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Coughlin (2A)

Coach: Rob Havard, 8th season

Home Field: The BOG, Miners Mills

2012 Record: 13-1-1 (District 2 Class 2A champion)

Key Players Lost: Justin Okun, Pat Malone, Josh Tarnalicki, Kyle Grego, Joe Tona, Josh Featherman

Key Players Returning (with 2012 points total): Tommy Sebia, Sr. (1 g, 2 pts); Travis Keil, Jr. (7g, 5a, 19pts); Dave Marriggi, Sr. (3g, 6a, 12pts)

Outlook: The Crusaders lost a lot of seniors from last year’s district title-winning club. But the coaches always do a good job making sure underclassmen get opportunities. That should help this group come together faster.


Crestwood (2A)

Coach: Pat Upton, 3rd season

Home Field: High School

2012 Record: 10-5

Key Players Lost: Alex Machalick, Aaron Wrobleski, Marty Ryman, George Gendler, Ross Gladey, Steven Rerick, Nick Dopko

Key Players Returning (with 2012 point total): John Andrews (9g, 4a, 22 pts); Alex Buchholz (4g, 9a, 17pts); Alex Orrson (3g, 2a, 8pts); Casey Ritsick (2g, 4a, 8pts); Matt Wimpfheimer (4g, 3a, 11pts)

Outlook: Coming off a productive season where they won a district playoff game, the Comets don’t seem to have missed a beat so far this season already upsetting Dallas in the first game of the season for the second straight season.


Dallas (2A)

Coach: Chris Scharff, 16th season

Home Field: High School

2012 Record: 13-1-1 (division champ)

Key Players Lost: Dante DeAngelo, Danny Saba, John Murray, Brian Stepniak

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Brandon Scharff, Sr. (4g, 6a, 14pts), A.J. Nardone, Sr. (19g, 16a, 54pts); Zach Goodwin, Sr. (4g, 8pts); Matt Saba, Sr. (13g, 5a, 31pts); Blake Pertl, Sr. (4g, 8a, 16pts); Nate Wood, Jr. (9g, 9a, 27pts)

Outlook: Dallas is always going to be in contention for the division and district championships and this season will be no different. Sure, the Mountaineers lost some important pieces from last year’s squad, but the majority of that team is back and looking for another run.


Hazleton Area (3A)

Coach: Rob Schoener, 2nd season

Home Field: Maple Manor Field (former Bishop Hafey football field)

2012 Record: 3-12

Key Players Lost: Logan Yacowatz, Vinny Hornak, Tyler Bicking, Tristan Williams

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Caleb Ancharski, Jr., GK; Mauro Notaro, Sr.. (1a, 1pt); Robert Vitagliano, Sr. (1g, 2pts); Christian Matricino, Jr.; Alec Losen, Jr.; Brandon Watt, Jr.; (1a, 1pt); Trevor Paisley, So.; Brendan Lohr, Jr.; Josh Covrrubias-Capriotti, Fr.

Outlook: It’s going to be a rebuilding season for the Cougars as they may have only won three times last season, but lost their three leading scorers.

Lake-Lehman (2A)

Coach: Mike Kostrobala, 8th season

Home Field: High School

2012 Record: 9-5-1 (District 2 Class 2A runner-up)

Key Players Lost: Chris Edkins, Kenny Kocher, Kris Konicki, Cody Spriggs, Mike Symeon, Cody Spriggs, Mike Novak

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Austin Harry, Sr. (7g, 7a, 21pts); Kyle Paulson, Sr., def.; Chris Herrick, Sr. (2g, 1a, 5 pts); Mike Symeon, Jr. (2g, 2a, 6pts); Collin Masters, Jr., GK; Tanner MacDougall, So. (1g, 1a, 3pts)

Outlook: The Black Knights advanced to the District 2 Class 2A finals last season and had to settle for runner-up to Coughlin. In a loaded classification once again this season, Lehman should be right there with the rest of the pack.


