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Accident victim thanks all who aided in emergency

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who came to my aid when I demolished my car on the icy road on a recent morning on 8th Street in West Wyoming.

Thank you to the woman who called 911, the Wyoming and West Wyoming police and emergency personnel, my son-in law Gary who handled all of the details.

Special thanks also to the emergency personnel and my family for their kindness and professional manner in determining and treating my injuries.

Joe Sorick

West Pittston

Crime watch leader: City failed crime victim

As president of the Wilkes- Barre Crime Watch Coalition, I often communicate with victims of crime. It is most heartbreaking when senior citizens are victimized. Unfortunately , the criminals seek out the most vulnerable in society. This month our crime watch groups are focusing on abuse, crimes and scams involving the elderly.

That being said, I am extremely disheartened by the way my city has treated an 80-year-old woman who’s car had been stolen. This woman was seemingly tricked into believing she owed almost two thousand dollars to LAG Towing, a city contractor, for towing and storage on her stolen car when in fact, she did not. LAG’s contract mandates that it must “tow, free of charge, any vehicles owned by any victim of any crime.”

Under coercion she relinquished the title to her car to the tower believing in fact she owed him the money. When all was revealed, no steps were taken by my city officials to rectify this appalling situation. Is this how we treat victims of crime? This is shameful and embarrassing to the good people of our city.

Charlotte Raup

Wilkes- Barre

Politicians need to serve those who elected them

Political parties: All you hear is that the Republicans introduced this bill and it did not pass because the Democrats voted against it or the Democrats introduced their version of a bill and all the Republicans voted against it.

We the people put these officials in office. We the people are the ones who these elected officials serve. When will these elected lawmakers start doing what is right and best for the people and not just for things that make their political party look good ?

If you feel this way , show it the next time you vote. For a good and competent person, not a political party that just cares about itself. I’m fed up.

Brian Morrissey


Charter schools have limited place in education

Getting the public’s attention is sometimes difficult. The article regarding the possible over-payment by the state to the Bear Creek Charter School as well as other Charter Schools attracted nineteen responses. In some cases individuals with an axe to grind surfaced, political biases were evident and some were to the point and factual. I believe that the Charter School board of trustees saw a way to get rental reimbursement for a building they owned. Now there is a lesson in ethics.

A professor and mentor of high regard told me that, “the problem that reaches your desk is sometimes not as bad as the reason it reached your desk.”

It has been suggested that charter schools are the beginning of the demise of public education. Possibly too big too fast as building projects come to the forefront. The state will not fund new construction for charter schools.

It appears that Bear Creek Charter obtained state funding in the form of rental, which will assist it in repairs and upkeep of existing buildings and a newly planned construction of a school.

As such, the problem coming to the desk of the Attorney General stated by responders is the charter school concept, funding and alleged ripping off of the taxpayers. Ralf Edmonds, a responder, states the reason the problem reached the AG’s desk as the Wilkes Barre Area School District’s Board of Education.

I believe their actions of fraud, nepotism, cronyism, inept decisions, resulting in negligence of duty. You see the Wilkes-Barre Area board closed the Bear Creek Elementary School in part to save money; a decision that benefited students as the high-test scores indicate. The move did not save money due to the fact that the state funds follow the child and the Wilkes-Barre Area board still had the responsibility to bus the children to and from the newly formed Bear Creek Charter School.

The fact may be that it probably cost the district more now then it did when they operated the school. Brilliant! Charter schools do contribute to the demise of public education in respect to the fact state funds follow the child.

It is a fact that a charter school cannot survive in an area where the public schools are top quality. Therefore,charter schools are not the cause of the demise of public education; poorly operated public schools are the demise of public education. The Wilkes Barre Area School District is the textbook example.

Is there a place and need for charter schools? Absolutely, the Perry Traditional Academy in Pittsburgh is a prime example. The Pittsburgh Area School District developed its own district Charter School.

The school specialized curriculum is for the arts and sciences. Students must apply and qualify for admission. I was a consultant for the district and at that time there was a waiting list. The arts students auditioned and presented portfolios to earn entrance.

There are many such examples across the United States where charter schools are offered for the gifted and for at-risk youths. It’s called putting students first by meeting their needs in a manner that the students learn best.

Richard A. Holodick

Retired Administrator

Wilkes Barre

Could trailers be used for Superstorm victims?

As a former resident of Dupont, each time I go to Pocono Downs and I see all those homes sitting in the old Sunshine Market lot, I think: can’t they be given to people effected by the flooding from Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey or given locally to NEPA residents.

There seems to be more and more everytime I go by there (twice a month I am down that way). With so many people in need, it’s a shame these are just sitting there and not being used.

I am sure Sandy flooding residents would appreciate it and show some good support for NEPA. It doesn’t hurt for someone in politics in this area to check into someone like this.

Or maybe I am wrong and they do have an idea what they will do with them. They have been there a long time now.

Michael Kosick

Endicott, N.Y.

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