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It’s once again a 14-race slate on tap for this evening at The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, with the first live racing card of November on the agenda. That’s right, I said November! Where did 2013 go?

BEST BET: Blomkvist (1ST)

VALUE PLAY: Lifetime Louie (11TH)

Post time 6:30 p.m.

All races 1 mile

First-$11,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $6,000 last 5

7`Blomkvist`T.Jackson`2-6-8`Gets a very soft field`6-1

2`R Sam`M.Kakaley`2-4-8`Sits pocket for the place`3-1

8`Quantum Cashman`J.Pavia`2-6-7`Comes off a little layoff`7-2

9`Magnum Kosmos`A.Byron`1-7-8`Dangerous, when right`10-1

5`JL Rockin Jake`A.Napolitano`9-4-5`Drops, but off form`9-2

3`Keystone Cheyenne`S.Allard`7-9-1`Bad habits`8-1

1`Keystone Tempo`E.Carlson`6-6-5`Lacks the bid needed`4-1

4`Spectator K`T.Buter`9-6-4`No audience here`15-1

6`Opinion Hanover`H.Parker`5-4-6`Seen better days`20-1

Second-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 2 pm races life

1`JB Rose`S.Allard`5-1-2`Needed last, ready now`3-1

7`Jenjen’s Dragon`E.Carlson`3-1-6`In money five of six`7-2

9`Babe In The City`A.Byron`5-2-9`Byron a live set of hands`10-1

8`Justcallmemolly`H.Parker`4-3-8`Yankee Cruiser filly`8-1

5`Wednesday’s Whim`A.Napolitano`5-2-8`Having issues`4-1

6`Zip It Lock It`T.Buter`6-4-2`In this class a long time`6-1

3`Do Your Job`J.Pavia`4-1-1`2yr old overmatched`9-2

2`Lady Alice`M.Kakaley`8-6-3`Note the driver change`15-1

4`Beach Treasure`T.Jackson`9-7-7`Stuck in the sand`20-1

Third-$13,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 2 pm races life

3`Another Depostion`G.Napolitano`4-5-4`Nap been on a roll`7-2

9`Montour County`M.Kakaley`4-2-4`Switches to Kakaley`8-1

5`Glister Hanover`S.Allard`2-3-2`Knocking on the door`3-1

2`Cookie’s Kid`H.Parker`8-5-4`Inside draw can’t hurt`4-1

1`Moon Lit Trail`J.Pavia`4-7-7`Been tiring on the lead`9-2

7`Dufler`T.Jackson`5-2-6`Didn’t fire in PD debut`20-1

8`Battle Ready`E.Carlson`4-5-3`His test is over`15-1

4`Dixie Rebel`T.Buter`7-5-8`Shows no interest`6-1

6`Hi Po Mon Roe`A.Byron`2-9-9`Slow`10-1

Fourth-$9,000 N/W Clm.Pace;clm.price $11,000

1`Flying Topless`A.Byron`3-9-10`Wins it for the sprint fans`4-1

8`Star Palace`J.Pavia`2-7-7`Pavia new in the sulky`7-2

4`Three To Dance`S.Allard`1-5-3`Guns for two in a row`3-1

9`Caviart Savannah`T.Buter`5-6-9`Daley tailing south a bit`9-2

3`Gramercy Hanover`T.Jackson`6-3-7`The lone grey lady`8-1

5`Jolting Jen`A.Napolitano`7-6-7`Bolting the wrong direction`6-1

6`Scirocco Caliegirl`E.Carlson`9-8-9`In this class a long time`15-1

7`The Right Move`M.Kakaley`7-8-9`Wrong way`10-1

2`Yankee Tattler`G.Napolitano`8-4-6`Rides the rails`20-1

Fifth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500

