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Food for thought
for letter writer
For those of us who do not possess superior intelligence, we are fortunate that Wilbur Tillman cares enough for our well-being to tell us how to live our lives.
I recently had dinner at a popular area restaurant and enjoyed some of the tastiest veal I have ever eaten. If it's any consolation to Tillman, I had my portion vegetables, also, but it was the veal along with some fine wine that made it a most delightful evening.
In a recent letter to the editor, wishful Wilbur claimed that with a meat-free diet, we have a 12 percent chance of living longer.
Does Tillman know that people who do not ride in automobiles are 98 percent less likely to be involved in traffic accidents? Also, women who abstain from sexual acitivity are 100 percent guaranteed to avoid getting pregnant?
In addition to his obligatory tofu, these are several other facts for Tillman to digest.
Ralph Rostock
Writer reiterates
race, crime views
I am going to present three facts on violent crimes. Young adults commit more violent crimes than older adults. Men commit more violent crimes than women. Blacks commit more violent crimes than whites.
I will bet that almost everyone will wholeheartedly agree with the first two facts without batting an eye, but the last fact seems to bring about false cries of “racism” and a litany of lame excuses.
How can it be perfectly OK to profile according to age and sex , but not race?
Has “political correctness” effectively stopped most people from publicly stating the obvious truth?
I stand behind my positions on racial issues because they are backed up with facts and logic. Here is a bet for the liberals and cultural Marxists who like to try to denigrate me for bringing up the truth on race and crime. If blacks can bring down their violent crime rate in proportion with their population in this country, and Detroit becomes one of the safest cities in the United States while maintaining its majority black population, I will quit being an advocate for whites.
Steve Smith
Stop supplying
funds to Egypt
According to my dictionary, the definition of “coup d'etat” is a sudden, violent overthrow of a government by a small group. Is that not what occurred in Egypt?
If that is what happened, why does our president not recognize it as such? Since he does not call it “a coup”, the United States will continue to fund Egypt with more than a billion dollars. With a record number of people on food stamps and high unemployment, would it not be better served here?
Perhaps there is a reason why America will continue sending aid to Egypt.
If anyone has a logical explanation, I would love to hear it.
Fran Spencer
Did race sway
Martin verdict?
During the trial in the Trayvon Martin case, I listened to some of the facts from witnessess and thought that the jury would find Zimmerman not guilty. But now that I think of it, if a white boy were killed by a black person that the verdict would have been different.
I also think that in this case for a fair verdict to be rendered the jury should have also had a few black people on it.
William Grisaitis
Orlando, Fla.
Mr. Leighton:
Just do your job
Dear Mayor Leighton: I don't personally know you but I have crossed paths with you and know some of your extended family. I was born and raised in South Wilkes-Barre and have lived here my entire 53 years. My children attended the same schools as your children. We are neighbors, good citizens of this town.
I know of Wilkes-Barre's past. I'm afraid of its future. You were elected by your fellow neighbors because they trusted you to do the job for which that elected you. You should be ashamed of yourself for what this city has become. Are you that blind that when traveling around town you can't see how disgraceful it has become? I know it takes more than one person to keep our city safe, clean and respectable, but you have turned your backon us.
We are afraid … can you hear me? No matter what you may think, you need to start listening to us, as our mayor. Remember the elected position you took? It wasn't just to have the word mayor next to your name was it? You promised us a revitalized city. A good town in which to raise families. Show me where. Take your blinders off and put your phone away and listen to us. Our home, our city, has gone to the dogs.
Living in Barney Farms doesn't exclude you from the rest of us. You are our neighbor, does that shock you? You grew up here in a time when life was simpler. You knew what it was like to go play outside, meet friends in the park, ride your bike and not have to worry about being robbed or shot. Don't you think our kids deserve the same quality of life?
Some of the people who have filtered into our city are attacking each other and taking away our lives. You are self-centered and selfish. Your job as our elected official is to protect your fellow citizens and keep our neighborhoods safe. You are not doing that. Our police can't keep up. Crime is not down, it's just not reported to us. Walk the streets, observe, talk to your neighbors all over the town and hear us. Barney Farms is not the whole city! The square is not the whole city. No more bars! We have more than we need. Whether you like it or not, we are all equals here. Sure some of us are more educated than others, but it doesn't change the fact of the matters at hand. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a realtor to see how bad things are. You need to be fighting with us to return our city to a safe, clean and comfortable environment where we aren't afraid of stepping outside or going to the corner store. It's not safe at night for people coming or going to their place of work. If you can't do that for us then you don't belong in the position.
Darla Jones Carey
May God bless
pantry collectors
The volunteers of the Holy Family Food Pantry in Luzerne would like to thank the following groups for taking up collections for our pantry in the past few months.
Our area postal service employees donated the proceeds from their annual food drive to us. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Swoyersville, Cub Scout Pack 123 in Forty Fort and Wyoming Valley West Middle School Social Studies classes also collected food. The hard work and time involved in these collections is deeply appreciated.
Collections by these groups help us to continue distributing food to needy people in our area. God bless you all!
Carol Cardoni
For the pantry volunteers

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