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Want to learn truth?

Don’t watch Fox

I just love it when letter writers direct people to Fox News to learn the real “truth” about what is going on and how bad president Obama is. Fox News is nothing but the mouthpeice for the Republican Party. That’s like saying if you want to protect your chickens, get a fox to guard them.

Fox wouldn’t know the truth if it hit it in the face. It has made so many hate filled statements and never apologize for any when they are proven wrong. It emplpoyees get marching orders from the GOP leaders and all day long repeat what they are told. They are not journalists, they are puppets with a bad attitude and are full of hate. As long as the price is right they will do and say anything. It’s just a good example of what money can buy.

I just read about how Obama is the worst president we ever had. I said “now here is another Fox faithful”. If you want the truth just look around and see what is happening with the ecomomy even after the GOP has stopped all the job bills and everything else Obama tries. He is working constantly and all Fox News feeds its listeners is what a bum he is.

Do some research and compare his vacation time and accomplishments to Bush. We are safer and more people are working and if the GOP-led Congress members would get off their duffs we could have alot more people working. You want to hear the truth, tune into NPR radio and TV.

Dale Eastman


Look to ourselves

for source of violence

First it was the war on poverty that would end violence. The government supplied everything but the kitchen sink. That didn’t work. Then it was the lack of education, trillions was poured into the education system. The minute someone was born he or she enterered a government program. That didn’t work. The man in the home, or not in the home would stop violence, that didn’t work. Then religion was blamed for violence. Then it was more funding for police protection and 9/11 happened. Then single moms became the answer, that didn’t work.

Evil has no ownership on race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. It is people who are the problem. We always blame everything but ourselves.

George J. Kochis


How can officials

defy court order?

I would like to commend Judge Joseph Sklarosky for trying to rectify some of wrongs in my nephews’ case.

Everyone always centers on the wrongdoing of judges, but never on police departments, attorneys for the clients or some members of the DA’s staff who sometimes ignore a person rights too look good for the media and public.

My nephew’s case is a prime example of circumstances used to accommodate the outcome of a case. The police department manipulated the incident. The first attorney had all the original documentation that vanished. The second attorney did not have the complete case file at the time for my nephew in a plea agreement. A request for an investigation into the case was denied by the DA’s office.

The judge signed a court order on April 22, 2013 for property including vehicles and titles that were illegally seized on May 22, 2012 by a police department to be returned to my nephew immediately. Impound costs were supposed to be at the police department’s expense. The towing operator held the vehicles two weeks shy of a year without validity.

The police department and the towing operator defied your court order. Only one title was returned by the police department and the towing operator at the taxpayers’ expense, waited until the township’s insurance provider paid out for the impound fees. On May 7, 2013 my nephew, at his expense, went and retrieved the vehicles. Due to the way they were stored, there was several thousands of dollars in damages incurred.

My questions:

How can anyone defy a court order and get away with it?

Why is a police department excluded from an investigation upon request?

How many lawsuits and damage payouts are at the taxpayers’ expense because of a police department’s irregularities or non-compliances.

How many more impound operators are in business on their own terms and defy the law?

Why does the media only focus on high-profile cases?

How many unethical attorneys do we have in this county?

Deborah Scott

Warrior Run

C’mon, Rep. Mundy

Support homeowners

This letter is regarding legislators who try to pull one over on the voters of Luzerne County through their willingness or unwillingness to vote on legislation before the House or Senate.

State Rep. Phyllis Mundy has stated in a recent letter to the editor that she will vote on House Bill 76 if the majority party allows for a vote. Excuse me Ms. Mundy, this is not about a party. This is about the interests of homeowners of Pennsylvania. It’s high time this country stops party politics and starts thinking about the people.

I find it very interesting that members of both parties have co-sponsored both the House and Senate bills on property tax elimination. In any organization in which I’ve been involved, I never allowed anyone to influence me about voting for an issue if I felt it was the right thing to do. I always voted or supported what my conscience felt was right. And if I were a representative and I really wanted to help the homeowners of Pennsylvania I would co-sponsor the bill as have Rep. Mullery and Senator Yudichak. Both by the way are Democrats. Let’s stop the spin, join in and get this on the floor so that it can be discussed and revised if necessary or voted on as is. Let’s not be a fence sitter or cause a stalemate because there are not enough party supporters. I want a leader not a follower. We want legislators who make up their own minds and are not influenced by their parties or lobbyists.

I’m an independent thinker and I would hope all those I vote for, no matter his or her party affiliation, would also be an independent thinker.

I think it’s time we stopped dancing around the issue. You do not like this legislation or you would co-sponsor it. You would do everything in your power as a member of the House Finance Committee to move it forward. You would show you really care about keeping our homes from sheriff sales.

By the way this isn’t a political issue it is a property tax issue. Those of us who write these letters have no political axe to grind. Our only concern is saving our homes from tax sales. We worked hard and long to have a home only to lose it at the end of our years to a sheriff’s sale, thanks to non-caring legislators who think they know what’s best for their constituents.

Gov. Rendell promised tax elimination when he was governor by duping the people into voting for gambling, but what happened with that? They decided to use the money for other things and forgot about the homeowners. Here is your chance, Ms. Mundy, stop the spin and for once be honest why you will not co sponsor “HB 76!” Most of us will not end up with the pension you’ll be getting to save our homes. Start thinking about these homeowners who want to remain in their homes until they leave this Earth.

Grace Griffin





Hanover Recreation

thanks all supporters

The Hanover Recreation Club has organized and relocated. Before we get on with our future plans, we must thank some people for their support.

We thank:

The gentleman who purchased and planted the ornamental trees on the recreation club property.

The Nanticoke Little League for its work on the baseball field and for repairing and maintaining the field during baseball season.

The two Boy Scouts working on their Eagle Scout badges. Both projects were done in different years. Those Scouts and their troop members painted the playground equipment and repaired the bleachers and scoreboard.

The Nanticoke Soccer League for planting grass on the soccer field, and finally the

The Newport Football League for adding the shed and helping to maintain the practice field.

We need to update our playground and improve our baseball field. These will be big projects and we are hoping the residents of the Hanover section of Nanticoke will support the Hanover Recreation Club, 413 Front St., Nanticoke, PA 18634 (mailing address: P.O. Box 431, Nanticoke, PA 18634.) New members welcomed.

Sandra Harvey Sadowski


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