Language loop

First Posted: 5/31/2013

Language Loop. Kitchen - Italian: cucina Irish: cistin Swahili: jikoni Polish: kuchnia Welsh: cegin Croatian: kuhinja. Eat - Italian: mangiare Irish: ithe Swahili: kula Polish: jeść Welsh: bwyta Croatian: jesti. Food- Italian: alimento Irish: bia Swahili: chakula Polish: jedzenie Welsh: bwyd Croatian: hrana. Healthy - Italian: salutare Irish: sláintiúil Swahili: afya Polish: zdrowy Welsh: iach Croatian: zdrav. Dish-Italian: piatto Irish: mhias Swahili: sahani Polish: danie Welsh: dysgl Croatian: jelo. Cook- Italian: cucinare Irish: cócaireacht Swahili: kupika Polish: gotować Welsh: coginio Croatian: kuhati. Recipe- Italian: cucinare Irish: oideas Swahili: kichocheo Polish: przepis Welsh: rysáit Croatian: recept. You can learn more words with Mango, by visiting and clicking the icon for Mango on the left side of the page. You will need a library card to register.

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