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By Mark Dudek For The Times Leader

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It’s a less than exciting after Preakness Day card this evening at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, with 14 races carded for tonight at the Plains Township oval. However, on a good note, stakes racing returns for both Tuesday and Wednesday’s programs.



Post time 6:30 p.m.

All races 1 mile

First-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500

6`Cherry Tree Nicole`G.Napolitano`1-2-1`Fan favorite scores`5-2

4`Striking Forever`M.Miller`2-8-9`Looking to break losing streak`4-1

3`Swiss Lightning`M.Kakaley`9-1-7`Hoping for a flat mile`7-2

9`Chip Chip Mac`B.Irvine`1-1-2`Recent Irvine claim`5-1

2`My Cinnamon Girl`T.Buter`4-4-7`Mare tries the boys`6-1

5`Victor’s Future`T.Jackson`5-3-6`Lost a step or two`10-1

1`Anastasia Willie`S.Bier`7-3-7`Tiring type`8-1

8`Tioga Thunder`S.Allard`6-7-3`Very lackluster opener`15-1

7`Woody Marvel`A.Napolitano`8-7-6`Shown the bench`20-1

Second-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

4`Bettor Believe It`M.Miller`8-1-7`Team Miller score`3-1

5`Chocolate Crackers`A.Napolitano`4-4-4`Western Terror gelding`7-2

3`Bettor’s Promise`T.Buter`6-4-3`Tyler owns and reins`4-1

1`Allie’s Dragon`H.Parker`9-3-4`Marks 2nd start of season`5-1

6`Capt Benso Goode`B.Simpson`5-6-6`Simpson with rare drive`10-1

2`Dream On Jerrold`G.Napolitano`9-7-6`Keep on dreaming`9-2

7`Independent Dude`M.Kakaley`8-6-5`Very slow`8-1

8`Dex Be Quick`S.Allard`7-8-5`No answers`12-1

Third-$10,000 Billings

7`Merited Victory`D.Ehrenberg`2-6-2`Ehrenberg wins in Billings`3-1

9`Browner Shuttle`R.Krivelin`1-1-3`Looking for three in a row`7-2

1`Wygant Prince`P.Minore`1-10-6`Enjoyed the half mile`4-1

2`B L Class Act`M.Mitchell`6-1-8`The fourth choice on ml`9-2

4`Whatnblazes`D.Offenberg`4-7-2`Likes to close`6-1

6`Tagmaster`R.Hechkoff`2-1-4`Virgil Morgan trainee`8-1

5`Celtic Merchant`S.Oldford`3-3-2`The Celtics are eliminated`10-1

3`Nowerland Nathan`D.Yarock`7-3-8`Wrong part of town`15-1

8`Rosannadanna Tim`A.Ciuffetelli`5-8-5`Off since Nov`20-1

Fourth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000

9`Joltin’ Colt`M.Kakaley`3-1-2`Overcomes it all`7-2

8`Republic Of Panama`G.Napolitano`2-1-2`Inside main rival`4-1

2`Priceless Edition`J.Morrill`2-2-3`Does retain Morrill`3-1

4`Raging With Pace`A.McCarthy`4-3-7`Rounds out the super`9-2

5`U Bettor Watch Out`S.Allard`8-5-3`Tiring speed`6-1

6`Lombo Powershot A`M.Miller`8-2-5`Made miscue last wk`8-1

3`My Fella`A.Napolitano`3-8-9`Lasix hasn’t helped`10-1

1`Ulysses Blue Chip`T.Jackson`7-3-6`I’ll pass on`15-1

7`Awesome Abe`T.Buter`5-5-4`Last of them all`20-1

