Alley Cats bowling scores


    First Posted: 4/15/2014

    Alley Cats League Scores from April 8 at South Side Lanes:

    Team Standings: Lynx-38, Siamese-36, Wildcats-32, Bobcats-31, Manx-31, Panthers-28, Tigers-23, Calicos-21

    High Individual Game: Karron McGowan-189, (Clarks Summit), Mary Jo Long-180 (Duryea), Donna Kay O’Hara-180, (Jefferson Twp.), and Anna Aten-172 (Nicholson)

    High Individual Series: Mary Jo Long-491 (Duryea), Anna Aten-477 (Nicholson), Karron McGowan-477 (Clarks Summit), and Josephine Petry-434 (Clarks Summit)

    High Team Game: Wildcats-722, Panthers-713, Lynx-692

    High Team Series: Lynx-2031, Wildcats-1981, Bobcats-1938


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