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By Mark Dudek For The Times Leader

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It’s the day after the Kentucky Derby and Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs keeps the trend going tonight with a lot of younger horses on this evening’s 13-race slate. So be sure to keep an eye on these students of the game tonight, you’ll see a few of them down the road in stakes racing along the east coast.



Post time 6:30 p.m.

All races 1 mile

First-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

3`Somesizesomestyle`M.Kakaley`9-1-1`Burke pupil ready to roll`7-2

5`Deep Sea Hanover`M.Miller`1-4-3`The main danger`5-2

2`Fearless Chip`R.Pierce`5-9-4`Art’s Chip 4yr old`3-1

7`Bettor’s Destiny`J.Morrill`7-6-9`Peterson owns and trains`12-1

1`Surfers Paradise`M.Macdonald`7-7-6`Much better post`8-1

4`Special Spy`T.Jackson`7-8-1`Searching still`6-1

6`David On Ice`M.Merton`1-8-7`Needs start or two`9-2

Second-$12,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life

2`Scary Magic`R.Pierce`3-4-9`Jogger`5-2

5`Back In The Slammer`T.Jackson`7-1-6`Looking for a flat mile`4-1

3`Stretch Cunningham`R.Schnittker`1-2-1`First timer`9-2

6`Shwanzstucker`M.Macdonald`2-2-2`Andover Hall youngster`3-1

1`Hawaiian Phyr`Tn.Schadel`3-8-3`Holds experience edge`6-1

4`Scirocco Eric`M.Kakaley`3-6-6`Crazed colt debuts`10-1

7`Radio Silence`S.Allard`6-6-3`Quiet indeed`15-1

8`Explosive Cash`B.Miller`4-5-4`I’ll pass on`12-1

Third-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000

1`Tom’s Torpedo`S.Allard`4-7-7`Simon’s choice is mine`7-2

7`Skitsofrantic`B.Miller`4-4-8`Miller the new pilot`3-1

8`Raging With Pace`A.McCarthy`3-7-4`Mr Longshot`9-2

2`Lombo Powershot A`M.Miller`5-3-5`13yr old keeps plugging`4-1

3`Bad Boy Doll`M.Macdonald`8-8-4`Rides the rails`8-1

4`Gogo Buckeye`M.Kakaley`8-6-8`Going for a check at best`5-1

5`Absolutely Michael`T.Buter`7-6-6`Absolutley not`10-1

6`Quik Groom`T.Jackson`7-8-8`Slow`12-1

Fourth-$12,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life

8`Stephana Dream`R.Pierce`4-2-7`Overcomes it all`3-1

7`Little Baby Peanut`M.Miller`4-1-1`Goes for team Miller`7-2

4`Mistletoe Hanover`M.Kakaley`3-2-6`Does retain Kakaley`4-1

3`Nicetoseeya`S.Zeron`3-2-6`NYSS gal`10-1

1`MM’s Roanie`Tn.Schadel`8-4-4`The grey lady`9-2

9`Broadway’s Sarah`M.Romano`2-8-4`Marks 3rd career start`15-1

5`Twist Of Faith`T.Buter`7-4-5`Twisted up`6-1


6`Marion Mercedes`S.Allard`5-7-6`Fills out field`20-1

Fifth-$6,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $5-7,500

2`Republic Of Panama`G.Napolitano`2-2-5`Turns the tables`7-2

4`Fashion Heart`S.Zeron`4-9-1`Should race better tonight`3-1

9`Up Front Tim T`T.Buter`1-1-1`Proving to have it together`4-1

3`Not This Time`J.Morrill`2-4-1`Monti invader`9-2

1`U Bettor Watch Out`S.Allard`3-3-1`Can be in the number`5-1

7`Camstock Lode`M.Kakaley`6-2-6`Rarely leaves pylons`10-1

6`Crimson Cruiser`B.Miller`6-6-9`Drops, but off form`12-1

5`Delco Willobee`M.Miller`6-8-8`Left in the dust`8-1

Sixth-$8,500 Clm.Hndcp Trot;clm.price $7-10,000

8`Johnhannibalsmith`G.Napolitano`2-1-1`Down the road`3-1

7`Song Of Virtue`S.Allard`9-3-5`Grabs a share`9-2

5`Must Be Psychic`H.Parker`2-5-2`Parker again drives`4-1

6`DC’s Piggy Bank`J.Morrill`1-1-4`Dusted similar at Little M`5-1

4`Tioga Thunder`M.Simons`7-3-9`Too inconsistent`7-2

1`Victor’s Future`A.Napolitano`3-6-5`No victory in sight`8-1

2`Sephora De Vie`T.Buter`4-9-6`Longshot for sure`10-1

3`Smokn Muscles`K.Dibenedetto`4-9-6`Riding long losing skid`12-1

Seventh-$12,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $10-15,000

8`Highland Boreas`A.Napolitano`5-2-5`It’s his highway`7-2

1`Oyster Bay`J.Morrill`5-4-2`A fan favorite`3-1

