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Born Alive Act deserves weight given Roe vs Wade

Although the media have not covered the Kermit Gosnell trial in depth, this story reveals the underbelly of the abortion industry, babies born alive and then killed.

Lila Rose from Live Action has presented several investigative videos showing that clinics are allowing babies born alive during an abortion procedure to die by not giving them medical treatment. In 2002, President Bush signed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which guaranteed care for these children. Abortion supporters are quick to cite Roe vs. Wade but they ignore the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

When a representative from Planned Parenthood was asked what should happen if a baby is born alive during an abortion procedure, she said, “That’s up to the woman, her family and the physician.” Planned Parenthood is absolutely wrong. That baby deserves every protection under law.

Today, our legislators are betraying the children by allowing “the slaughter of the innocents” to continue, especially by using federal money to fund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the country.

Fifty-five million of our brothers and sisters have been aborted since 1973. When will this barbaric procedure stop?

Barbara Yanchek


Letter men are advised to mind their own business

A recent edition of the newspaper had an informative article about teens and young adults bearing a disproportionate share of STDs. Gail Bolan, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s division of STD prevention, recommends consistent and correct use of condoms to prevent infection.

Yet several days ago, Alex S. Partika condemned condoms, claiming “it is wrong teaching people how to use condoms. Condoms should not even be in existence.”

In Curt Piazza’s recent letter, he asked “who will work as hard to protect my rights; my rights as a white middle-aged, English-speaking, Bible-believing Christian, heterosexual male?” Which of your rights are you being denied, Mr. Piazza? Please tell me what you have been denied due to your race, age, language, religion, sexual orientation or gender?

May I suggest Mr. Partika and Mr. Piazza get together and debate each other over how the rest of us should live and leave the rest of us alone?

Heather H. Ruseskas


One man offers advice on how to live quality life

Here are a few tips that could improve the quality of your life.

The receptors for pain, itch, etc. in our body react more to a stimulus when the temperature is higher. It is better if we keep the temperature in our house lower for this reason.

Pitchers (especially professional) whose pitching arms have deteriorated to the point that nothing can be done should try pitching with the other arm. It will take a lot of practice, but it can be done.

Never scratch an itch — it only makes it itch more.

Any time we apply something with our hands such as cleaning fluids, facial creams etc.,it will be absorbed through our skin and get into our blood stream. And this could affect many of our body processes.

And as we age our skin becomes thinner.

Odors are also absorbed through our nasal membranes which also affect our body processes.

Fats (such as pie crusts) are one of the hardest things to digest and they could stay in our stomach for hours. They could affect the quality of our sleep.

It is a good idea to do some light exercises (15 squats, rotate our feet clockwise, counter clockwise and up and down about 20 times) about an hour or two before we go to bed. I have found that these exercises reduced the amount of muscle spasms that I was having.

Don’t eat for at least five hours before going to bed. It is not a good idea to drink too much water.

We should control the amount of sodium, potassium and other ions we consume.

Even though our bodies have a strict control over the amount of these ions in our blood stream we should not abuse them. And if you look on the nutritional facts on the food packages you will get the percentages of the daily requirements of these substances.

We should wear shoes that have a lot of room in them. They will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Your shoemaker could modify the laces to fit your feet.

I believe that understanding the placebo effect will be the most important advance in understanding pain. Understanding the pain receptors and the areas in the brain where pain is perceived would be very important in understanding pain.

Before you do anything you should consult with your doctor first.

Jacob Corney


Two big reasons why Mom deserves some love

Mothers teach us how to pray and are good cooks. They set the good example.

Tell your mother that you love her on Mother’s Day.

Alex Partika


The justice at Fort Hood has been delayed too long

It’s been three and a half years since the Fort Hood terrorist murder and wounding of our American hero military people. Is this the “great” judicial system that we have?

The anguish of the family members to suffer this long with no closure in sight. But, I bet the mouthpieces paid by the American people are loving it. Totally disgusting.

If this were Iran or Iraq, and some American had done this in their country, punishment would have been swift and final.

Jim Jag Jr.

West Pittston

Everyone should stand up for what they feel is right

Every public servant is between a rock and hard place, especially law enforcement. If all public servants reported all acts of malfeasance of their peers or elected leaders, government would be more responsible to the citizens.

The political leaders will threaten the employees with loss of employment, change of days off, deny your chance of promotion, etc., just like the Kids for Cash program was allow to fester for years.

It’s the same attitude the wife of the alleged coward bomber in Boston had, never reporting any irrational behavior of his activity, even after his picture was posted on television, that could have saved a police officer life.

It takes courage to stand tall against terrorism or corruption in government. Now public employee’s are willing testify in the Benghazi attack, too little too late. In Luzerne County it’s a disease.

George J. Kochis


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