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Holodick deserves
W-B Area position
As a retired secondary public school teacher and higher education administrator, I promised myself that I would try to “go gentle into that good night”; but, alas, a recent commentary in The Times Leader by Dr. Richard Holodick (June 21 – “There are reasons schools don't make grade”) resonated with me sufficiently to move me to respond.
I have read many of Dr. Holodick's columns and find that I strongly identify with positions he has taken on topics related to education. Although I do not reside in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District, I care deeply about the issue of education throughout our region.
I seem to recall that Dr. Holodick expressed an interest in serving on the Wilkes-Barre School Board. From the articles he has written, he seems to be purely motivated by ethics rather than politics. If that is the case, I hope that he continues to pursue his goal of serving as a member of the school board.
Someone who is as informed about educational issues and is as honorable as he seems to be deserves to occupy a seat on the moard. More importantly, the students (particularly those who are at risk) in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District deserve to have a person of his character, intelligence and commitment to education in their corner.
P. S. I do not know, have never met nor am I related to Dr. Holodick.
Elly Miller
Firefighters mistreated,
says Rice Twp. woman
I live in Rice Township. Recently the decertification of our local volunteer fire department made headlines. A wonderful group of selfless young volunteers attended the meeting thar was held regarding their decertification. They quietly filed into the room wearing their firefighter pants and shirts and stood in the back row. They requested to speak by checking the block under the column on the sign-in sheet.
They showed themselves to have tremendous grace and fortitude. I was very proud of them. Some of the public are under the impression that this group of volunteers did not want what was best for the community by accepting the merger. This was not the problem and certainly was not the truth. The meeting wasn't about bringing everyone together to discuss a merger. It was instead a meeting to decertify, basically fire them, from being able to be a fire department. It was an attempt to belittle them in the worst possible way by embarrassing them publicly. Adults are supposed to set an example for younger people on how to conduct yourself. Many of our officials failed miserably.
I spoke to the entire group of firefighters outside after the supervisors had the police throw us out of the meeting hall. I said that a merger, due to economics, could be a great idea, but it had to be handled differently. If it brought a few fire departments together, then it should no longer be called Wright Township, but a different name. And that every chief from each department that united should be represented on a type of board to oversee the newly merged department. None of them objected to this; as a matter of fact, they were very pro-merger. The thing they objected to was being decertified. The thing they objected to was being made the laughing stock of the community and surrounding areas by cruel remarks and comments. I don't blame them.
I come from a background deeply entrenched in politics and I have never seen any politician ever treat people in the manner in which they treated the firefighters.
I think that our leaders in Rice Township cater to a handful of people instead of the majority. And I think that they have actually embarrassed the residents to such a degree that when we tell anyone we are from Mountain Top we shudder, because inevitably the person will say to us, “Are you from that township that has all the problems all the time?” Some individuals have given our community a black eye to the public and I think it is time for it to stop.
Mary Anne Whitonis
Rice Township
High Court ruling
ignored majority
I truly believed in the American principle that “the majority rules” was the deciding factor in any vote decided by the American people. This apparently is not so after the Supreme Court overturned the will of the people in California. They did the same thing in Indiana when the people voted no to outsourcing the turnpike contracts to some foreign company. The politicians did what they wanted and outsourced the contract to some foreign entity anyway. Closer to home is the fact that the majority voted no for that arena we now have.
I don't care if a man wants to sleep with another man or vice versa with women. In my opinion this is not normal behavior, but I do believe in equality for everyone.
Marriage I don't' give a darn about, but I draw the line on same sex couples adopting children. You think we have bullying problems in schools now! Just watch what we create.
What really ticks me off is the fact that I am now in the “wrong” because of my religious, moral values, and my opinion.
The Supreme Court should have never entertained the case of of proposition 8 because the people of California voted and let their wishes be known.
Normal is becoming the abnormal in this country.
I wonder what's next.
Ernest Schuldaski
Wilkes Barre
Good Samaritans
thanked for help
I would like to thank the three young ladies who came to my assistance on the morning of Tuesday, June 25.
I was at the Luzerne County Courthouse buying a dog license. Upon my departure I took a nasty fall on North River Street, Wilkes-Barre. Three young ladies helped me get up.
Unfortunately, I didn't get their names. But God bless them for going out of their way!
Al John
Writer offers take
on the N word
Enough is enough!
If the Food Network can fire Paula Deen's contract for using the N word it is time we support her in banning all recording artists from publishing Rap and other forms of music containing the same word. As a black senior citizen my generation fought too long and hard to have that word deleted from being used.
Now to hear the heirs of our blood sweat tears and even death use it is outrageous. If they want to use the Constitution to defend their right then I ask it be used to defend hers.
John T. Banks

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