7`Hurtin Albertan`B.Miller`3-5-7`Adams cooling off`9-2

5`Cocomara`G.Napolitano`3-5-6`Pena training at .363`4-1

2`Rise Above It`M.Macdonald`5-7-5`Looking for some life`5-1

3`St Lads Dude`M.Simons`6-7-5`Back in for a tag`8-1

4`Spudcam`M.Kakaley`6-5-6`Save the deuce`10-1

6`Caerleon Hanover`M.Miller`5-3-6`Wait for easier`12-1

Eighth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,500 last 5

6`In Mint Condition`A.Napolitano`8-8-2`Way overdue`3-1

9`Fool Of Ideas`M.Kakaley`3-7-9`Makes for decent exacta`15-1

3`Mr Rightnow`M.Simons`4-3-4`Wrubel having nice meet`9-2

2`Rock Three Times`A.McCarthy`6-8-5`Can show late pace`7-2

1`F Twenty Two`G.Napolitano`4-8-4`Jereme’s Jet 4yr old`4-1

4`Night Train Shane`S.Zeron`7-5-4`Locally owned pacer`6-1

5`Live And Learn`B.Miller`6-6-5`I’m still learning`8-1

8`Reckless Ric`J.Morrill`7-3-7`Wrecked`10-1

7`Savvy Savannah`R.Pierce`6-8-2`Not even with Pierce`20-1

Ninth-$8,500 Clm.Trot;clm.price $10,000

5`Moon Lit Trail`M.Romano`2-4-8`Worth one stab`5-1

2`A Crown For Lindy`D.Irvine`1-1-4`Team Irvine has him rolling`3-1

4`Ginger Tree Jimmy`A.Napolitano`6-3-3`Best work done close`4-1

7`Earl’s Glider`Tn.Schadel`4-2-8`Tony looking for win #1`9-2

1`Quantum Lightning`A.McCarthy`3-6-6`Usually a decent price`7-2

8`Jaded Tim`M.Simons`8-4-4`Cut off`10-1

6`Bay Lightning`M.Macdonald`5-4-4`Fairly weak field`8-1

3`Under Arrest`B.Miller`7-7-5`Point of no return`12-1

Tenth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

7`Westward Hanover`J.Pavia`2-1-1`Darkhorse of the night`12-1

4`Stevensville`R.Schnittker`2-4-6`Colt with talent`5-2

1`Nitro Seelster`B.Miller`4-2-1`Recent Hamilton purchase`3-1

2`Western Conquest`M.Miller`1-1-4`Stakes winning pacer`6-1

8`Invictus Hanover`M.Kakaley`8-2-2`Easily race of the night`4-1

6`Shadow Margeaux`A.Napolitano`2-3-3`Fast on the end of it`5-1

9`Sandestin Hanover`S.Zeron`1-2-4`Nine post stings`15-1

3`Shamballa`T.Jackson`4-1-5`Off since Sept`10-1

5`Rock Absorber`J.Morrill`8-2-2`Takes a bath`20-1

Eleventh-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500

3`Mr Paige`M.Simons`8-4-4`Simons finds a way`3-1

5`Frenchmen`S.Allard`1-4-3`Dusted similar`5-2

4`My Cinnamon Girl`T.Buter`4-7-1`Decent, with right trip`4-1

7`Big Z Miranda`G.Napolitano`3-3-6`Slow pace is best shot`5-1

2`Captain Brady`C.Norris`8-3-7`Norris in for night`6-1

9`Around And Over`R.Pierce`5-8-8`Does retain Ronnie`10-1

8`Striking Forever`M.Miller`9-2-8`Mare tries the boys`12-1

6`Iain’tnomomaluke`T.Jackson`7-5-5`TJ off to slow go`20-1

1`My Aching Back`M.Kakaley`6-5-7`Sore`15-1

Twelfth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000

3`Cam’s Macharena`B.Miller`2-7-2`Makes amends`3-1

8`American Shuttle`S.Allard`1-1-1`Pacesetter`5-2

7`Senorita Santanna`J.Morrill`7-3-2`Done better with Brainard`4-1

6`Iwannabejustlikeu`A.Napolitano`3-6-6`A solid 3rd at 40-1`5-1

9`Diamond Princess`R.Pierce`4-5-7`Pierce’s choice over #4`12-1

4`Hs Open Waters`M.Simons`4-5-3`Fast off the wings`6-1

5`Wednesdays Whim`M.Kakaley`5-4-1`Burke trainee`10-1

2`R U Ideal`G.Napolitano`5-4-1`Dusted`15-1

1`Scirocco Caliegirl`S.Zeron`9-6-6`One more race to go`20-1

Thirteenth-$12,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm races life

8`Drama Free`M.Kakaley`4-2-3`Completes late double`7-2

3`Millertown Road`T.Buter`2-7-6`Grabs the second spot`3-1

6`Finewineandcaviar`T.Schadel`4-3-8`Todd owns-reins-trains`8-1

4`Keystone Chester`T.Jackson`4-3-5`Super player`6-1

9`Pale Ale`M.Miller`5-2-4`Has to fly early in mile`10-1

2`Marion Malibu`A.McCarthy`3-9-6`SJ’s Caviar gelding`9-2

1`Scirocco Dan`R.Pierce`9-5-x`Bad habits`4-1

5`Authorized Action`M.Merton`8-5-2`Another breaker`20-1

7`Tsunami’s Fury`M.Simons`6-7-x`See you Tuesday`15-1

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