jr/D; Tif Malinowski, Jr/G; Brooke O’Brien, Sr/D; Sam Sharon, Sr/D; Tracy Snyder, F; Kate Supey, So/F, WVC second team; Korrie Wandel, Jr/F.

Key newcomers: Taylor Alba, D; Rachael Pilch, Jr/M; Sarah Sabaluski, M; Lilli Stepanski, F.

Coach’s outlook: This team is cohesive. They have great potential. The younger players have to mature quickly, for we have a young team. I like their work ethic and mentality.


Coach: Allison Banks, first season

2012 record: 9-5-2 in WVC, fourth in Division 2; 9-6-2 overall

All-stars lost: Rianna Daughtry-Smith, WVC second team; Eilish Hoban, WVC first team; Amilyn Konopki, WVC second team; Kelly Mahalak, WVC first team.

Key returning players: Allison Berman, Jr/M, WVC second team; Michelle Chavez, Sr/F; Bri DiMaggio, Sr/F-M, WVC first team; Anna Macko, Sr/M; Betsy Macko, So/M; Sydney Rentsch, Jr/M.

Key newcomers: Marissa Prince, So; Cheyenne Robertson, Fr; Sabrina Robertson, Jr/G

Coach’s outlook: I’m a new coach, so I don’t really know anyone yet, so you try to give everyone a chance to see what they can do. We’re finally getting some plays down, and everyone’s been working really well together.


Coach: Lori Dennis, sixth season

2012 record: 2-12 in WVC, seventh in Division 1-2A; 2-13-1 overall

Key players lost: Kayla Benjamin, Sarah Carne.

Key returning players: Samantha Garvey, Sr/D; Amber Grohowski, So/M; Kayla Gronkowski, Sr/D; Becca Morgis, Jr/M; Maddy O’Donahue, Jr/G.

Key newcomers: Liz Colemire, So/F-M; Carly Grabowski, So/F-M; Sarina Kinlaw, So/F-M.

Coach’s outlook: Our girls have generated a great deal of energy into the program;energy that I haven’t seen for some time. Our numbers are up drastically, but with increased new players comes inexperience and youth. The success of our team will depend on how quickly our inexperienced players develop and adapt to the strength of this conference.


Coach: Ashley Lawson, first season

2012 record: 15-1 in WVC, first in Division 2; 16-2 overall

All-Stars lost: Glenn Carr, WVC first team; Jenna Morris, WVC second team; Morgan Price, WVC first team; Kirsten Walsh, WVC first team; Alivia Womelsdorf, WVC first team.

Key returning players: Olivia Magni, Sr/F; Maggie Murphy, Jr/D; Michaela Weber, Sr/F, WVC first team; Rachel Zultevicz, Jr/M.

Key newcomer: Olivia Piestrak, Jr/G.

Outlook: After bringing back almost everyone in 2012, this year’s Rangers will feature a lot of new faces — starting with the coaching staff. Magni and Weber will be counted on to lead the offense, as they combined for 25 goals and eight assists last season. The defense has experience on the back line, and Olivia Piestrak takes over in goal for the Rangers. Piestrak has big shoes to fill after the efforts of past netminders Alivia Womelsdorf and Maria Begliomini.

Pittston Area

Coach: Caitlin Hadzimichalis, fourth season

2012 record: 13-3 in WVC, second in Division 2; 13-3 overall

All-Stars lost: Liz Mikitish, WVC first team.

Key returning players: Nicole Chaiko, Sr/F; Alexa Danko, Sr/M, WVC second team; Lea Garibaldi, Sr/G, WVC first team; Emily Herron, Sr/F, WVC second team; Dana Maurizi, Sr/F, WVC first team; Katrina Mikitish, Jr/M, WVC second team; Alana Platukus, So/F.

Key newcomers: Paige Danko, So/F; Ali Dunn, Fr/F; Marissa Morreale, So/D; Haley Norwillo, So/D; Julia Stella, So/M.

Coach’s outlook: We return all of our starters from last season but one, including 10 seniors who have been our core on and off the field. We want to use the experience we gained last season and build upon that. More specifically, we’ve been working on picking up our tempo and finishing each possession.


Coach: Ashlie Lewis, second season

2012 record: 10-3-3 in WVC, third in Division 2

All-stars lost: Liz Franko, WVC first team; Cheyenne Hunsinger, WVC first team; Diandra Sherman, WVC second team.

Key returning players: Miranda Colburn, Sr/F-D; Marley Mason, Sr/F, WVC second team; Amanda Nole, Sr/D; Kailey Reposa, So/F; Mary Sickler, So/G, WVC second team; Haley Toczko, So/F; Haylee Underwood, Sr/M, WVC first team.

Key newcomers: Dana Kuffa, So/G; Kailyn Mikula, Jr/M; Maggie Sohns, So/M; Elissa Stretch, Jr/M; Alissa Zamber, So/D.