Wyoming Valley West (3A)

Coach: Charlie Whited, 4th year

Home Field: Spartan Stadium, Kingston

2012 Record: 7-8

Key Losses: Ryan Wisnewski, Eric Whited, Dillon Reynolds, Brian Hromisin

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Eddie Thomas, Sr. (6g, 5a, 17pts); Nick Singer, Sr. (10g, 7a, 27pts); Dan Taren, Sr. (1a, 1pt); Derek Denman, Sr., GK

Outlook: The Spartans were one of the hottest teams heading into the playoffs last season and that earned them a win to advance to the D2 3A semifinals for the first time in three years. There are plenty of weapons returning for this 2013 season that should be able to help the team continue streaking right through the 2013 postseason.


Holy Redeemer (2A)

Coach: Sal Leggio, 6th season

Home Field: Eddie White Field, Plains Twp.

2012 Record: 7-8-1

Key Players Lost: Brendan Leahigh, T.J. Doyle

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Tyler Kukosky, Sr. (5g, 7a, 17pts); Chris Pawlenok, Sr. (1g, 4a, 6pts)

Outlook: The Royals lost some key players from a year ago, but they still have the talent and experience to compete in 2013.

Meyers (A)

Coach: Jack Nolan, 8th season

Home Field: Gibby Field, Wilkes-Barre

2012 Record: 5-11

Key Players Lost: Mike DiMaggio, Mike Kendra,

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Cal Lisman, Sr. (13g, 2a, 28pts); Jesse Macko, Jr. (2g, 1a, 5pts); Nick Sisko, Jr. (1a, 1pt); Jarek Hernandez, So. (3g, 3a, 9pts); Excel Mendoza

Outlook: The 2012 season was definitely a down year for the Mohawks. But with that year of development and playing together out of the way, the Mohawks should improve on last year’s record and contend for the division title.

Pittston Area (3A)

Coach: Pat O’Boyle, 5th season

Home Field: Pittston Primary Center, Rock Street, Hughestown

2012 Record: 5-10-1

Key Players Lost: Ian Tracy, Colin Tracy

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Jordan Consagra, Sr. (14g, 8a, 38pts); Matt Tavaglione, Sr. (3g, 2a, 8pts); Colin Tracy, So. (4g, 2a, 10pts); Julian Kester, Jr. D; Eann McCloe, Jr.

Outlook: Consagra is one of the best players in the WVC when other teams don’t key on him. If he’s having a big season and his teammates are very productive as well, the Patriots will be in contention for the division title.

Tunkhannock (2A)

Coach: Mark Stroney, 3rd season 21st year overall

Home Field: Tewksbury Field, Digger Drive, Tunkhannock

2012 Record: 10-5-1

Key Players Lost: Jacob Hughes, Dean Mirabelli, Jacob Cole

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Zac Daniels, Sr., GK; Brian Ly, Sr. (7g, 2a, 16pts); Adam Billings, Sr. (2g, 1a, 5pts); Eric Stamer, Jr. (1a, 1pt); Aidan Cronin, Jr. (5g, 7a, 17pts); Matt Dymond, Jr. (1a, 1pt); Colton Brown, So. (9g, 4a, 22pts); Patrick Cronin, So. (2a, 2pts)

Outlook: It took until the final match of last season for the Tigers not to win the division title. With many players back this time around, Tunkhannock should be near or at the top at the same time in 2013.

Wyoming Seminary (A)

Coach: Charles Carrick, 7th season

Home Field: Mericle Field, Kingston

2012 Record: 11-4-1 (division champ)

Key Players Lost: Dylan Bassham, Henry Cornell, Sami El-Mashtoub

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Andrew Drewchin, Sr.; Benedikt Buerk, So. (4g, 7a, 15pts); Eduardo Laguna, Jr. (3g, 6a, 12pts); Malcolm Lumia, Jr. (6g, 2a, 14pts); Andiry Molchanov, Jr. (11g, 3a, 25 pts)

Outlook: It always seem to take the Blue Knights a little longer than other teams to get going to start the season due to starting practice later because of boarders arriving later. Seminary was gelling late last season, and after only losing a few players to graduation, once the team gets going it could be hard to beat.


