“Where is your family’s favorite place to dine out?”

First Posted: 4/22/2013


“Twice a week for a good breakfast and a good American menu, we go to the Red Rooster in Pikes Creek and the Skillet at Harveys Lake.”

Bill Lewis


“We like O-Live’s in Pikes Creek. It’s close and we go every two weeks.”

Susan Woodeshick

Lake Silkworth

“Sweet Allie’s in Dallas because they have fresh-baked goods and are very friendly.”

Amy Giuli


“Usually Leggio’s or the Checkerboard for stuffed haddock or the scallops Bressane.”

Lynnette Ashley


“C.K.’s Mexican Cantina in Dallas. We go there once a week; it’s newer and expanded.”

Kate Dickson


“Fort Cafe Pizza on Wyoming Avenue in Forty Fort. The place is at leat 40 years old and I’ve been going there since I was 5 or 6.”

Christopher Czekalski


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