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The day has finally arrived:

It’s Breeders Crown night at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs!

What more needs to be said? It’s a tremendous 14-race card, with two Pennsylvania-sired invitationals leading into 12 exciting championship finals. It is, indeed, going to be one heck of a night. Don’t miss out on what should be historic evening of harness racing at the Plains Township oval, with today’s special post time starting at 5 p.m.



First race 5 p.m.

All races 1 mile

First-$75,000 3yr old Invitational Pace

4`Ultimate Beachboy`Y.Gingras`1-2-5`Drueling at that 8-1 price`8-1

8`Mach It So`T.Tetrick`10-5-4`Tetrick’s choice of three`10-1

2`Lonewolf Currier`B.Sears`6-2-6`Been racing older foes at YR`3-1

3`Duc Dorleans`J.Jamieson`8-1-1`New to the PA scene`6-1

1`Twincreeks Jesse`D.Miller`2-8-1`Dave’s choice over #5`9-2

5`Twilight Bonfire`R.Pierce`7-6-5`Made nice coin for Gillock`4-1

7`Emeritus Maximus`S.Allard`6-5-3`Tackled toughies all year`7-2

9`Big Time Promise`M.Kakaley`1-1-3`Nine post blues`15-1

6`Net Ten Eom`C.Callahan`3-3-5`Fills out nice opener`20-1

Second-$75,000 3yr old Invitational Trot

7`Picture This`C.Norris`1-3-1`Just needs right early spot`6-1

3`Vibe Blue Chip`Y.Gingras`3-1-2`One to beat`4-1

6`Rossini`H.Parker`1-5-1`Why the 15-1 ml??`15-1

2`Possessed Fashion`T.Tetrick`6-2-1`Didn’t fire in BC elim`3-1

8`Smoother Ride`A.McCarthy`3-1-5`Racing well, but outside`9-2

4`Major Athens`B.Sears`1-4-1`Big driver change`8-1

1`High Bridge`J.Takter`6-1-2`Yannick opted off`7-2

5`Bambino Glide`A.Miller`1-8-1`Andy back in bike`10-1

9`Sailer Eddie`R.Pierce`3-3-3`Stops abruptly`20-1

Third-$500,000 BC Final, 2yr old colt trotters

2`Father Patrick`Y.Gingras`1-1-1`An amazing animal`2-1

8`Nuncio`J.Campbell`2-1-1`Only horse to beat Patrick`4-1

3`Credit Fashion`B.Sears`2-1-3`Nice late pop`5-1

6`Don Dorado`T.Tetrick`1-1-1`PASS champ`7-2

7`Muscle Network`J.Jamieson`7-1-2`Made miscue in elim`8-1

9`Southwind Spirit`M.Kakaley`5-2-1`Matt picks up catch drive`10-1

5`Expressive Action`R.Pierce`4-1-2`Would need some Pierce magic`15-1

4`Another Transcript`C.Callahan`3-8-6`Have to remember they’re 2yr olds`12-1

1`Auspicious Hanover`C.Norris`6-4-5`Happy to be in final`20-1

Fourth-$500,000 BC Final, 2yr old filly pacers

3`Uffizi Hanover`D.Miller`4-2-1`Takes advantage of all the speed`6-1

5`Southwind Silence`M.Kakaley`2-2-1`Great trip horse`5-1

4`Allstar Rating`Y.Gingras`1-1-2`Beat tough Precocious last wk`5-2

8`Precocious Beauty`D.McNair`2-1-1`Doug have tough wknd at PD`3-1

1`Act Now`R.Pierce`3-4-1`Does have rail control`12-1

6`She’s Da Bomb`J.Jamieson`5-1-1`Poorly driven last Fri`4-1

7`Ali Blue`T.Tetrick`4-3-1`Tetrick the new driver`15-1

2`Beach Body`B.Sears`3-4-5`Notch below these`10-1

9`Rockincam Park`A.Miller`5-1-2`Moved in because of scratch`20-1

