Wilkes students completing teaching assignments


    Students in Wilkes University education programs are completing student teaching assignments in northeast Pennsylvania schools during the spring 2017 semester. Faculty, supervisors and student teachers, from left, first row, are: Lennae Thompson, Andrea Circelli, Marissa Oertner, Sarah Kennedy, Alissa Cimakosky, Ally Paskas, Kristen Santey, Amy Trathen, Melyssa Laureano and Jessica Sims. Second row: Dorinda McHenry, Wilkes University supervisor; Patsy Ignar, Wilkes University supervisor; Karissa Hensel, Anthony Trotta, Allen Rundquist, Anthony Richards, Jason Walker, Mollie Gurgal, Wilkes University supervisor; Terry Karis, Wilkes University supervisor; Gemma Matteo, Wilkes University supervisor; Suzanne Murray Galella, Wilkes University associate professor of education and director of student teaching. Not available: Jennifer Schlegel.



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