Fifth-$12,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life

7`Belgravia`A.Svanstedt`7-7-5`Solid connections`7-2

2`Mistletoe Hanover`M.Kakaley`3-2-2`Getting close`3-1

3`Psychobabble`T.Jackson`5-3-5`Lackluster maiden group`9-2

1`Donato’s Dream`M.Miller`7-2-4`Lightly raced gal`4-1

4`Tickettotheparty`M.Simons`5-6-3`Didn’t fire in Stallion Series`6-1

5`Lock N Load Annie`A.McCarthy`4-6-6`Firing blanks`10-1

6`Sheza Tim Too`A.Napolitano`8-5-5`Not hit board in 5 starts`8-1

8`Deb On Broadway`M.Macdonald`3-6-6`Off since Sept`15-1

9`Dealia`Z.Kaiser`6-5-6`Off stride`20-1

Sixth-$6,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $7,500

1`Cocomara`G.Napolitano`5-7-3`Nap-Pena team for win`3-1

3`Articulate`S.Allard`2-3-5`Does race well here`7-2

4`Skitsofrantic`J.Morrill`1-1-4`Vet in nice form`9-2

7`Fashion Heart`A.McCarthy`2-4-9`Dangerous with position`6-1

8`Camstock Lode`M.Kakaley`5-3-6`Returns from Monticello`8-1

2`Diane’s Shark`A.Napolitano`1-3-3`Just beat cheaper`4-1

5`My Masterpiece`M.Miller`2-4-1`Takes a bad shuffle`10-1

9`Crimson Cruiser`B.Miller`4-6-6`Not from here`15-1

6`Caviart Jett`M.Simons`5-6-3`Blasted`20-1

Seventh-$8,500 Clm.Hndcp Trot;clm.price $7-10,000

9`Four Starz Speed`M.Kakaley`9-3-7`Drop in price the trick`3-1

7`Johnhannibalsmith`G.Napolitano`1-2-1`One to catch`5-2

3`Must Be Psychic`H.Parker`4-2-2`Back down from tens`5-1

6`Quantum Lightning`A.McCarthy`4-2-3`Has been racing better`4-1

4`Around And Over`M.Miller`6-6-5`Comes from a cold barn`6-1

1`Sephora De Vie`J.Morrill`8-4-9`Lacks early foot`15-1


5`Jaded Tim`M.Simons`8-4-4`Save your $2`10-1

8`Mega Man`B.Miller`6-4-5`……next`20-1

Eighth-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000

3`Hillcrest Bigdaddy`T.Jackson`4-2-3`Sneaks on bye`7-2

2`Thiswayorthehighway`G.Napolitano`5-5-3`His way is second`3-1

8`Art’s On Fire`A.McCarthy`6-5-4`Yonkers invader`4-1

4`Passionate Terror`M.Kakaley`7-5-3`A Nap opted off`4-1

1`Misty’s Delight`M.Macdonald`1-8-5`Hoping to turn it around`9-2

6`Tulfra`A.Napolitano`5-6-5`Roughed up`15-1

5`St Lads Dude`J.Morrill`6-5-6`Raced poorly off claim`6-1

7`Hurtin Albertan`B.Miller`6-3-5`Hurting`10-1

9`Itchy Pickle’s`M.Simons`2-7-7`Stuck in the back`20-1

Ninth-$8,500 Clm.Trot;clm.price $10,000

8`Frenchmen`S.Allard`2-1-1`Won’t be caught`4-1

2`Moon Lit Trail`M.Romano`9-1-2`Can be tough, if stays trotting`7-2

4`Mr Paige`M.Simons`5-2-8`Cash Hall 4yr old`9-2

5`Shanty Irish`G.Napolitano`6-1-2`Harrah’s import`3-1

3`Southwind Cornell`M.Miller`7-8-1`Another with breaking issues`8-1

1`Song Of Virtue`B.Miller`7-9-3`Off beat`6-1

9`Easter Leggs`A.McCarthy`6-6-6`One worse than sixth`10-1

6`Bay Lightning`M.Kakaley`6-5-4`Not firing`15-1

7`Tamasin Hall`J.Morrill`3-6-6`Wait a start or two`20-1

