Mothers make special friends, poet says

First Posted: 5/7/2014

From the moment we are born,

Until the moment we die,

There is a special beauty,

A beauty which catches one eye.

That beautiful woman

Who gives birth to you,

Her ways and love

Always faithful and true.

A mother will stand by your side,

She respects you with pride!

During this beautiful month of May,

We honor her on her day.

Remember, honor her,

You have no other,

They all, someway, seem to follow

The footsteps of our

Beloved blessed mother.

They help us with our school years,

They teach us how to pray,

They show us that tender loving care

In every abiding way.

They teach us how to form

Into dignified women and men.

Yes, a mother has been in every situation,

She tops the scale with a “10”

A mother warns you

About your decisions,

A mother teaches you about life

A mother is very concerned,

When it is time for a child

To take a husband or a wife.

A mother is always there for you,

She has every heartfelt intention.

A mother, in my opinion,

ls God’s greatest invention.

So if you are now in search

For never ending love,

Love that never ends,

Look no further than

Your very own mom, because,

“Mothers make special friends.”

Michael English

Pittston Township

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