Coach’s outlook: Last season was one of many firsts for all of us. We have taken this past year and learned a lot. I am very proud of how far the girls have come and the dedication they have given to this sport. I am hopeful for a successful season this year. All the teams in our division will be great competitors. We will take it game-by-game with hopes of improving our record from last year. We are definitely working on our offense to make our overtimes more successful with a win. We have a lot of younger talent stepping up. With the underclassmen showing much promise, I feel we have many girls who could see playing time in the varsity game and learning from these experiences on the field for the future.


Coach: Ashley Liptak, fifth season

2012 record: 1-13 in WVC, seventh in Division 1-3A; 1-15 overall

All-Stars lost: Danielle Palazzi, WVC second team.

Key returning players: Heidi Becker, Sr/F; Laura Bibbs, Jr/G, WVC second team; Emily Bolton, Jr/F; Taylor Borerro, Jr/D; Anthony Bouselli, Sr/F; Katelyn Carr, Jr/D; Jamie Egli, Jr/F; Mollie Gold, Jr/D; Julia Hessling, Sr/M; AmberMae Krautter, Jr/D; Tori Marro, Jr/M; Corine Peifer, Jr/M; Nicole Pesce, So/D; Kennedy Thomas, Jr/G.

Key newcomers: Taylor Kryzan, Fr; Alyssa Watson, Fr.

Coach’s outlook: Wallenpaupack field hockey is in full swing. The players and coaches are excited for the upcoming season. With graduating only one senior last season, expectations are running high. All three coaches are proud of how this group has come together since last season and cannot wait to see what they can do as the season progresses.

Wyoming Area

Coach: Lunda Comiskey, second season

2012 record: 6-8 in WVC, fifth in Division 1-2A; 7-9 overall

All-stars lost: Serra Degnan, first team All-State; Gabby Alberigi, state All-Academic; Lexi Coolbaugh, WVC second team.

Key returning players: Bree Bednarski, So/F, WVC second team; Sally DeLuca, Sr/D, WVC first team; Grace Gober, So/M; Christina Granteed, Jr/G; Abby Schwerdtman, Jr/M; Abby Thornton, Sr/D, WVC first team.

Key newcomers: Grace Angelella, Fr/F-M; Emilie Wanko, Fr/F.

Coach’s outlook: The girls came in stronger, faster and more determined this year to reach where Wyoming Area has never been before.

Wyoming Seminary

Coach: Karen Klassner, 42nd season

2012 record: 11-3 in WVC, third in Division 1-2A; 14-7-1 overall

Last District 2 championship: 2011

All-stars lost: Hannah Dressler, All-State honorable mention; Emily Granger, state All-Academic; Devin Holmes, All-State honorable mention; Kristen Mericle, All-State second team.

Key returning players: Marina Barnak, Jr/M-D; Corinne Conyngham, Jr/F-M; Issy DelPriore, Jr/D; Madison Dowd, Sr/D; Tali Dressler, Jr/M; Mackenzie Gagliardi, Jr/G; Gabrielle Grossman, So/F; Mallory Lefkowitz, Sr/F-M; Morgan Malone, Sr/M, NFHCA Regional All-American; Alexis Quick, Jr/F-M; Rebecca Schulman, Sr/F; Mara Stella, Jr/F-M; Molly Turner, WVC second team; Gabbie Volpetti, Jr/B; Rebecca Weinstock, Jr/F-M, WVC second team.

Key newcomers: Lauren Anderson, Fr/M; Sarah Denion, So/M-D; Maya Kornfeld, Fr/F; Kate Romanowski, Fr/F-M; Alexis Sokach, Fr/G; Abby Straub, Fr/F.

Coach’s outlook: We have a number of new players and have spent most of preseason deciding on a system of play as well as positioning. Our players have had an excellent preseason, and are ready to embark on yet another exciting season. We have communicated to our players it is a new season and no one cares about past seasons and accomplishments. We have a plethora of good young players. We are excited as a team to get started and find out what this coming season has in store for us.

Wyoming Valley West

Coach: Linda Fithian, 18th season

2012 record: 10-4 in WVC, first in Division 1-3A; 10-7 overall

Last District 2 championship: 2011

All-stars lost: Maura Anistranski, All-State first team; Sauni Davenport, All-State second team; Casey Dolan, All-State second team; Lilly Shemo, All-State honorable mention; Nicole Sott, state All-Academic; Riki Stefanides, state All-Academic.

Key returning players: Kaylee Caprari, Sr/F-M; Haley Gayoski, Jr/D; Alex Gonda, Sr/F-M, WVC second team; Danielle Grega, Sr/F, All-State honorable mention; Kady Gurtis, Jr/M-D; Tara Judge, Jr; Megan Kane, Jr; Katie Lipski, Sr; Alicia Moore, Jr/G; Jocelyn Polney, So/G; Julia Usefara, Jr/M-D

Key newcomers: Gabby Griffin, So; Wynter Libby, So; Nina Magnotta, Fr/D; Shannon Purcell, So.

Outlook: The team lost six senior starters, but has a strong core to work with. Many of these players saw key minutes last season, even those in reserve roles. Valley West has only five seniors in the program, but the team is a contender to reach the state tournament even with its youth.

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