My Library Card: Get your money’s worth at the Abington Community Library

‘College Financing Information for Teens,’ edited by Elizabeth Magill, can be found on the shelves at Abington Community Library.

Teens: Are you looking to get wise on matters relating to money? It’s a good thing checking books out of the library is free, because you might otherwise be broke after completing this reading list.

• “Cash and Credit Information for Teens,” edited by Karen Bellenir

Provides information for teens about earning and managing money, spending and using credit wisely and avoiding fraud. Includes index, resource information and a list of online money management tools.

• College Financing Information for Teens,” edited by Elizabeth Magill

Provides information for teens about planning, saving and paying for post-secondary education, with facts about government aid, private loans and scholarships and other sources of financial assistance. Includes index and resource information.

• “Debt Information for Teens,” edited by Karen Bellenir

Provides information for teens about establishing and using credit, managing credit cards and coping with debt-related problems. Includes index and resource information.

• “Financial Literacy: A Database” by Rosen Digital Publishing

A content-driven, visually stimulating and media-rich online economics and personal finance resource for junior high and high school students. Topics include Entrepreneurship and Career Skills, Measuring Economic Performance, Money and Financial Institutions, Personal Finance, Role of Government, The Market Economy, Trade and the Global Economy, and Financial Tools and Calculators. The information is useful for patrons of all ages and anyone with a library card can access the database through the library’s website at by clicking on “Eresources.”

• “Hacking Harvard: A Novel” by Robin Wasserman.

When three brilliant nerds — Max Kim, Eric Roth, and Isaac “The Professor” Schwarzbaum — bet $20,000 that they can get anyone into Harvard, they take on the Ivy League in their quest for popularity, money and the love of a beauty queen valedictorian.

• “Savings and Investment Information for Teens,” edited by Karen Bellenir.

Provides information for teens about strategies for saving money, investment options and economic factors that affect personal wealth. Includes index, resource information and recommendations for further reading.

• “The Teen Money Manual: A Guide to Cash, Credit, Spending, Saving, Work, Wealth, and More,” by Kara McGuire

Provides a comprehensive guide for teenagers to saving, spending and earning money and includes information on starting a business, preparing for interviews, opening a bank account and purchasing car and property insurance. Includes a bibliographical references and index.

• “Top 10 Secrets for Creating and Sticking to a Budget Successfully” by Diane Bailey

A guide which helps teens understand budgeting, including how to create a budget and ways to keep a system for maintaining that budget.

• “Top 10 Secrets for Investing Successfully” by Barbara Gottfried Hollander

Guides teens towards smart investment practices and shows them how to think about their financial futures.

• “Top 10 Secrets for Spending Your Money Wisely” by Barbara Gottfried Hollander

Gives teens a guideline for how to use their money and what to look for to make the best decisions when spending.

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