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8 Ways Mobile Banking Can Make Your Life Easier


    We live in an amazing time, when your map talks to you and tells you where to turn, your phone reminds you of your next appointment and your wristwatch tracks how many calories you’ve burned.

    And now, your entire bank – all its tellers and all its branches – fits in your pocket and offers its services 24/7. How great is that?

    If you have an account with a digital-friendly bank, you can do all your banking online on your desktop or a free mobile app. Consider all the many advantages:

    1. Check your account transactions and balances anytime – not just when the branch is open, but whenever you want. New Year’s Day? 4:00 a.m. on a Tuesday? During the Super Bowl? Sure! It’s totally your choice. The mobile bank is always open.

    2. Bank in your pajamas. Because you don’t have to go anywhere to bank, you don’t even have to get dressed to take care of this errand. Plus, you can never forget to go to the bank, or run out of time.

    3. Pay your bills electronically. You can even schedule payments, so you’re always in control of your balance. For example, if you know you will get paid on Friday, you can schedule a rent payment for Monday with just a few clicks.

    4. Deposit checks from your phone – If your bank has a mobile app, you can simply snap a photo of your check, enter some information and watch your balance grow. No more trips to the bank or waiting in line.

    5. Make person-to-person payments. With this convenient service, you can make secure payments with just the payee’s name and email address. They’re notified immediately, so no more sending checks and waiting for them to clear. The check is never in the mail!

    6. Create a digital wallet with Apple Pay. Hate searching for credit cards and showing ID, or keeping track of receipts? With participating bank cards, you can just swipe your phone and voila! Your purchase is made and recorded electronically. It’s more secure than a physical credit or debit card because your account number is encrypted.

    7. Ensure you’re never overdrawn. Establish an email or text alert system so you’re never overdrawn or surprised by a payment. You’ll never have to wonder if a payment was received or if your paycheck was deposited this week.

    8. Move money into and out of your account with the click of a mouse. Move money electronically to and from your bank account and any other U.S. financial institution, whether it is a bank, credit union or brokerage account.

    If you don’t want to, you never have to set foot in the bank again. Just do all your banking with your thumbs with a bank like The Honesdale National Bank. They offer all of these services and more with their selection of digital banking products.

    Since 1836, The HNB has been helping communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier counties of New York achieve their financial goals. The HNB team is committed to providing customized solutions for your needs.

    To learn more, visit them online, call 800-462-9515 or stop by your local HNB branch –they’re hometown people you know and trust.

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