Reader pens Easter poem

First Posted: 3/31/2015

“Just Like Walking on Water”

A day of sunshine, a day of peace,

a day for your love of the Savior to increase

When you pray, what do you really say?

Do you look to the sun,

the moon or the stars?

Yes, even Jesus loves you with all of your sinful scars.

He forgives you, He loves you,

He listens to you pray.

Again, when it comes time to answer Him,

what will you say?

We educated ourselves in a most spiritual way.

We ask saints to intercede.

Yes, Jesus will help you in your personal need.

I pick up a Bible, I light a candle or two

If only I can speak face to face with you know who.

Blest are they who have not seen, but believe

They are in for a spiritual retreat.

What a beautiful desire for the blue sky and the sun.

A desire shared by most everyone.

A desire for the reality to become even hotter,

Because sharing a spiritual relationship with the Creator

is “just like walking on water”

Michael J. English

Pittston Twp.

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