Fifth-$500,000 BC Final, 2yr old filly trotters

2`Cooler Schooner`J.Campbell`1-3-4`Next CR Kay Suzie??`5-2

3`Shake It Cerry`R.Pierce`1-2-5`The chief rival`3-1

1`Struck By Lindy`D.Miller`4-4-1`Sneaks in for a piece`6-1

5`Lifetime Pursuit`Y.Gingras`2-1-6`Well driven in elim`4-1

8`Goddess`B.Sears`3-2-9`Sears catch drives`12-1

4`Demanding Sam`P.MacDonell`3-1-3`Paul around a long time`10-1

6`Market Rally`J.Cummings`5-1-1`NYSS champ`15-1

7`Scream And Shout`T.Tetrick`2-3-2`No one is listening`5-1

9`Ruby`A.Miller`4-1-2`Fills out the field`20-1

Sixth-$600,000 BC Final, Open Trot

5`Intimidate`R.Pierce`1-1-1`Don’t sleep on this one`4-1

6`Mister Herbie`J.Jamieson`2-5-3`Great money earner`3-1

8`Uncle Peter`D.Miller`1-1-2`Holds world record here`5-1

1`Market Share`T.Tetrick`3-3-2`Finally an improved post`5-2

7`Arch Madness`T.Smedshammer`1-1-6`Great few wks at Lexington`6-1

2`Wishing Stone`Y.Gingras`8-4-6`Beat most of these last time here`12-1

4`Guccio`J.Takter`4-7-5`2nd time on lasix`15-1

9`Sevruga`A.Miller`6-4-2`A tired trotter`10-1

3`My Mvp`C.Callahan`5-9-3`Not up to this caliber`20-1

Seventh-$500,000 BC Final, 3yr old filly pacers

5`Shebestingin`D.Miller`1-1-3`Finally gets her chance`3-1

7`I Luv The Nitelife`T.Tetrick`1-1-1`The best, until she’s defeated`5-2

3`Carols Desire`Y.Gingras`1-1-2`Never better`4-1

6`Aunt Caroline`S.Zeron`4-4-3`Well make a great 4yr old`20-1

1`Parlee Beach`J.Morrill`2-2-5`Tries to hold rail advantage`6-1

4`Authorize`R.Pierce`3-3-1`Couldn’t stay with ‘Stingin`5-1

8`Somewherovrarainbow`M.Teague`1-2-1`Just can’t stay with them`12-1

2`Mattie Terror Girl`J.Campbell`3-2-5`A longshot for sire`15-1

9`Love Canal`D.McNair`2-2-3`An also ran`10-1

Eighth-$500,000 BC Final, 2yr old colt pacers

2`Luck Be Withyou`R.Pierce`1-4-1`Raced super last Sat`3-1

1`Somestarsomewhere`Y.Gingras`1-1-3`The target`5-2

4`So Surreal`T.Tetrick`3-1-2`Hoping for a hot pace`4-1

3`Ari Allstar`B.Sears`3-2-4`Another who likes to close`5-1

5`Doo Wop Hanover`J.Morrill`1-3-6`Took advantage of miscue in win`6-1

9`Sometimes Said`J.Campbell`2-2-2`Goes for team Campbell`12-1

6`Melmerby Beach`P.MacDonell`2-7-4`Well bred pacer`15-1

8`Three Of Clubs`D.McNair`2-3-8`Gets dealt a bad hand`10-1

7`Some Major Beach`S.Zeron`3-5-3`Minors for him`20-1

Ninth-$250,000 BC Final, Open Mare Trot

1`Maven`Y.Gingras`1-1-1`Has it going on`5-2

5`D’Orsay`C.Callahan`2-7-8`Was dead game on the engine`5-1

3`Bax Of Life`J.Campbell`1-3-1`Elimination winner`4-1

2`Check Me Out`T.Tetrick`2-2-1`Closing in on $2 million life`7-2

7`Beatgoeson Hanover`D.Miller`3-5-2`Steady all season`6-1

4`Unefoisdansmavie`M.Kakaley`3-5-7`Will be long odds`8-1

9`Cowgirl Hall`A.Miller`4-4-1`Never leaves rail`20-1

8`Cedar Dove`R.Pierce`5-8-4`Not the same`15-1

6`Real Babe`B.Sears`4-4-6`A dud`12-1

Tenth-$300,000 BC Final, Open Mare Pace

