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Dawgs topped Spartans: Was there politics at play?

I see Berwick did a job on WVW in baseball.

Valley West is made up of nine towns. Nine players on a team. You mean there isn’t at least one good player from each town who is an exceptional player? Politics, maybe?

Mike Demko

Pittston Township

Whatever happened to the Duryea we knew?

What happened to Duryea?

As a young person growing up in Duryea, I remember the good old days. Many of you may remember, for instance, the Main Street.

There were many businesses such as Dructor’s Stores, a bowling alley, Macium’s Gas Station, at least two dental offices, three drug stores, Selk’s Department Store, Leader Department Store, Meyer Starr’s Hardware, a liquor store, Shimley’s Plumbing, Levy’s Babery, a movie theater, Maopolski Bottled Gas, Kurlancheek’s Furniture. Also Carmen’s Radio and TV Repair, Yuhas Restaurant and Dance Hall, Kaminsky’s Market, Blackhawk Bar & Grill, the Blue Room Ice Cream, The Mo-Ritz Restaurant. And remember, the YMS of R Hall, Duryea Silk Mill, Dumoff’s Cleaners and Tailoring, Duryea Lumber, Mattei’s Bar & Grill, Gabello’s Restaurant, Naylors Wholesale Candy, Mary Hall’s Restaurant, Doctor Horvat MD, Lugg’s Department and Grocery, Vullo’s Tire & Re-capping, Swantkowski Grocery and Drug store, Miners Bank, Jewish Temple, Shimelys Garage and three schools.

And what happened to the Duryea ambulance after decades of service? Does anyone know what happened to the bustling town? Have we gone backwards? Look at our main street today as it compares to neighboring towns.

What do you think? Is there room for improvement?

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Winn Sr.


Non-believers may want to ‘rethink’ way of living

The definition of faith :

a: allegiance to duty or a person : LOYALTY

(1): fidelity to one’s promises (2): sincerity of intentions

a (1): belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2): belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion

b (1): firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2): complete trust

something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially: a system of religious beliefs

I get it, in the 21st century, believing in an entity that is greater than the sum of all humanity is not logical. I understand where a lot of people are coming from, the non-Christian believers.

That being said, let’s play a game of “what if”.

“What if” the atheist belief is right, that when you die, that’s it, lights out, game over, dirt nap.

No harm, no foul, no judgement.

A Christian who dies just, well, dies. What did that Christian gain? Nothing really except trying to live a little better, hopefully following the 10 Commandments and then some (as much as possible anyway, because everyone is a sinner and we all make mistakes).

Now, just “what if” the Christian belief is right. A believer in Christ knows (this is where faith comes in) they are going to paradise after the physical body dies.

Again, “what if” the Christian belief is right? When the non-believer dies, possibly arrives at the entrance of paradise, and realizes, “how could I have been so wrong about it all?”

Starts walking towards the Beauty but is stopped and told, sorry, but you weren’t a believer in Christ. Then you were shown a doorway that says down. Wouldn’t that be the most horrible of things to face?

I am not saying a non-believer doesn’t try to live better or be a better person. But if they don’t believe in repercussions or being accountable for their sins, just how vested are they in living better?


To the believers.

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Dave Yurko Wilkes-Barre

Reader urges residents to fight against power line

The article that was in the April 7 edition of The Times Leader entitled “Northeast Drilling Threatens Forest, Wildlife provided excellent insight into the horrendous damage that is being done to one of Pennsylvania’s key natural assets by the Marcellus gas drilling industry.

The article quoted concerns by ecologist and naturalists regarding the impact of building thousands of miles of pipelines from the gas wells to their distribution system. It noted that this construction is segmenting forests in a manner that increases the lost of habitat for animals and birds and also accelerates the spread of invasive plants that can easily overtake our native species.

Although the focus of this article was on the gas industry, it noted that all energy industries are contributing to this environmental damage.

At present Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) is planning to construct a huge high voltage power line through Bear Creek, Buck, Thornhurst and Covington townships.

This power line, dubbed the Northeast Pocono Reliability Project will cut a 150’ Right of Way across portions of Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe and Wyoming Counties.

Of great concern is that the route will cut directly through the beautiful Lackawanna State Forest and State Gameland 127. This route will also cross six trout streams that have been designated “Exceptional Value” by the DCNR and would be exposed to the toxic herbicide that PPL uses to prevent the growth of trees under the power line.

A Citizen’s Group has been established to fight this power line as we know it is only being constructed to allow PPL to sell their electricity generated by the nuclear power plant in Berwick to new customers in New York and New Jersey!

This is precisely what PPL has done in Pike/Wayne counties and across Delaware River National Park. The Public Utility Commission has scheduled two hearing to receive public comment on this unneeded power line on May 2.

One is at 2 p.m. and the other at 6 p.m. at the Thornhurst Firehouse on Old Buck Road in Thornhurst. Please come and help us save our precious environment from this horrendous destruction that does not need to happen.

Ron Ashton


Which way is up in article about outdoor lighting?

The Saturday, March 30 edition of The Times Leader contained an interesting article about outdoor lighting…but take a look at the picture on Page 4C.

The caption reads “Chinese lanterns get a new look when long strands of multi-colored silk ribbon are added.”

Unless this is a picture of an anti-gravity patio, wouldn’t the ribbons hang downward from the lanterns, not float up toward the top of them? Wouldn’t the string be above the lanterns, not below it?

Also, is that a giant toy top in the background, or an upside-down gazebo? Computer programs need to add a feature called “picture check”.

Kristen Klimchak


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