Pierantoni hears 264 cases during month of October


    First Posted: 11/7/2010

    Magisterial Judge Fred A. Pierantoni III, Esq. announced the monthly report for District Court 11-1-04 for the month of October 2010. The Court serves Avoca, Dupont, Duryea, Hughestown and Pittston City. During the month 264 cases were filed in the magisterial district. Criminal complaints including misdemeanor and felony charges totaled 43 filings. Civil complaints involving amounts in controversy of up to $8,000 accounted for 39 filings. A total of 133 traffic citations were filed with the court along with an additional 49 non-traffic summary citations including disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. The office collected and disbursed to each municipal entity the statutory fine and cost due each municipality according to state law as follows: $2,663.97 to Avoca Borough; $1,554.77 to Dupont Borough; $1,360.26 to Duryea Borough and $145.72 to Hughestown Borough and $1,388.85 to Pittston City. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania received $19,300.17 and Luzerne County received $4,428.97 for the month. District Court 11-1-04 is located in Pittston City Hall. The office may be reached at 655-0552. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The office is open each Tuesday until 6 p.m. The office is staffed by Cathy Ford, Joann Elko and Sara Cicon.
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