7`Shelliscape`D.Miller`3-1-1`Live as they come`10-1

9`Drop The Ball`C.Callahan`4-10-1`Will have the hammer down`6-1

2`Anndrovette`T.Tetrick`1-2-3`Nose for the wire`5-2

1`Rocklamation`Y.Gingras`4-3-1`Inside of main foes`3-1

6`Feeling You`T.Buter`1-4-1`The local hope`4-1

8`Camille`M.Kakaley`5-2-10`Queen of bad draws`15-1

5`Monkey On My Wheel`B.Sears`2-5-5`I’m going to stay away`5-1

3`Economy Terror`R.Pierce`7-5-1`Underacheived most of year`12-1

4`Swinging Beauty`B.Miller`6-6-2`Pierce chose off`20-1

Eleventh-$500,000 BC Final, 3yr old filly trotters

4`Bee A Magician`B.Sears`1-1-1`Can’t and won’t be beaten`2-1

3`Frau Blucher`R.Pierce`2-4-4`Heartbreaker in elim`7-2

2`Ma Chere Hall`C.Callahan`2-2-1`The KYSS champ`5-1

1`Coffeecake Hanover`M.Kakaley`1-2-2`Can offer one nice run`4-1

7`Thistle Dhu`B.Miller`3-1-1`Hard knocking filly`12-1

5`Bouncing Bax`H.Parker`5-1-1`No excuses in elim`8-1

9`Southwind Cocoa`T.Tetrick`5-1-4`Has to stay on stride`20-1

6`Handover Belle`M.Lachance`4-7-1`Handed a setback`10-1

8`Time To Kill`J.Campbell`3-4-6`Shot down`15-1

Twelfth-$500,000 BC Final, 3yr old colt pacers

1`Captaintreacherous`T.Tetrick`1-1-1`A true warrior, unreal`5-2

3`Lucan Hanover`D.Miller`1-3-1`Great turn of foot`4-1

5`Vegas Vacation`B.Sears`4-2-1`Won’t be on front tonight`3-1

8`Sunshine Beach`J.Campbell`2-4-1`Has to leave from here`5-1

7`Sunfire Blue Chip`Y.Gingras`2-1-4`Just a bit short`6-1

2`Beach Memories`R.Pierce`3-3-2`Nice pick up for Pierce`10-1

6`Captive Audience`A.Miller`3-2-1`Purely a chaser`12-1

4`Apprentice Hanover`J.Jamieson`4-4-6`Not worthy`15-1

9`Urbanite Hanover`D.McNair`5-7-7`Will be 99-1 at post`20-1

Thirteenth-$500,000 BC Final, 3yr old colt trotters

4`Deadliest Catch`C.Callahan`3-7-3`Pulls off the shocker`10-1

6`Creatine`M.Lachance`3-1-2`Well reserved last week`6-1

2`All Laid Out`D.Miller`1-2-3`Certainly a candidate`3-1

5`Spider Blue Chip`R.Pierce`1-3-2`Looking for win #10`5-1

1`Royalty For Life`B.Sears`4-5-1`Is he the same horse??`5-2

7`Smiling Eli`T.Tetrick`2-1-5`In a tough spot`4-1

3`E L Rocket`Y.Gingras`2-6-3`Won’t get pocket tonight`12-1

9`Aperfectyankee`J.Oscarsson`5-1-5`Again victim of post`20-1

8`Dewycolorintheline`R.Schnittker`4-6-1`One more race to go`15-1

Fourteenth-$500,000 BC Final, Open Pace

5`Pet Rock`D.Miller`6-1-1`Waiting for this moment`4-1

2`Foiled Again`Y.Gingras`1-1-2`Amazing in his elim, a tiger`5-2

1`Clear Vision`B.Miller`2-6-1`Can grind with the best of them`3-1

3`Golden Receiver`C.Callahan`3-1-5`Watch this opening qtr!!`6-1

6`Warrawee Needy`J.Jamieson`6-1-1`Just can’t get over the hump`5-1

8`Bolt The Duer`M.MacDonald`4-4-2`Seems a bit weary`12-1

4`Modern Legend`J.Campbell`2-2-1`Fitting Campbell drives Legend`10-1

7`Michael’s Power`B.Sears`5-1-2`Never in it`15-1

9`Sweet Lou`M.Kakaley`7-3-4`See you Tuesday`20-1

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