Caught on Camera

Tom Venesky tvenesky@timesleader.com

October 12, 2013

Predator and prey. It’s a relationship that is maintained by balance and is crucial to the food chain in nature.

As for the predators, the Eastern coyote is the largest canine predator in the state, and these photos show why. Rick Pavloski’s trail camera caught this big coyote just before the start of last year’s deer season near Lake Frances. Pavloski said the photo was taken five minutes before he arrived at the location.

While Pavloski’s coyote is blonde and gray, the one caught on Joey Babkowski’s trail camera is strinkingly red. The photo was taken on June 30 along a cattle path in Canaan Township, Wayne County.

As for the prey, well rabbits and even squirrels can become part of the coyote’s diet. These two, however, appear to be in no danger as they feed under a backyard bird feeder last summer. The photo was taken by Pattie Delevan in Forty Fort.

Capture anything interesting on your handheld or trail camera? A nice buck, bear, coyote or anything unique? We’d love to see it. Each week, we’ll run photos from a reader’s trail camera on the Sunday Outdoors page. Email your photo, along with date and area it was taken (township is fine), and any other details to tvenesky@timesleader.com.