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WVW justice askew in fired custodian case

Thank God for the Larksville police.They caught a dangerous custodian dumping his personal trash into the district Dumpster. I will sleep better knowing this dangerous person has been caught.

Come on!

The custodian did wrong, but to fire a long time employee for this is crazy. I think board member Joe Mazur is too quick to fire someone for a minor infraction. Maybe he would be happy to make this a capital crime. If all school board members were investigated, I think more wrong doing would be found then dumping some trash. Give the guy a break.

And police, get some drug dealers off the streets for a change.

Louis DeSpirito


Taxpaying citizens can’t catch a break

The average middle-class law-abiding taxpaying citizen are caught between the rock and hard place and doomed. Those we put in office — elected public servants or appointed judges, lawyers, legislators, contractors, police officers, public employees and administrators — receive an annual salary, sick leave, annual leave, health benefits, retirement, etc, and it is not enough. And some are involved in criminal activity. Former state senator Robert Mellow ran a public criminal enterprise. On the other side of the coin, the poor and needy, regardless of race, receive an Access card that provides them with nearly every essential for daily living and that is not enough. Nearly every week, between Hazleton, Wilkes Barre, Edwardsville, a shooting occurs and the cost is enormous. Taxpayers can’t win.

George J. Kochis


Study gives warning to source of heart disease

The new link between meat consumption and heart disease, discovered by Dr. Stanley Hazen of the Cleveland Clinic, is just the latest evidence linking meat consumption to killer diseases that cripple, then kill, 1.3 million Americans annually. Hazen’s study showed that carnitine, an amino acid contained in all meat products, is a major factor in heart failure.

Similarly, an Oxford University study of nearly 45,000 adults in last January’s American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that vegetarians were 32 percent less likely to be suffer from heart disease than people who ate meat and fish. A Harvard University study of 37,698 men and 83,644 women, in last April’s Archives of Internal Medicine, concluded that meat consumption raises the risk of total, heart, and cancer mortality.

We have sacrificed the lives of 10,000 American personnel and trillions of dollars in waging two wars to avenge the deaths of 2,600 Americans in the 9/11 attacks. When will we wage a bloodless, low-cost war on the killer meat-based diet, potentially responsible for as many as 1.3 million American deaths annually?

In the meantime, we have the power to raise our own life expectancy by adopting a meat-free diet. An internet search provides ample resources.

Trenton Lloyd

Wilkes Barre

Stem violent crime by treating sick minds

The pros and cons of gun control are very well taken and arguable. All the perpetrators of violence in our country have had one common, obvious denominator……… “insanity.” That is the common ground we need to build around in order to attempt a way to curtail this violence. If you “Google school violence” you will find some eye opening facts. In the 1700’s a lunatic bombed a school which inflicted the largest amount of fatalities in U.S history. No video games back then!

Everyone’s intentions to stop this violence is commendable but we need to realize that guns, bombs, poisonous gas, arson are weapons of destruction used by the obviously insane. Should we pioneer an effort and take measures to control and prevent those inflicted with this sickness to be dealt with prior to rather than after. This is the 21st century and we should enforce the humane ways to deal with this problem. Taking the guns away is a weak proposal. There are many forms of treatment to be considered and we need to take action NOW.

John Mihalchik Sr.


One-armed employee better than bullet limit

The state of Connecticut just passed what are supposed to be some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Any one of the laws they passed will not stop another school shooting.

Some politicians who are opposed to guns often say we have to do something and if we can save even one life we should do it.

Then they pass a law that puts 10 bullets into the hands of a killer rather than 20. Are they not concerned about the 10 who might die next?

Any law passed should be aimed at preventing any loss of life. How many have died so far because a shooter had a gun and nobody else did? It doesn’t do any good to pass one size fits all laws that affect only law abiding citizens and do nothing to even get the attention of those who might commit the crime.

Our president should urge Congress to pass a law requiring all public schools to have at least one armed person, with a concealed weapon, on duty at all times during school hours. This person or persons would be known only to the local police and they would recruit and train them. They might be a principle, teacher or janitor. The chances of any of them ever having to use their weapon would be almost non existent. Children would not even know

because there would be no visible armed guards and school would go on as normal. This would certainly get the attention of anyone thinking of going on a shooting spree.

I don’t see how anyone could deny this might save lives.

Can anyone name one law proposed or passed so far that might save lives? We already have laws against stealing guns and shooting people but that didn’t stop a killer. An armed teacher could have.

Don Buckingham


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