Tenth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

1`Stay Up Late`M.Macdonald`4-3-7`Coleman has him ready`3-1

4`Jet Airway`M.Miller`2-2-3`Great closing pop`5-2

5`Nitro Seelster`B.Miller`1-1-4`Alone on the lead`4-1

7`Ideal Cowboy`A.McCarthy`3-1-2`Raced well in Simpson`9-2

8`Westward Hanover`J.Morrill`6-7-2`Not showing that promise`12-1

2`Shadow Margeaux`A.Napolitano`2-3-2`Likes to hit the board`6-1

3`Shamballa`T.Jackson`3-6-4`Very good field`10-1

6`Rock Absorder`M.Kakaley`7-5-6`Rocked`15-1

Eleventh-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

2`Cajun Hot Shot`G.Napolitano`2-6-6`George finds a way`4-1

6`Reckless Ric`J.Morrill`3-8-7`Classic n/w race`9-2

8`Champagne Phil`S.Allard`3-8-7`Fills out the tri`3-1

5`F Twenty Two`M.Kakaley`3-4-4`Races better in NY`6-1

3`Blue Claw`M.Macdonald`6-7-8`Seen better days`7-2

9`Steuben Patriot`M.Simons`2-6-3`Pass on the nine post`8-1

4`Krusty The Clown`B.Miller`6-8-3`Ugly`10-1

1`Power Rock`A.Napolitano`5-7-7`It’s a dud`15-1

7`Laurent Hanover`T.Buter`7-8-3`Last of them all`20-1

Twelfth-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000

1`Art Z`S.Allard`1-3-1`Fires right back`5-2

5`Justin Art`B.Miller`9-6-1`Got nice gate speed`4-1

8`Real Attitude`G.Napolitano`7-2-1`A Pena re-claim`7-2

9`Rusty Tank`J.Morrill`6-2-4`Again draws poorly`8-1

7`Winbak Jake`A.McCarthy`2-7-3`Kesmodel doing ok at PD`12-1

6`Terrys Star Dragon`M.Kakaley`7-3-6`First start off the claim`5-1

2`Amazing Quest`A.Napolitano`9-4-7`Little since purchase`6-1

4`U Belong To Me`M.Macdonald`9-7-9`Rides the rails`15-1

3`Jo Pa’s Artist`M.Simons`9-5-5`Last yet again`20-1

Thirteenth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

3`Mr Rightnow`M.Simons`4-5-4`Starts off late double`3-1

1`Mcclelland`B.Miller`9-3-8`Can be the one if on`7-2

4`Slippery Sam`A.McCarthy`4-1-7`Marks 2nd start back off layoff`4-1

5`He’s Unbelievable`M.Miller`5-4-6`Superfecta player`9-2

7`Annuity`S.Allard`7-9-4`Raced weakly in PD debut`6-1

9`Hrubys N Luck`G.Napolitano`4-10-9`Long road to haul`8-1

8`Live And Learn`M.Kakaley`7-3-6`I’m still learning`10-1

6`Savvy Savannah`A.Napolitano`7-9-6`A tosser`15-1

2`Native Lightning`S.Bier`4-7-7`One more race to go`20-1

Fourteenth-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

7`Moliere Hanover`A.McCarthy`3-8-6`Takes the finale`3-1

2`Relleno Hanover`M.Simons`8-7-4`Completes the exacta`4-1

1`Aston Blue Chip`B.Miller`2-4-3`Didn’t get it done at 1-2 odds`9-2

4`Wellhead`M.Macdonald`5-3-6`Still a green one`7-2

6`Real Catch`T.Jackson`4-2-7`TJ trains and drives`8-1

5`Tg’s Fancy Art`S.Bier`3-6-4`Look for another picture`12-1

8`He Is Risen`B.Simpson`6-7-8`Fallen`5-1

3`Tony Absolut`M.Romano`2-5-4`See you Tuesday`10-1

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