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W-B Township

getting black eye

Again, Wilkes-Barre Township Volunteer Fire Chief John Paul Yuknavich is arrested and charged with allegedly stealing taxpayer money.

The FBI has to be brought in now; enough is enough, and dig even deeper.

Mayor Carl Kuren has to step down and resign. He has no leadership skills. Mayor Kuren is becoming the laughing stock of Wilkes-Barre Township.

Council members Katie Krutskie Arnone, John Jablowski, Mike Wildes, Gerald Shink, president of council, Mike Sromoski, also have to resign.

Mayor Kuren and council did not stop fueling money to the fire department. No receipts were apparently taken by business administrator Mike Revitt, no accountability was in place for the use of the money. Volunteer Fire Chief John Paul Yuknavich answers to no one.

Stop the money, stop the stealing. It’s that simple.

Contract out to Ashley and Hanover Township until the investigation is complete and go from there.

Mayor Kuren, are you listening? What or who, are you afraid of? Be a real man. Make a hard decision, and the right decision. Show the residents you have some guts.

I call to the residents of Wilkes-Barre Township to finally realize how bad our mayor and council members are. They are in denial at the very least.

Where is the solicitor, Bruce Phillips, in all of this? Where is his input or recommendations to Mayor Kuren and council, or is he just sitting there like a slug, getting paid by the taxpayers?

Again, bring in the FBI , and again, the auditor general’s office. Finally, put a stop to the abuse and behavior of a dysfunctional administration, and cronyism at its best.

Joseph Naperkowski

Wilkes-Barre Twp.

Leighton hiring

a slap at taxpayers

The headline in Wednesday’s (Aug. 7) Times Leader which read “Leighton’s salary a savings to school district” should have had a gigantic question mark at the end, or better yet, should have been reworded to reflect the hidden costs to taxpayers and the outrageousness of the hiring of Mayor Leighton’s brother.

The headline and the article as written reflect an egregious bias or delusion of your reporter Mark Guydish who has obviously been covering the school district for too long.

Not only will the district’s taxpayers not save any money as a result of this action but, if one looks more closely at the situation, they will take it on the chin again.

Consider the pension and health care payments which must be doled out to Mr. Pohutsky and his spouse upon retirement as listed in the article (a hefty $27,000) plus the benefits after retirement (God knows what this figure will be).

Consider also that Leighton, as the article states may get “stepped up” and receive “column increases” in just a few years when he accumulates college credits (at taxpayer expense of course).

In the final analysis something is dreadfully rotten in the school district not just because the mayor’s brother was hired in an obvious manifestation of the mayor’s coziness with the board majority, but the fact that there is no indication that this hiring was necessary at all.

Also, why should a home and school visitor be awarded the same salary and benefits as a teacher? What oversight or supervision is going to brought to bear on him? Does he have the proper certifications for this job? These are significant questions to which all taxpayers and residents of this school district deserve answers.

While it is certainly disturbing that this person could be hired without the recommendation of the interview committee, it is even more alarming that this “truant officer” is going to earn what should be considered an exorbitant salary and benefits package when stacked up against his counterparts at other school districts. The ultimate question here is not necessarily how did this happen but instead where does it all end?

A year or two ago the board seemed amenable, even encouraging , of a change in hiring policy. Now all can see what a travesty and sham that was as the real costs of Mr. Leighton’s hiring are exposed (other recent personnel decisions will also bear this out). Encourage the five-member majority to reconsider this action.

And while they immerse themselves in that, they might also indulge in some soul-searching so that they might realize how they have again failed the taxpayers of this district by throwing overboard the attributes of integrity, accountability and transparency.

Then they might do the right thing and resign before the school district ship founders on the reef of financial ruin and moral turpitude.

Sam Troy


Politicians attack

religious rights

There is nothing new under the sun!

Two thousand years ago Jesus was slain on the cross promising His return.

Christians have suffered for their beliefs by hangings, torture, sacrifices to animals, be-headings, stretches on the rack and being burned at the stake. This was all performed by the power of Rome and the papacy.

For 1,500 years these devils of Satan sat on the throne of lies and deceit by keeping the truth of Jesus from the populace. When the first Bible was printed, the lies were revealed and the truth set them free.

The reformers of Europe and England looked to America to establish a country with religious freedom. Our forefathers delivered the Constitution, which is the greatest document ever produced by man — that all men are created equal with the right to pursue happiness.

Today these God-given rights are under attack by the powers of liars and deceivers known as politicians, Democrats, Republicans and anti-religious fanatics.

You folks argue daily about who is goring who when right before your eyes. The people you elect are thieves and liars and are destroying the last great country of the world.

People are selling their souls for the crumbs from the devil’s plate. America will reap what we have sown.

Joe L. Souder


Griffith departure

a loss to county


Luzerne County has managed to do away with Walter Griffith.

It was a long process. Walter’s opponents have been looking for a way to rid themselves of him for several years, ever since it became apparent that he wouldn’t play the Luzerne game of dishonesty.

Who has done more for the county? His big crime was confiscating credit cards from people who shouldn’t have had them. He tightened up the office. Horrors! How dare he?

Well, we have just cut off our noses to spite our faces. I just hope the next controller is half as honest.

I am sad, disgusted and ashamed. Ashamed that this was permitted to happen. Congratulations Luzerne County! You have just lost an honest servant.

He did all he said he would while campaigning. He was in the office every day. He saved the county big bucks. Double horrors!

Phyllis Pelletier


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