December 20, 2012

Writer believes voters ignored Church teachings

The Church teaches us about God's will (1st Timothy Chapter 3:15). The Church, Bible -- interpreted by the Church -- and tradition, the three pillars of truth, give the Church the right duty to help us form a proper conscience.

In the past election, our Church spoke very clearly that there were five absolutes when choosing a candidate for any office. Candidates cannot support abortion, euthanasia, cloning, homosexual marriages and embryonic stem cell research.

Many unworthy candidates won seemingly due to Catholics and other Christians voting for them. Evidently it was not unusual for good practicing Catholics to believe it was alright to ignore their Church and vote as they wished. Our Conference of Catholic Bishops, bishop, pastors, EWTN Catholic TV and JMJ Catholic Radio tried to explain that Catholics must learn the moral questions and vote to ensure our rights to be free to live our faith. The president America elected supports all five of the moral evils mentioned above. I cannot imagine how we can expect anything good to come of this for far too many Christian people left their faith at home when they went to vote.

When Scripture, our Church and more than 2000 years of tradition do not influence one's moral choices, I fear for America. Our country was formed on a solid Judean/Christian base. Our founding fathers warned us that if we leave these truths and follow our passions we will perish. Now Christians must fight and pray for our religious freedom in the workplace and in our religious affiliates' outreach to their communities. Please contact your representatives and remind them that they must defend all American's right to not have to violate their consciences in order to run their businesses.

Resident should help, not criticize, crime watch

On Dec. 8, Richard Geffert wrote a letter to the editor regarding crime in Plymouth. While I sympathize with him, I find his negative comment about Plymouth Neighborhood Watch and the Plymouth Borough police uncalled for.

What purpose could it possibly serve to make disparaging remarks about a good community organization that has worked tirelessly to bring Plymouth residents together and educate them about crime prevention? In fact, our Facebook page regularly gives tips on crime prevention along with making residents aware of crime happening in our town. Information that Mr. Geffert may have found useful in his situation. Our block captains and members have been regularly patrolling the streets, but just like the police, we cannot be everywhere. Mr. Geffert mentioned the police station being just yards away from his car. Did it ever occur to him they were on another call or patrolling another area?

Our organization is trying to bring our town together with community events, such as a Trunk or Treat night we recently held during Halloween. This month we are doing a community caroling night. What does this have to do with crime? Well, by bringing our town together for these events it gives us a sense that we are all in this together. We get to know each other and watch out for one another and look for suspicious activity around our neighbor's homes. We call 911 when we see any suspicious activity.

Is crime going to go away completely because we have formed? No, but we are hoping it will be decreased. We are working hard to accomplish this with all the police, especially Chief Collins who has attended all of the meetings.

So, now I say to you Mr. Geffert:

What are you doing to help the problem?

While you are playing armchair quarterback, we are out there playing on the field for real! Let's all work together and be part of the solution.

UNICO game supporters receive a big thank-you

On behalf of the Wilkes-Barre Chapter of UNICO, we would like to personally thank The Times Leader for the outstanding coverage that it provided to this year's Allstar Football Game. For the first time in UNICO history, 50 percent of all game day ticket sales went to Veterans Mental Health. Specifically, 50 percent of the proceeds went to St. Hedwig's Veterans Village, which provides permanent housing to local veterans who have served our country and suffer from mental disabilities.

We would also like to thank the Wyoming Area School Board for making its wonderful facility available to us. We would like to thank Joseph Pizano, athletic director of Wyoming Area, for his continued cooperation in coordinating personnel to make the game a reality. We would like to thank the grounds crew, custodial staff and press box team of Ron Foy, George Miller and Barry Finn, for giving their services to our charitable cause.

We would also like to thank the mayor of West Pittston, Anthony Denisco, and council president for coordinating the services of the West Pittston Ambulance and West Pittston Police Department. We thank the West Pittston Ambulance and West Pittston Police Department for donating their services in kind.

We would like to thank the Luzerne County Sheriff's Department for contributing for providing the escort for Miss UNICO and her Court. The Pennsylvania National Guard deserves special recognition for its generous support for providing the Most Valuable Player trophy as well as presenting our nation's colors.

We also thank the coaches, the players, referees, cheerleaders, Miss UNICO and her Court, supervisors, Sonia Mercadante and the Wyoming Area Marching Band for making the game a night to remember. We would like to give special thanks to the players for conducting themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion without compromising the athleticism and aggressive play to which Wyoming Valley is accustomed.

Additionally, we would like to thank our sponsors and advertisers who advertised in our game book and John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine for providing supplies and the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center for providing game day trainers. Without in-kind donations and sponsorships, this game would not exist and UNICO would be unable to contribute to Mental Health and Retardation as it has been doing for 62 years.

Finally, thank you to the wonderful fans and our organization. Thank you to the Wyoming Valley for giving UNICO a place in which to thrive. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Wife says Naperkowski a true community man

This letter is in response to Dianna Chintalla's letter to the editor (Dec. 8).

You obviously did not do your homework. My husband Joseph Naperkowski grew up in this community on North Walnut Street, broke records in sports at Wilkes-Barre Township High School, left these streets to go to Vietnam, buried his parents and brother from St. Joseph's Monastery, visited grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins throughout Georgetown and developed lifelong friendships. It is all those above mentioned who built this community into what it is today.

Do you think for a minute that Joe Naperkowski would ever write negatively about his community? The answer is no! His written articles criticize the current administration under the leadership, or the lack of, by Carl Kuren. He does not criticize the community. Your understanding of the political playing field is limited. The Declaration of Independence allows private citizens to speak up against wrongdoing when it occurs.

So, in closing, Ms. Chintalla, the welcome wagon did, and continues to greet Joe every day. The articles against administration will continue when applicable. No laugh on Joe. He, his family and friends, built this community. Support is given when earned. Joe is back on the same street on which he he grew up. The laugh is on you.

Annette Corrigan Jackson Township Mary Rittenhouse President, Plymouth Neighborhood Watch Attorney Jamie J. Anzalone Game Chairman Angelo Decesaris Game co-chairman Lynda Naperkowski Wilkes-Barre Tonwship