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Our area must regionalize in order to ensure growth

Regionalization is the life blood of our future. In order to take advantage of many state and federal programs, we need to regionalize. The small town cliques were nice and cozy in their day, but those days are over.

We have tremendous untapped resources such as the highly respected Luzerne County Community College, Wilkes University, King’s College, Misericordia University, excellent and continually improving health care facilities, sport venues, clean air, an ideal interstate hub, an expanding international airport.

We need to get our centers for learning up to speed with state-of-the-art, high tech-curriculum along with well-paid and knowledgeable instructors to instruct our students as to what is in demand for today and have our people ready to go.

The waiting period for our area to regionalize should end now. The state must make it mandatory to regionalize if it intends to extend benefits to an area. We don’t need 50 fire chiefs, 50 mayors and 50 police chiefs.

John Mihalchik Sr.


Sunday editorial pages inspire more opinions

Sunday’s edition of The Times Leader, (April 28) — the Mailbag, Commentary and the Editorial — was a treasure trove of personal opinions.

It was refreshing to see an editorial by the editor, “Our Opinion,” instead of a reprint from the Philadelphia Inquirer or L.A. Times or some other left-leaning publication. Was the editorial cartoon showing an empty room under the heading “Great moments in the George W. Bush presidency” supposed to be funny? It wasn’t. Yes, I do have a sense of humor. Bush Derangement Syndrome is still alive and well.

The commentary by Leonard Pitts Jr., positioned under the editorial cartoon, was, as usual, an attack on the right from the left. Pitts never fails to deliver his contempt for anything conservative while giving liberals a pass. I’ll give Pitts my opinion of his commentary.

As for the Mailbag! Illuminating. I can’t decide if that was sarcasm by writer Mike Mozeleski (“Writer feels Obama is ordained by God”) or an opinion by the headline writer.

Nancy Restaino had it right about the New York play about the Virgin Mary. New York and Hollywood only have the “courage” to disparage Christians and Christianity. Any other religion is off limits.

It was, however, the opinion from reader Heather H. Ruseskas, that really got to me, “Reader disputes abortion trial letter.” The only sources she could find to support the claims regarding the Gosnell abortion clinic were from pro-life sites. Really? I wonder why that is. The pro-choice groups are not reporting anything on Gosnell? Planned Parenthood had nothing to say? How many abortions were performed in the United States last year? In the most enlightened country on the face of the earth? Abort. Terminate. A planned trip to the mall? A night out on the town? No, abort, terminate, a life. Ms. Restaino raises the usual PP and liberal left-wing demagoguery of “back alley abortions” to support the crusade of Pro “Choice.” Choice, except for those being aborted.

Roe v. Wade will forever be a bloodstain on America.

Raymond A. Rinaldi


Designer bingo allows Grula foundation to grow

The Jonathan Grula Memorial Foundation recently held a Designer Bingo at St. Andrews Church, Wilkes-Barre. We are very grateful to everyone who helped make the event a huge success.

Jonathan was a 12-year-old Wilkes-Barre boy who lost his battle with leukemia in September of 1999. To date, the foundation has donated more than $241,000 to the Four Diamonds Fund, which benefits children with cancer and is active in pediatric cancer research.

We would like to thank the direct sale vendors who participated, as well as anyone who worked or donated prizes, raffle items, food and baked goods. Of course, we want to thank everyone who attended the bingo for their generous support of our foundation.

Karen and Bob Grula


Writer questions trip to Cuba by Beyonce, Jay-Z

If I were to write a letter to Beyonce and Jay-Z, it would go something like this: “Dear Beyonce and Jay-Z,

You recently visited the island of Cuba. Perhaps you can clarify some things for me. How were you able to obtain permission for the trip?

Who granted the permit to travel? My understanding is that travel to Cuba for Americans is illegal. Were you there on a goodwill mission, or did you go for the cigars, the classic cars or the beaches? I do not know if you are aware of the Cuban history, but allow me to enlighten you. This country under the Castro regime is a dictatorship. The people are oppressed and have a monthly salary of approximately $20. They must have loved your celebrity and wealth.

When many of the Cuban citizens were able to escape this regime, they left with the clothes on their backs. They left their families, wealth and possessions. The families living here are not free to visit as you were. They are not able to send them some of the things we consider necessities. Many continue to be heartbroken because of their inability to reunite with their families.

According to the White House press secretary, the president had no knowledge of your plans to visit Cuba. They claim you were granted permission by the Department of Treasury. Why would the words to your latest rap song state something different? Perhaps you were confused.

May I suggest that before your next vacation you do some research about the country and its people? Maybe you can pick up Dennis Rodman on your way and go to Key West. I hear the beaches are splendid and you do not need clearance from the Department of the Treasury.

Fran Spencer


Plymouth candidate asks voters to nix opponent

Joe Mazur is running for an elected seat on Plymouth Council again.

Joe already had a seat on Plymouth council in the year 2000. He resigned from that elected position to take an appointed seat on the Wyoming Valley West School Board. With that seat he has the right to one vote. He can vote to hire or fire someone within the WVW school district.

The residents of Plymouth right now have elected councilmen who work and or have family working for the WVW School District. Joe Mazur is also accepting a $20k a year salary from Plymouth Borough for being the town’s coordinator. If that wasn’t enough Joe is also running on a ticket for Plymouth Council.

All the candidates on that ticket are affiliated in one way or another with the WVW School District. Either the candidates are employed directly through WVW or through a company that has a contract through WVW School District.

These kinds of politics have to stop. I ask the voters of Plymouth Borough to help us get away from Joe’s tangled web of politics by not voting for Joe Mazur or his ticket so that Plymouth can continue moving forward in a positive direction.

Gary J. Kochinski Jr.

Plymouth Council Candidate


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