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BERWICK — Coughlin’s seventh-inning rally fell just short as Berwick held on for a 4-3 win on Monday in a battle for the early lead in Division 1 of the Wyoming Valley Conference.

Jeremy Clausen got the final two outs for the save after the Crusaders scored twice in the top of the seventh to pull within a run. Starter Clay DeNoia struck out six for the win as Berwick (3-0) remained unbeaten atop the standings.

Berwick senior T.J. Lashock went 2-for-3 with a double. Anthony Melito finished 2-for-4 with an RBI.

Pat Hall had two hits for the Crusaders (2-1). Eric Adamczyk and Sam Andrews each drove in a run.


Christian Rivera 2b`4`0`1`0`0`0`0

Dave Marriggi p-rf`4`0`1`0`0`0`0

Kyle Lupas 1b`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Mike Wozniak ss`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Pat Hall dh`3`1`2`0`0`0`0

Josh Featherman 3b`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

Dave Parsnik cf`2`0`1`0`0`0`0

Hunter Bednarczyk lf`3`1`0`0`0`0`0

Eric Adamczyk c`3`1`1`1`0`0`0

Sam Andrews rf-p`3`0`1`1`0`0`0

R.J. Kenzakoski`0`0`0`0`0`0`0



Anthony Melito ss`4`0`2`1`0`0`0

Will Morales cf`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

T.J. Lashock 3b`3`0`2`0`1`0`0

Kyle Miller 1b`2`1`0`0`0`0`0

Jordan Stout c`3`0`1`1`0`0`0

Eric May lf`3`1`1`0`0`0`0

Joey Favata rf`3`1`1`0`0`0`0

Clay DeNoia p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Jeremy Clausen p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Zach Kyttle dh`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Kevin Laubach 2b`2`1`0`0`0`0`0





Marriggi (L, 0-1)`4.1`7`4`3`4`2



DeNoia (W, 2-0)`6.1`8`3`2`6`1

Clausen (S)`0.2`0`0`0`0`0

Crestwood 9, Wyoming Valley West 1

Brian Markowski pitched a four-hitter over six innings and struck out six, while the Crestwood offense erupted for nine runs over the first three innings.

Tyler Sadvary had two hits, drove home two runs and scored another to spark the Comets (1-2). Justin Rinehimer, Aaron Piavis and Elliot Snyder all had doubles.

Mike Leonard doubled for Valley West (0-3), and Colin Harrison drove home Ryan Hogan in the second for the team’s only run.

Wyoming Valley West`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Colin Harrison c`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

Brandon Reyes c`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Chris McCue ss`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Billy Gregory ss`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Joe Pechulis c-3b`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Chris Lupole 3b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Nick Hogan lf`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

Steve Roccograndi 3b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Chris Nixon p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Ryan Hogan dh`3`1`1`0`0`0`0

Mike Leonard 2b`2`0`1`0`1`0`0

Matt Labashosky 2b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Dan Flaherty rf`3`0`1`1`0`0`0

Steve Doroskewicz rf`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Evan McCue 1b`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

C.J. Yakimowicz 1b`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Ricky Stayer cf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Jeremy Sabecky cf`1`0`1`0`0`0`0



Tyler Sadvary 2b`3`1`2`2`0`0`0

Drew Munisteri cf`2`1`0`0`0`0`0

Tom O’Connell ph`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Anthony Caladie 3b-p`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Corey Eyerman ph`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Curt Yenchik c`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Justin Rinehimer ph`1`0`1`0`1`0`0

Eric Rinehimer lf-3b`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Tom Goyne lf`1`1`0`0`0`0`0

Aaron Piavis rf`2`2`1`0`1`0`0

Abhay Metgud rf`0`1`0`0`0`0`0

John Chupka rf`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Elliot Snyder ss`2`1`1`1`1`0`0

Brian Markowski p-lf`2`2`1`2`0`0`0

Jon Wychock 1b`3`1`1`1`0`0`0

Ethan Markowski 1b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0


Wyoming Valley West`010`000`0`—`1


Valley West`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Pechulis (L, 0-1)`2.1`4`8`6`3`2



B. Markowski (W, 1-1)`6.0`4`1`1`0`6


Hazleton Area 17, Pittston Area 11

The Cougars opened up the game with 10 runs in the top of the first before turning back a fierce Patriots rally in the middle innings.

Dave Klein (3-5, RBI), Sal Biai (2-3, four RBI, double), Jared Carrelli (3-5, RBI) and Kyle Klein (2-4, double) paced a 17-hit attack for Hazleton Area (2-1).

Pittston Area (1-2) pulled within 13-11 after six innings with Pat McGinty going 3-for-4 with three RBI. Josh Razvillas and Cody Rowan both doubled and drove in a run.

