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Stop supplying

funds to Egypt

According to my dictionary, the definition of “coup d’etat” is a sudden, violent overthrow of a government by a small group. Is that not what occurred in Egypt?

If that is what happened, why does our president not recognize it as such? Since he does not call it “a coup”, the United States will continue to fund Egypt with more than a billion dollars. With a record number of people on food stamps and high unemployment, would it not be better served here?

Perhaps there is a reason why America will continue sending aid to Egypt.

If anyone has a logical explanation, I would love to hear it.

Fran Spencer


Coal miner stamp

is long overdue

Would Mother Teresa want a stamp honoring her, or the 100,000 coal miners who died in this country and for this country?

I would like to thank all as well as the Conyngham United Methodist church for its support in this campaign, the WSJ and the New York Times, unafraid to mention the fact that 100,000 dead coal miners could not get a stamp, but Mother Teresa did and delivered to a local church.

It was announced that the US Postal Service would finally issue a stamp honoring coal miners. That respect is long overdue, and if you look around at the mounds of strip mining, the deaths, living from hand to mouth, it is long overdue. There was a saying: If you’re white come in, if you’re black stay out. Today that would be a racial slur, as compared to that of coal miners who ingested coal dust from morning to night, may not have showered, and wore the black dust of their work home, and so many unable to breath died a suffering and lingering death from Black Lung, coal dust so accumulated in the lungs, you suffocated to death.

Bob Washick


Writer stands behind

race and crime views

I am going to present three facts on violent crimes. Young adults commit more violent crimes than older adults. Men commit more violent crimes than women. Blacks commit more violent crimes than whites.

I will bet that almost everyone will wholeheartedly agree with the first two facts without batting an eye, but the last fact seems to bring about false cries of “racism” and a litany of lame excuses.

How can it be perfectly OK to profile according to age and sex , but not race?

Has “political correctness” effectively stopped most people from publicly stating the obvious truth?

I stand behind my positions on racial issues because they are backed up with facts and logic. Here is a bet for the liberals and cultural Marxists who like to try to denigrate me for bringing up the truth on race and crime. If blacks can bring down their violent crime rate in proportion with their population in this country, and Detroit becomes one of the safest cities in the United States while maintaining its majority black population, I will quit being an advocate for whites.

Steve Smith


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