Berwick (2A)

Coach: Janet Henger, 5th season

Home Field: Crispin Field and Salem Soccer Field, Berwick

2012 Record: 10-4-1 (division champ)

Key Players Lost: Julio Ayala, Edgar Guzman, Aldo Mejia, Anthony Ramos, Arlinson Reyes, Richard Umana, Andrew Woznock

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Wilfredo Cruz, Sr.; Michael Karchner, Sr. (1a, 1pt); Erickson Vasquez, Sr. GK; Luke Henger, Jr. (5g, 1a, 11pts); Zachary Klinger, Jr. (2g, 4a, 8pts); Edgar Ramos Jr., Jr. (3g, 2a, 8pts); Josh Moran, So. (5g, 5a, 15pts)

Outlook: Coming off a division title, the Bulldogs graduated a lot from that squad. While they appear to be in a rebuilding season, don’t count them out just yet. If they can get going, the Bulldogs can contend again.

GAR (2A)

Coach: Len Witczak, 4th season

Home Field: Coal Street Park, Wilkes-Barre

2012 Record: 4-11

Key Players Lost: Luke Height

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Bre Mosier, Sr. (3g, 1a, 7pts); Madisen Nichol, Sr. (1g, 3a, 5pts); Joharkey Santos, Sr. (1g, 2pts); Paige Elmy, Jr. (3g, 6pts); Leizer Mero, Jr. (1g, 2pts); Edwin Nieves, Jr. (1g, 2pts); Katie Oldziejewski, Jr. (5g, 10pts); Jeffrey Vergara, Jr. (2g 4pts); Anthony Tlatenchi, Jr.; Tino Altivalla, So., GK

Outlook: The Grenadiers are already halfway to last year’s win total. So surpassing that number shouldn’t be a problem this time around. The next goal is a winning season, which could lead to brighter pastures.

Hanover Area (2A)

Coach: John Nealon, 5th season

Home Field: High School

2012 Record: 1-13-1

Key Players lost: James Lukachinsky

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Matt Clemons, Sr. (6g, 2a, 14pts); Anthony Eck, Sr. D; Dominic Gagliardi, Sr. (2a, 2pts); Dylan Luzny, Jr. (3g, 2a, 8pts); Paul Roman, Sr.

Outlook: Last season’s debacle of a season has been put aside as the Hawkeyes try to get back to the winning side of things. It shouldn’t be hard for the team to improve on last year’s record, especially since the win and tie have already been equaled.

MMI Prep (A)

Coach:Terry Jankouskas, first season

Home Field: MMI Prep Soccer, Baseball/Softball Fields, Cedar Street Freeland

2012 Record: 2-13

Key Players Lost: Noah Beltrami, Greg Yannes, Casey Olszewski

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Elijah Dove, Sr. (2g, 2a, 6pts); Austin Muir, Sr.; Mitchell Muir, Sr.

Outlook: The Prepers have already played a close game with defending division champion Berwick. That appears to be a sign that the team is headed in the first direction for the 2013 season.

Nanticoke (2A)

Coach: Mark Matusek, 25th season

Home Field: High School football stadium

2012 Record: 10-5

Key Players Lost: Andrew Blank, Adam Lutz, Tyler Robaczewski,

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Mike Mihneski, Sr. (8g, 3a, 19pts) Rees Roberts (8g,4a 20pts) Wiston Godoy, Jr. (6g, 7a, 19pts)) Ed Lukowski, So. (16g, 9a, 41pts)

Outlook: It was a tremendous season for the Trojans last season. After going winless the season prior, Nanticoke gave Berwick a run at the division title. Some players graduated after the season, but with many still in the loop, Nanticoke should be right near the top once again.

Wyoming Area (2A)

Coach: Nick Hufford, 2nd season

Home Field: Tenth Street Elementary School, Wyoming

2012 Record: 5-9-1

Key Players Lost: Brian Mapes, Mike Harding

Key Players Returning (with 2012 stats): Aaron Carter, Sr. GK; Brian Buckman, Sr. (1g, 3a, 5pts); Gared Zaboski, Sr. (1g, 1a, 3pts); Brian Wisowaty, Sr. (3g, 2a, 8pts); Josh Donvito, Jr. D; Nick Gushka, Jr. D; Brian McNew, So., D; Sam Giordano, So. D; A.J. Lenkaitis, Jr. D

Outlook: There’s a lot of optimism for the Warriors this season and for good reason. The Warriors are returning nine starters from last year’s team and look to be one of the top teams in the division this season.

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