First Posted: 10/23/2013

The following Back Mountain real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Oct. 21, 2013:

Raina Lee Wensell to Brian C. and Jennifer L. Peiffer, 9 Westminster Drive, Dallas Township; $227,000

Igor G. and Galina V. Skrijevski (per tax claim) to Anthony Finarelli, Sawmill Road, Lehman Township; $787

Brian A. Pachucki, Misty Cook, Ronald J. and Theresa A. Matusick to Misty A. Cook and Bryan A. Pachucki, 80 Church St., Dallas Township; $1

Minnie Martin (per tax claim) to Thomas Shone, Newhart Road, Jackson Township; $60,000

Thomas R. Roberts (per tax claim) to Olin C. Smith Jr., Yeager Avenue, Dallas Township; $774

Land Tycoon Inc. to Rosemary A. Gray and Patricia A. Farrell, Hunlock Township; $75,000

George Parry (per tax claim) to R.R. Investments LLC, 23 Sunnyside Drive; $3,000

George Parry (per tax claim) to R.R. Investments LLC, 23 Sunnyside Drive, Ross Township; $774

Marian Nilsson Heintz to Matthew P. and Kelly Griffin, Lot 1, Dallas Township; $335,000

Stepehn E. Bloom (per tax claim) to Jeremy Hunter and Lawrence D. Hodges, 288 A. Wood St., Harveys Lake Borough; $20,000

George Stephens (per tax claim) to Edward and Jenna Yanchulis, Carpenter Road, Harveys Lake Borough; $731

Jean Bohan (per tax claim) to Elizabeth Covert, Pinecrest Avenue, Dallas Township;. $759

Vince A. and Katharine K. Douaihy and David Z. Smith to Kevin A. and Mary Thomas, Lot 14 and part of Lot 13, Harveys Lake Borough; $75,000

Thelma Burkholder to James E. and Ellen Kelly Lyons, 5723 Main Road, Ross Township; $80,000

Mary Rachel Pokorny to Roger E. Dragon, 223 Smith Pond Road, Jackson Township; $22,000

Estate of Doris E. Parsons to Robert J., Donna M. and Corey J. Sands and Kim M. Tesone, Lehman Township; $158,000

Imelda G. and Michael J. Rifenbery to Kenneth Huber, 26 Roberts St., Lehman Township; $135,500

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