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No solutions coming from Republican party

Remember in 2010 when all you heard from the Republicans and Fox News was where are the jobs? Since they took control of the house I don’t hear it anymore, and I don’t see them creating any either. All they want to do is fight Obama at everything he wants to do, and then blame him for not making things better. Republicans rant about the bums collecting welfare but I don’t see a change on how to fix the problem coming from them.

A guy was telling me about a guy he knew who was collecting and was happy collecting and not working. I said turn him in to the state and he didn’t say anything. How are we going to stop fraud if we don’t get involved? You can’t have it both ways. People who are working 40 yours and raising a family working for minimum wage need that welfare assistance just to make ends meet.

Cities like San Francisco and states like Oregon raised their minimum wage and are prospering. It didn’t cause companies or businesses to stop hiring. Maybe if the Walton family would share some of Wal-Mart’s profits with the workers and give them a living wage and benefits like Costco does, we wouldn’t have so much poverty. The Republicans say that there are more people in poverty than ever before.

Minimum wage at 40 hours is below the poverty level, yet the Republicans don’t want to raise the minimum wage. It’s easier to complain. Wake up people.

Dale Eastman


Use gaming proceeds to secure our schools

The taxpayers should not be burdened with the cost of school security. The legislative branch of Pa. chant we the people must do everything to protect our children in schools. Gambling does more harm in society than good. Lets do something positive from the industry of gambling and have one percent or less of gambling profits to hire a security system that will protect the children. All that money is spent on projects that could be placed on the back burner, and protect our school children,and also remove the burden from residential and business property owners. That would be a positive from a harmful industry. Call your representative and tell them to do the right thing.

George J. Kochis


Pope Francis receives an ecumenical blessing

On March 13, 2013 His Eminence, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, S.J., Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was elected Bishop of Rome, Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, taking the name Francis, after the great and famous St. Francis of Assisi, known for his love of people, animals and ecology. It was an historic day, as he is the first person from the Americas elected Pope.

In just his first few weeks in his new position, we have seen a man of great humility who, like his papal namesake, loves the poor, the underprivileged, those with disabilities – as evidenced on the day of his Inaugural Mass when he reached out to hug and bless a man with a profound disability who was in the great throng of people gathered in St. Peter’s Square to pray for his pontificate. He has extended a hand of peace to the religions of the world, and has a history of a close affinity for the Jewish People.

This is a pope who takes buses, pays his own way, chose a silver-plated ring over the traditional gold one, and who so desires to be among his brothers and sisters in Christ that he is worrying his security detail! It is refreshing to see these qualities in the leader of a worldwide religion.

As members of The Wyoming Valley Interfaith Council, we give thanks for the qualities that Pope Francis has exhibited and look forward to him setting an example for the flock he guides, and for all people of good will. We offer our prayers for his pontificate, and ask that he always be led in the ways of wisdom and love.

The Wyoming Valley Interfaith Council

Writer questions GOP’s intent to change positions

That Republican heavyweights are vowing to alter the party’s position on some social issues to woo voters begs the question: Can the leopard change its spots?

Bob Singer


Some weapons designed to do greatest bodily harm

Assault rifles have but one purpose: they are designed exclusively to commit mass murder. Hunters have no use for them, because it is against the law to slaughter a herd of deer. They are no good even for target practice, except practice to commit mass murder. The only use assault weapons can be put to is mass murder, killing many people as possible in the shortest possible time. Anyone opposing an assault weapon ban is saying: “It’s OK with me that mass killings continue in this country.”

Banning assault rifles should be the surest restriction to get through congress, not the most difficult. We had a ban on assault weapons when more temperate leaders ran Congress. Why was it temporary and why did we let it expire?

All guns are designed specifically to kill—animals and people. Handguns and rifles can be used for self-defense, though the Constitution is crystal clear about even these guns: they may be regulated. “In order to maintain a well-regulated militia,” is the initial phrase of the second amendment, the one opponents of the assault weapon ban carefully omit in quoting that amendment.

Cars are not designed specifically to kill, but they can kill people and animals accidentally, so we carefully control cars and their owners. All cars must be registered and their owners licensed after taking a test to prove that they know (1) how to drive the car safely and (2) the rules of the road.

Why do we not control guns, the things designed specifically to kill, the way we control cars, the things not designed to kill but can accidentally? We should not only have background checks to make sure the purchaser of a gun is a “legitimate”, we should register all guns in this nation and license the owners, after they have proved they know how to use them safely.

Robert Beard


Sen. Casey reminded about saving his soul

I hope that people are finally taking the blinders off about Senator Bob Casey, he is not “just like his father.”

Over the years, his votes were very telling, he said one thing but did the other. The “pro-life” Casey has repeatedly betrayed the unborn when he voted against the Mexico City Policy and his repeated votes to fund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in this country. He also voted for Obamacare, which will result in more abortions—abortions that Americans will be required to finance.

Now, within the last two weeks, Senator Casey voted to re-affirm the HHS Mandate, he voted against the Conscience Clause Amendment, and he plans to co-sponsor a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). All Faithful Catholics must stand with the Catholic Church on the sanctity of life and traditional marriage.

I would like to remind Senator Casey of a quote from scripture: Mark 8:36 - “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?”

Barbara Yanchek


Area’s school districts are lagging in good results

As a taxpayer I must ask: Are we receiving any improved results for what we pay? And who should take the blame for poor results in our public schools?

The taxpayers or the school board, the state or the teachers and maybe the students and parents. The time is now to make changes like an increase of time for the school day and school voucher program which is now working in other states with some good results.

James Brown

Plains Township

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