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Government against people

It is time that “We the People” not only affirm for our selves what it is that “We” stand for but make sure our representative in congress, senate, and the White House understand what is important to us. Equally critical is that “We” send a strong message to those in Washington, D.C. that “We” will not give up our freedoms easily and without a fight. There is no understating the importance of the battles ahead or the far reaching devastated advances if “We” do not prevail in safeguarding our freedoms.

There is trouble brewing in America and to quote Bob Dylan, “You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.” You can see the turmoil in daily news reports read the unhappiness and unrest on people’s faces, sense of strife in the air. I have never seen our nation so plagued by problems and crisis one after another on every front.

Some states have militarized police roaming the streets, drones flying over American cities, law-abiding citizens jailed for the so-called “crime” of holding Bible studies at home, young people forced to wear tracking devices at school, crippling taxes being levied on hard-working families, activists placed on government watch lists, gun owners targeted for exercising their second amendment rights, elected representatives bought and paid for by corporations, and an imperial president who will not hesitate to sidestep the constitution and inflict his policies on the populace by way of executive orders and presidential mandates.

These assaults on our freedom have been largely caused by a failure on the part of our elected officials to do their jobs and abide by the rule of law -- our U.S. Constitution, a failure by the courts to protect citizenry and uphold the rule of law, and fairly on the part of “We the People” to know our rights and stand up for them when they are threatened or violated.

We have congress and President Obama working in cahoots to enact “Legislation that renders Americans powerless in the face of government surveillance and indefinite detention. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) erode our most basic constitutional rights by re-authorizing sweeping police powers to be used by the federal government. Believing that the NDAA is a threat to anybody causing trouble, which under present government leadership means anyone exercising –their free speech rights.

Constructing the laundry list of abuses, injustices, and userpotions meted out upon the American people by this government in past years alone, it is a wonder we have any freedoms left to call our own and not this dismantling of all we hold dear did not come about overnight. What started with the subtle undermining of religious freedom back in 1970’s and ‘80’s has snowballed into an all-out attack on all aspects of our freedoms. Nothing has been spared, from our First Amendment Rights to free speech, religion, assembly, press, redress our Second Amendment right to gun ownership our Fourth Amendment right to free from unreasonable searches and seizures, ad the Fifth Amendment assurance of due process, to name just a few.

We have surveillance drones getting ready to take the skies over Orlando, Florida. Only communist countries use these drones, not free countries under God’s and man’s rule.

It is expected under Obama there will be 30,000 such drones flying overhead; some of which will be armed to kill and used to monitor and control political demonstrations, sporting events, and concert arenas.

We are being subjected to military drills with black hawk helicopters and armed forces in major American cities from Boston to LA while marauding SWAT teams are unleashing their firepower on unsuspecting homeowners guilty of nothing more than reaching for a flashlight. Incredibly, the Obama administration is actually defending these raids, including one in which armed agents stormed the wrong home and then proceeded to put a gun to an 11 year old girl’s head.

Clearly, time is of the essence “We the People” have neglected the business of maintaining our freedoms for too long and the results are al around us. A call to action before it’s too late. The future is in our hands.

What “We” do today will determine whether the America we love will “survive” as a “free” and “moral nation.” Your voice, your opinions, is important and a unique part of this country’s makeup. That is what an American Republic of Democracy is all about – people rule – of, by, and for the people by majority vote.

Norma M. Johnson


Day of Caring a great success

On behalf of the board of directors and the staff of the United Way of Wyoming Valley, I would like to extend our appreciation for all those who participated in the United Way’s recent Operation Dream and Day of Caring. It was truly a wonderful and inspiring day.

More than 400 volunteers attended the Operation Dream breakfast at which we celebrated a number of very supportive companies and presented awards to individuals who truly make a difference in our community. The breakfast was the largest attended event we have had in many years.

Following breakfast, more than 700 volunteers from 43 companies went out into the community donning bright orange T-shirts and volunteered at 41 project sites involving 34 community based organizations. The weather was perfect and a lot of valuable work got completed that day. The feedback from the agencies has been fantastic.

The essence of the United Way’s mission is to improve lives and advance the common good for all.

We recognize that we are all connected with and dependent on each other. We are grateful for all those companies, labor organizations, school districts, agencies, volunteers and donors who believe in and support this meaningful work. We do indeed have a caring community.

Bill Jones


United Way of Wyoming Valley

Writer doubts

pro-life stance

The U.S. House recently passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would end abortion after the point when scientists agree unborn children can feel pain. It passed in the House by a mostly partisan vote of 228-196. HR 1797 notes, “By 8 weeks after fertilization, the unborn child reacts to touch. After 20 weeks, the unborn child reacts to stimuli that would be recognized as painful if applied to an adult human, for example, by recoiling.”

The science behind the concept of fetal pain is fully established and Dr. Steven Zielinski, an internal medicine physician from Oregon, is one of the leading researchers into it. He first published reports in the 1980s to validate research showing evidence for it.

Congressmen Matthew Cartwright ignoring the expert testimony, ignoring the pain baby’s feel while being torn limb from limb during an abortion, voted ‘No.” Matthew Cartwright calls himself pro-life? His vote proves otherwise.

Ada Magni

West Wyoming

Don’t vote for tax bill refusers

I wish homeowners/property owners, are cognizant of our Democratic state legislators who oppose elimination of school property taxes: Rep. Phyllis Mundy, Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, Rep. Mike Carroll, Rep. Sid Michaels Kavolich, Sen. John Blake, and Sen. John Gordner.

At election time, remember that they refused to support HB 76/SB 76.

James P. West


There’s no sense

in Obama trips

President Barack Obama’s trip to all those African nations, is going to cost approximately 100 million dollars.

The poverty levels of some of those nations is beyond imagination. The money would be better spent to give the money to those suffering in sub-standard conditions. Common sense is not so common.

George J Kochis


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