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The ‘gang of eight’ tyrants

has a great deal for you

The gang of eight tyrants have such a deal for you!

If the term, comprehensive immigration reform is to have meaning to Americans, it needs to be shaped to include the notion that Americans in America should gain every benefit of the doubt. Americans should be in the front seat for prosperity and we should not have to watch foreign nationals take our citizen birthright along with our jobs.

America was founded for Americans. However, that notion is beyond the imagination of Democrats and RINOS, who continually put foreigners before Americans. Recently a Democratic plan for legalizing all illegal foreign nationals has been put forth by a group of eight senators, who seem to enjoy being called the “gang of eight.”

I see them more properly identified as “the gang of eight tyrants.” A tyrant of course is an anti-American ruler who dictates and oppresses­whose rule is for the good of himself; rather than the good of those ruled. Democratic Party precepts predominate the gang of eight tyrants. Along with longtime RINOS Sen. John McCain(AZ) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC), and new RINOS Marco Rubio (FL) and Jeff Flake (AZ), Democrats are so consumed with making illegal residents voting citizens; they are willing to forget that they live in America and that they were voted into office by Americans, not foreigners. Legalization and a path to citizenship for the fifty million illegal immigrants now residing in our country, is the overarching goal.

All of the Democrats in Congress, plus the gang of eight tyrants, are more than pleased to lie to the American public to achieve their goal of putting more Americans out of work and further lowering our wages. Will Americans be duped again by politicians working against our best interests? Hopefully not!

In the gang of eight tyrants’ deal, permanent legalization without a background check is to be afforded almost immediately to the nation’s 50 million illegal foreign nationals. All they have to do is pay back taxes and perhaps a small fine to get on the path.

Do you honestly believe they will pay their own way and that the path will be 13 years? Which senator in the gang of eight tyrants has said that Americans will be hired before any newly minted citizens or any of the one million additional permanent residents who will be coming from foreign countries legally each year with visa expansion? No senator has proposed anything to help Americans get jobs before foreigners.

We have millions of suffering underemployed and unemployed American citizens. There are no entry level jobs and our children who graduate from colleges and universities are doing so well that 85% are forced to move home with mom and dad right after graduation. Shouldn’t Americans come first and foremost?

We owe illegalimmigrants nothing. Tell your senator and your representative what you think.

Brian Kelly


Trap, neuter, release works to control feral cat problem

As someone who has worked for the welfare of cats and their owners for more than 40 years, I read with great interest the letter from Marie Bonham. I can certainly agree with some of the points she made.

There is no question that the millions of feral cats in our country exist solely because of the carelessness and irresponsibility of humans. However, I must take strong exception to her claim that trap/neuter/release (T-N-R) programs for feral cats somehow contribute to the spread of rabies and therefore ought to be stopped.

The letter seems to imply that licensing cats would prevent rabies, feral cats and cat overpopulation. There will always be stray and feral cats, as there will always be irresponsible cat owners. Ceasing T-N-R programs will only result in more unvaccinated feral cats and further the incidence of rabies. Spaying and neutering will address cat overpopulation.

There are several T-N-R groups operating in our area. Every one of these requires that every cat they neuter or spay must also receive a rabies vaccination before being released back into its home territory. These vaccinated cats actually provide something of a “buffer zone” between humans and domesticated cats that are allowed access to the outdoors.

When a “house cat” is allowed outdoors, he or she will inevitably have some contact with the feral cats in the neighborhood. If those feral cats have been through a T-N-R program, they’ve also been vaccinated against rabies.

In addition, T-N-R programs stop the cycle of reproduction and stabilize the feral population in that area. And they greatly reduce “nuisance” behaviors such as fighting and urine spraying -- behaviors that are a direct result of feline mating habits.

I, too, would love to see licensing for cats. I’d also like to see enforceable laws requiring owners to keep their cats indoors, for the protection of both the cats and the wildlife on which they prey. Cats kept indoors live much longer, healthier, stress-free lives than their indoor/outdoor counterparts. Cats with access to the outdoors face many dangers: motor vehicles, toxic plants and other poisons, predation by other animals, disease, parasites, death and injury by all sorts of accident and misadventure. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that such laws will be enacted on a widespread basis any time soon.

In the meantime, T-N-R is the most sensible, workable, and humane solution available to the problem of feral and free-roaming strays, one that protects humans and their property as well as the animals. Our local T-N-R programs deserve our support, including our financial contributions. For more information, contact Valley Cat Rescue at 570-824-4172, daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Heather Balester

Founder and President

Valley Cat Rescue


SPCA of Luzerne County

Big business only entity that needs more ‘power’

Where do you begin when you are so upset because big business can shout, “it is for the public good,” when in reality it is what is good for business.

PPL has already begun work for high voltage power lines that will run through Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe and Wyoming counties. They have not yet officially received approval from the PUC, so I guess PUC is an agency that just goes along with big business. Representatives of PPL have been seen on private property surveying. Land deals have been made.

We don’t need more power in our counties. As Ron Ashton clearly stated in his letter to the editor, their sole aim is to make more money. PPL went so far as to send a letter to local residents telling us we need more power. The “more” is for our neighboring states.

This letter is being written because of fear and disappointment. Fear and disappointment because big business is running this country. Our voices are not silent, but fall on deaf ears.

Parents, if you want your children to see how you apply your freedom of speech, bring them to the Thornhurst Firehouse on May 2nd. There will be two public input meeting one at 2pm and one at 6pm.

A copy of this letter is being sent to the PUC with the hope they will have an answer to my questions at the May 2nd Hearing: Has the PUC ever denied a request of a utility company? What utility? When?

Elaine Morehead


Resident not open to idea of earlier closing at park

I am really disgusted with the new Moon Lake laws. I was there today fishing and had to leave when the fishing was starting to get good at 7 p.m.

There was still plenty of daylight left. Is this being done because the caretaker wanted to go home or is this the rule? I though taxpayers own this park.

I might be wrong, but I did not see posted rules for our park. Some of us do not own private places to go to and I hope our new manager understands this and takes proper actions.

When I say manager, I mean Robert Lawton. I think he has been doing a wonderful job on everything but our Moon Lake. Lawton spend time on Moon Lake.

Tom Yancy

Forty Fort

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