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    First Posted: 10/3/2012

    When Clarks Summit native Jessamyn Reinhard, a woman who has recently experienced several health setbacks, needed help moving into an apartment, the Lackawanna College football team jumped at the opportunity.

    Jody Cordaro and SCE Environmental Company also donated two trucks and drivers to assist in the effort.

    Reinhard lost her leg several months ago due to multiple health problems, and now is having complications including problems with her other leg, along with recently being diagnosed with diabetes. As a result, she had to move out of a cottage in which she was living, put her furniture and belongings in storage in a PODS unit, and move in with her mother. She recently found a ground level apartment that satisfied her needs and was ready to move in, but on that day the PODS unit could not complete its delivery because of low hanging wires in the neighborhood. She had to put the unit back into storage and start saving to hire movers.

    Thom Welby, a family friend, called Lackawanna College head football coach to see if some of his players would be willing to help with the move.

    The answer: a resounding yes.

    All 52 players on the team volunteered, although Duda was only able to bring about 20.

    According to Welby, the players were an enormous help with the entire process of the move.

    "They had the 14 foot PODS storage container emptied and loaded onto trucks in about 20 minutes in Laflin," he said. "In Dunmore, they had an assembly line moving things into the apartment.

    "One of the guys picked up a dryer and carried it by himself. It was a sight to see."

    According to Reinhard's mom, Christine Johnson, the players had four rooms of furniture moved into the apartment in under 30 minutes.

    The apartment in Dunmore is located at street level, making it easier for Reinhard to roll in and out in her wheelchair.

    "She's so excited to have her own place again," Welby said.

    Johnson was grateful for the show of support during the move.

    "It was unbelievable," Reinhard said. "Without them, I still wouldn't be moved in. They were so generous and so nice. I really can't put it into words. All I can say is it was a blessing and something that won't be forgotten.

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