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Writer feels commentary unfair attack on Rendell

In his commentary on April 16, “Anti-amendment propaganda is psychological crime,” William Levinson insinuates that former governor Ed Rendell was “glad” when 26 people were murdered at the Sandy Hook school.

Whether or not you agree with Rendell’s politics, it should be clear he is a decent, caring person and would be appalled, the same as you and me, by the loss of life at Sandy Hook. However, Rendell sees, as quoted by Mr. Levinson, that this tragedy could have a silver lining if it helps goad our nation into taking steps to curb gun violence.

That’s a far cry from being “glad” so many innocent people died. I hope that in the future Mr. Levinson will strive to use facts and reason to advance his views, rather than character assassination.

Jon Hart


Residents urged to apply for county board posts

I write as the Chair of the Luzerne County Council Authorities, Boards and Commissions Committee to ask residents to consider serving the county on one of our authorities, boards, and commissions.

Those who are appointed to these boards are the eyes and ears of the council and of all county residents in matters that impact life in Luzerne County in many ways. Our “ABCs” deal with: human service issues such as those involving the elderly and children and youths as well as drug and alcohol concerns; ecological issues such as agricultural preservation, land conservation, planning, and zoning; education in overseeing our community college; and other concerns such as the arena, housing, recreational facilities, redevelopment, transportation, and workforce development.

The complete list of Authorities, boards, and commissions, as well as the list of seats that will open during 2013, can be found on the Luzerne County website at

The application process to be considered for an appointment is simple: visit the website noted above and follow the link to “Luzerne County Boards, Authorities, and Commissions,” print and complete the application, and return it to the Clerk of Council. Those who do not have Internet access may call the Clerk of council at 825-1634 and request to have an application mailed to them. We will contact all applicants to arrange an interview with the committee and submit names of all interested applicants to the full Council for consideration when a vacancy arises. We ask all who applied prior to March 2012 and those who were not available to be interviewed during 2012 to submit a new application.

In the past 16 months, the Luzerne County Council has publicly advertised all vacancies on the ABCs and instituted a transparent procedure for interviewing all applicants. We have increased the visibility of our ABCs by providing access to information on the county website, including minutes of meetings, list of board members, bylaws, and financial documents.

The advent of home rule in Luzerne County has brought opportunities for greater citizen involvement in county operations. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to serve your community on one of our ABCs.

Linda McClosky Houck

Luzerne County Council Chair of the Authorities, Boards and Commissions Committee

Reader feels W-B keeps truth from city residents

We the residents of Wilkes-Barre want to know the truth. Watching WBRE, we were appalled at the treatment they got for seeking the truth.

We have a right to know; after all when all is said and done it is us who feel the after effects. Are we wrong to believe that we are to put our trust in our police officers and to believe by their own pledges that they do not, will not, cannot break the law? That they are to uphold those same laws that if we the people break we will pay the consequences? And yet, when truth is sought, behind closed doors and badges they hide?

We have always supported our finest, believing that if not for them our lives would be in danger. We trusted that they would protect and have our best interest and to serve us. Were we wrong?

Ask any police department of towns for which we have lived in, we have always respected, honored and helped in any way we can. We do understand their positions when it comes to putting on the uniform and badges. We know they put their lives on the line.

Yet, our police department treated our local TV stations and newspaper reporters the way they did?

We, as citizens want the truth. If you want us to be good law-abiding citizens, set an example.

Why didn’t the mayor fire the towing contractors?

As taxpayers, you work for us mayor. Do what you promised and do it honestly.

Aggie Barberio


City man feels thrawted in efforts to report crime

I am trying to have respect for, but do not understand the Wilkes-Barre Police Department.

I have heard ads asking for neighbors to watch out for neighbors. They also ask if you know of a crime or someonewho committed a crime to help them by coming forward with the information.

Yet today I saw two men in a white cube van, stop and enter my neighbor’s yard. Although I couldn’t see what they took, because the van blocked my line of sight, I did hear them dragging something from the side of the home and heard it hit as they threw it into the rear. of the vehicle.

When the neighbors came home, I went to ask if they had told someone to get anything from the house they said no. I told them of what happened.

Since they had not witnessed the vehicle or men I figured I would call to report it. I was told I could not make a report because I was not the victim. At the same time the victim had no information other than my story as to rely on in order to file a report. If the people were on vacation it could have been weeks before they returned.

Something seems wrong here. How can you help if you’re not allowed to report what you see? Are our police that strapped or are we being duped? It turned out the men had stolen an old antique milk can and some other metals.

John Banks


GNA board candidates say it’s time for change

We three individuals of the Greater Nanticoke Area have decided to run for the school board in May because we are convinced it is time for a change.

We will insist that our district have a Nanticoke police officer on duty for all school days. This has been talked about in the past but nothing happened. Talk is cheap; the time is now as school and student safety should be of highest priority.

We also will strive toward assuring all lavatories in the high school are sanitary and smoke-free at all times.

All one has to do is ask any student or recent graduate on this topic as it is by no means a new problem. We pledge to always provide an excellent education at an affordable price.

We will work with administration and teachers to improve existing programs and explore new innovative areas of learning. Finally, we will watch every penny spent with your tax dollars. Along with all the concerned and interested taxpayers we can make a difference. Our taxes are high enough. We humbly ask for your support on May 21.

Frank Shepanski Jr.

Megan Tennesen

Wendy Kotsko Wiaterowski

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