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Remember your history on July 4

Independence Day will be soon upon us. To some it is just another day off work or BBQ Day. To others it is a day America got it’s freedom .

Many brave men and women have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms you enjoy. Many people have been physically injured while serving our country and will never enjoy the lives they once had .

So while you are sitting around having your cook out take a moment and remember these sacrifices . It does not matter if your are a republican or democrat. Both parties have failed the people. And as we lose our freedoms little by little each day as we move closer to Dependence Day.

Remember, the larger this government gets the more corrupt it will become. Not only will government be in all areas of your life, but the America that my father knew and I know will not be the same America my grandchildren will know. Their will be no longer an American Dream.

This country is heading into a healthcare crisis. Not only do we have the most wasted spending of any other President. Spending cuts are not in his vocabulary. His goal is to bankrupt the country. There is no more accountability for these people in charge.

The problem is they forgot God! Read history before it is deleted for the sake of political correctness. Read old documents of America’s early history like the Mayflower Compact- advancement of Christian Faith. Read the words of old battle hymns, and patriotic songs. Look at your money while it still can be used.

For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish, yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted. Isaiah 60:12

Maure Devers

Dorrance Twp.

Germans served at Gettysburg

On Memorial Day, 1989, I went to the battle area with a tour guide. He emphasized that German immigrants fought in the Civil War and at Gettysburg. For the past 75 years from 1914, this was not mentioned due to anti-German feelings from WWI and WWII.

German immigrants made up about 70 percent of the union troops here. In March, 1963, Lincoln decided to draft immigrants for the army. One million German and one million Irish recent immigrants made up the bulk of the Army draftees.

Germans were concentrated at Gettysburg and the Irish at Vicksburg, Miss., the turning points of the Civil War. Most of the Germans came from the Midwest. A Lutheran minister from Minnesota gave last rites to the wounded soldiers.

My German great-grandfather and his two brothers from Philadelphia were drafted by Lincoln. One fought at Gettysburg, one at Maryland, the other at Virginia.

At Gettysburg each side lost 25,000 men, but the South retreated for the first time and continued to do so to the wars end. Eight thousand horses lost their lives.

Gen. Armstrong Custer, whose real name was George Koester, was a German immigrant who led successful charges in battle. Under his anglicized name he settled in Ohio with relatives and attended West Point as American born.

The comments on our union uniforms from my three relatives were as follows: They were shoddy looking, they shrunk a lot and the blue colors ran when wet. Much improvement was needed!

Roger W. Kuenzel


Reasons to vote

against Sen. Blake

It is almost time for Sen. John Blake to run for re-election; but, on what merit can he run?

His close friendship with convicted felon former Senator Bob Mellow? His stellar record in Harrisburg, where he has done nothing in his first 3 years?

Mr. Blake is hoping that he can skate by as the incumbent. Hopefully, the voters of Duryea, Dupont, Avoca and Pittston Township see through this.

Frank Pagnotti


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