3`Celia Hall`G.Napolitano`1-5-2`Won easily last Fri`5-2

5`Hollywood Rusty`J.Morrill`4-1-8`The main foe`4-1

4`Judith`A.Napolitano`4-2-5`Down from 10 claimers`3-1

2`Jailhouse Camryn`S.Allard`4-8-4`NY invader`5-1

7`Intimidator`M.Kakaley`7-2-6`Lacks any early speed`10-1

8`Captain Brady`H.Parker`9-2-2`Hung mile in latest`6-1

6`Savage Pride`T.Jackson`5-5-4`Not up to the challenge`15-1

1`Streetwise Hall`T.Buter`5-9-8`Didn’t take to Saratoga`12-1

9`Pinstipes Hanover`E.Carlson`8-8-5`Baseball season is over`20-1

Sixth-$9,000 N/W Clm.Pace;clm.price $11,000

1`Gratias Deo`J.Morrill11-1-1`Takes lackluster group`3-1

4`Padre Manuel`G.Napolitano`6-8-7`Trying to regain stride`4-1

5`Dream Shark`T.Jackson`2-1-2`Been racing upstate`6-1

6`Twin B Flirt`T.Buter`9-5-5`Toss last, better than that`7-2

8`Plenty of Spunk`J.Pavia`7-2-4`Pavia stays in bike`9-2

9`Mr Bricks`E.Carlson`3-6-2`Carlson driving at .199`15-1

7`Lex Lugar`M.Kakaley`4-4-7`Lacks the flex`8-1

2`Caviart Jett`A.Napolitano`8-6-6`Distnaced`10-1

3`Sawbuck`J.Antonelli`5-7-8`Cut down to size`20-1

Seventh-$13,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $8,000 last 5

1`Gawain Nourrir`T.Buter`4-5-8`Finds a way`3-1

8`Gaslight`G.Napolitano`9-6-5`Looks strong on engine`9-2

3`Windcross`M.Kakaley`8-2-3`Done OK since the claim`7-2

2`Paisley`H.Parker`6-4-1`Fast off the wings`8-1

7`Turtle Express`J.Morrill`1-4-7`More winning Adams stock`6-1

5`Upfrontstrikesgold`S.Allard`1-3-2`Best work done in NY`4-1

4`Bromance Hanover`J.pavia`8-6-6`3yr old tackles older`10-1

6`Buffalino Hanover`T.Schadel`8-7-6`Tailing off fast`15-1

9`Order By Texas`E.Carlson`6-8-3`Save your $2`20-1

Eighth-$19,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $17,500 last 5

8`Eighthundredolarbill`G.Napolitano`1-5-2`Won’t be caught`7-2

7`Bettor B Lucky`M.Kakaley`5-2-7`Hails from potent Burke stable`3-1

6`Last Minute Cindy`S.Allard`3-1-8`Flying at the end`10-1

3`Shawnee Dancer`A.Napolitano`4-4-7`Raced similar at Harrah’s`4-1

1`Jinglejanglejingle`T.Buter`1-4-2`Up a bit in class off win`15-1

4`Up Front Cruiser`J.Martin`7-1-6`Not with Martin in bike`9-2

5`Queen Of Royalty`A.Byron`7-7-4`Slowing down`6-1


9`Astreas Notice`J.Morrill`4-9-2`Stays at the rear`20-1

Ninth-$13,000 N/W Clm.Pace;clm.price $18,000

2` A And G’s Design`S.Allard`2-1-2`Hopeful for a better steer`3-1

4`Pura Vida`E.Carlson`1-7-1`Just beat choice last out`7-2

3`Ok Fiesty`A.Byron`5-10-4`Newcomer to Pocono`4-1

9`Carlina Hanover`M.Kakaley`2-1-8`Post the main concern`9-2

1`Just Breathe`A.Napolitano`4-7-4`Out of air`5-1

6`Jets Are On`J.Morrill`5-1-5`Blasted`12-1

7`Tiger Boudoir`T.Buter`4-6-3`De-clawed`8-1

5`A Fiesty X Ample`G.Napolitano`6-8-2`Lacks the spice`10-1

Tenth-$25,000 Mares Preferred Handicap

8`Drop The Ball`J.pavia`9-4-10`Time to make amends`3-1