Hazleton Area`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Dave Klein rf`5`4`3`1`0`0`0

Joey Baran cf`3`2`2`1`0`0`0

Sal Biasi ss-p`3`3`2`4`1`0`0

Jordan Horwath ss`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Tony Craig c`5`1`2`0`0`0`0

Jordan Yanac p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Kyle Karmonick p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Robbie John dh`3`3`1`1`0`0`0

Jonathan Sullivan 3b`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Mitch O’Donnell ph`1`0`1`2`0`0`0

Jared Carrelli 1b`5`1`3`1`0`0`0

Chris Panzarella 2b`3`1`1`1`0`0`0

Kyle Klein lf`4`2`2`0`1`0`0


Pittston Area`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Josh Razvillas 1b`3`3`2`1`1`0`0

Jordan Houseman 2b`5`2`2`1`0`0`0

Michael Schwab lf-p`4`0`0`0`0`0`0

John Faggotti p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Justin Glasgow p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Danny Constatino p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

John Kielbasa dh`2`1`0`0`0`0`0

Pat McGinty c`4`1`3`3`0`0`0

Felix Mascelli ss`4`1`1`1`0`0`0

Cody Rowan rf`5`1`2`1`1`0`0

Justin Martinelli`5`1`1`0`0`0`0

Michael Delaney cf`4`1`2`2`0`0`0


Hazleton Area`(10)00`021`4`—`17

Pittston Area`103`043`0`—`11

Hazleton Area`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Yanac (W, 1-0)`4.0`7`4`3`4`4


Biasi (S)`2.1`2`3`2`0`3

Pittston Area`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Faggotti (L, 0-1)`0.2`6`10`2`1`0





Wyoming Area 10, Lake-Lehman 4

Jake Granteed went 3-for-4 with two doubles and two RBI for Wyoming Area while striking out six in six innings for the win on the mound.

Mike Carey finished 4-for-5 with two RBI and the Warriors (1-1) got a home run from Nick O’Brien.

Connor Balloun drove in a pair of runs for the Black Knights (1-2).

Wyoming Area`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Nick O’Brien cf`4`2`2`2`0`0`1

Mike Carey 2b`5`1`4`2`0`0`0

Bart Chupka 1b`5`2`2`1`0`0`0

Trent Grove c`5`1`1`1`1`0`0

Jake Granteed p`4`0`3`2`2`0`0

Lorenzo Metroka ph`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Erik Walkowiak lf-p`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

Brian Mapes rf`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Joe Gavenonis dh`3`1`1`0`0`0`0

Zach Lopatka dh`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Jordan Zezza 3b`3`1`0`0`0`0`0

Jake Wysocki ph`1`1`0`0`0`0`0

Jeremy Zezza ss`2`0`0`1`0`0`0

Tino Romanelli ph`2`1`1`0`0`0`0



Tyler Kolb cf`4`1`1`0`0`0`0

Jeff Carter ss`2`2`0`0`0`0`0

Cody Paraschak c`4`0`1`0`0`0`0

Connor Balloun rf`2`1`1`2`0`0`0

Pete Borum 1b`3`0`0`1`0`0`0

Scott Bean p-lf`4`0`0`0`0`0`0

Josh Davenport lf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Tyler Harry p`1`0`1`0`0`0`0

Cody Spriggs 3b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Zach Brucher dh`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Tyler Long dh`1`0`1`1`0`0`0

Cahil Carey 2b`3`0`1`0`0`0`0


Wyoming Area`220`410`1`—`10


Wyoming Area`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Granteed (W, 1-0)`6.0`5`3`3`4`8



Bean (L, 0-1)`4.0`11`8`6`1`3


GAR 5, Northwest 4

The Grenadiers went on the road and earned their first Wyoming Valley Conference victory under coach Vito Pasone, holding on to beat Northwest.

Kevin Evans went the distance for the win for GAR (1-1), striking out six. He also had two of the team’s five hits as he and Zach Gonzalez (double) each collected two RBI.

Northwest (1-1) got two RBI apiece from Devon Mazonkey (double) and Eric Evans (triple).


Joharky Santos 2b`1`3`1`0`1`0`0

Bryant Placencio ph`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Sean-Paul Williamson ss`2`1`0`0`0`0`0

Kevin Evans p`4`0`2`2`0`0`0

Rich Sickler cf`4`0`0`0`0`0`0

Steven Tyson lf`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Christian Skrepenak dh`2`1`0`0`0`0`0

Greg Skrepenak 1b`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

Zach Gonzalez 3b`3`0`1`2`1`0`0

Dawin Reyes rf`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Joe O’Day c`2`0`0`0`0`0`0



Pete Feno lf`3`1`1`0`0`0`0

Matt Korea c`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Devon Mazonkey 1b`3`0`1`2`1`0`0

Kevin Volkel rf`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

David Samulevich p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Eric Gurzynski p`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Tyler Harrison ph`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Scott Ungvarsky p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Zach White ss`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

Grey Godfrey cf`2`1`0`0`0`0`0

Nick Long 3b`3`1`1`0`0`0`0

Eric Evans ss`3`1`1`2`0`1`0





Evans (W, 1-0)`7.0`6`4`4`3`6


Samulevich (L, 0-1)`0.2`3`3`3`2`2



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