County Council opposes Act 13

First Posted: 4/8/2012

Act 13 amending Pennsylvania's Gas and Oil Act was recently passed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature and signed by Governor Corbett. Act 13 has many aspects that are detrimental to our communities and citizens.

Each county can decide if it wants to impose Marcellus Shale Impact fees on gas drillers in their county. Soon the Luzerne County Council will consider that option.

Regardless of whether the County Council decided to impose Impact Fees or not, the Council has already passed the following resolution: "That the Luzerne County Council publicly state its disapproval of the enactment of Act 113 by Pennsylvania's legislative and executive branches and that Luzerne county support the efforts of other governmental entities and other organizations to challenge the constitutionality of Act 113."

We urge others to express their opinion on this matter to state legislative officials and the governor.

Luzerne County Council

James Bobeck, chair

Linda McClosky Houck, vice chair

Ed Brominski

Elaine Maddon Curry

Harry Haas

Eugene Kelleher

Tim McGinley

Rick Morelli

Stephen A. Urban

Stephen J. Urban

Rick Williams

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