7`Rocklamation`M.Kakaley`2-4-3`Raced gamely in BC Final`5-2

6`Feeling You`T.Buter`7-1-4`Mare has had career yr`4-1

2`Let’s Go Higher`J.Morrill`1-1-1`On fire vs easier`9-2

4`Campanile`S.Allard`5-3-2`Yonkers import`6-1

1`Collage`E.Carlson`1-2-2`Comes off career mile`12-1

5`Ooh Bad Shark`H.Parker`1-9-1`Asking a bit much`10-1

3`Cat Cora`G.Napolitano`8-2-5`Fills out nice field`15-1

Eleventh-$6,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $7,500

2`Lifetime Louie`J.Morrill`3-3-2`Overdue for this win`4-1

7`Passionate Terror`E.Carlson`6-1-7`Eric drives for Simons`9-2

5`Gogo Buckeye`S.Allard`6-5-9`Down a bit in price`7-2

3`Taylor C`A.Napolitano`1-7-7`Won’t be 31-1 again`3-1

4`Market Force`J.Pavia`2-5-4`Pavia owns-trains-reins`8-1

6`Joans Bad Boy`M.Kakaley`5-4-6`Lacks the late kick`10-1

8`Lucky Land`G.Napolitano`6-5-2`A tired pacer`6-1

1`Lombo Powershot A`T.Buter`7-6-6`Shot down`15-1

9`My Fella`A.Byron`8-7-8`Again in the rear`20-1

Twelfth-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $11,000 last 5

6`Time To Kill`T.Buter`8-3-4`No Bee A Magician in here`3-1

3`Sassy Syrinx`C.Contie`2-1-7`Getting it back together`7-2

1`Biltmore`M.Kakaley`8-6-9`Too hard to predict`6-1

5`Canadian Wildcat`E.Carlson`6-2-6`Angus Hall 4yr old`8-1

9`P L Eureka`J.Morrill`5-8-1`Longshot with potential`15-1

2`Marion Monaco`G.Napolitano`6-5-8`Overachiever`9-2

8`Bloodstockshalltab`H.Parker`6-2-6`Well beaten by similar`20-1

4`C-O-To Bluegrass`S.Allard`8-2-8`I see a breaker`10-1

7`Tui`J.Pavia`6-3-8`Remains off her game`4-1

Thirteenth-$10,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $12,500

3`Mach This Way`A.Byron`4-4-8`Kicks off late double`9-2

1`Twin B Roxy`J.Pavia`3-2-7`Requalified in good order`4-1

8`Heavenly Way`G.Napolitano`6-2-5`Carr-Nap nice team`6-1

7`Dragon’s Jojo`E.Carlson`2-5-6`Just missed at nice price`10-1

5`Medoland Sapphire`T.Jackson`8-2-4`Made miscue last out`7-2

4`Miss Old Vines`S.Allard`3-9-1`Often goes rough trip`3-1

6`Notorious Terror`M.Kakaley`6-2-3`Halloween is over`8-1

2`Little Native Girl`T.Buter`7-9-5`Stomped by 5 claimers`15-1

9`Fire In The Night`A.Napolitano`4-7-2`One more race to go`20-1

Fourteenth-$13,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $8,000 last 5

2`Kendra Hanover`A.Napolitano`1-4-2`Right back`3-1

8`Waldorf Hall`H.Parker`1-3-2`Class of the field`7-2

6`Ominpotent`T.Jackson`3-5-7`Donato Hanover youngster`8-1

3`Westside Lindy`S.Allard`5-3-1`Simon the new reinsman`4-1

1`M C Felix`G.Napolitano`4-8-7`Little since that win`9-2

9`Ipo Blue Chip`T.Buter`8-3-4`Slow in final stanza`20-1

7`Rose Run Limo`E.Carlson`6-3-4`No run left`15-1

4`Free Rollin`M.Kakaley`5-6-3`…`10-1

5`Commander K`J.Pavia`7-2-3`See you tomorrow`6-1

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