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Thanks to those

who helped event

The 14th annual Jonathan Grula Memorial Foundation Golf Tournament recently was held at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club.

The officers and board of directors thank Blue Ridge managers Tony Barletta and Flo Alba for their excellent service at our event. We also thank the hundreds of hole sponsors, businesses and individuals who donated prizes, workers and, of course, our golfers.

The tournament was very successful, raising more than $13,000. The fundraisers held this year will allow us to donate $25,000 to the Four Diamonds Fund, Hershey, which benefits children with cancer and is active in pediatric cancer research.

This amount represents a total of more than $266,000 since 2000. The foundation is in memory of Jonathan Grula, a Wilkes Barre Township boy who died of leukemia at age 12 in September 1999.Thank you for your support!

Bob and Karen Grula

Wilkes-Barre Township

Good news stories

are appreciated

Amid all the bad news — crime, guns and violence — it was a a relief in finding some heartwarming articles in today’s edition of The Times Leader, something I have been noticing more recently.

The article on the Church St. Chilipeppers, written by Mary Therese Biebel was beautiful. It had the caption “Come one, come all, for this suppertime.” It was so encouraging to see grandparents in this day and age not only preparing and serving supper to their own grandchildren but to countless other neighborhood children as well.

It brought to mind that my own childhood friends were always welcome for supper, with no notice. Somehow there was always enough to go around. My mom knew how to stretch a meal from seven to 10 people. Perhaps it was growing up on a farm and serving meals to the pickers, but the more people at her table, the happier she was.

Directly below that article was one written by George Kovanis from Detroit. It was a very humorous article on when to alert someone in a embarrassing situation. It brought to mind an incident in my life when I was caught with my dress neatly tucked into my pantyhose. It was an icebreaker for a fellow employee to approach me and whisper in my ear, laughing. In a moment we were both laughing, forgetting that we had not been on speaking terms over a sensitive comment in an office controversy.

Yes, violence, murder and hate seemingly dominate our news. But, really, is there anything new under the sun that has not already been in ancient times? (Ecclesiastes 1:10.)

There was murder in the very first family when Cain killed his brother Abel. Read “Adam: You are descended from Adam! What about Adam?” by R.C. Besteder, from Dallas, available on and Barnes and

Looking forward to more heartwarming stories in The Times Leader.

Karen Kovalick


Tom Marino aid

explains proposal

I thank Congressman Tom Marino’s staff for taking the time to discuss the Marketplace Fairness Act with me.

As an interested college student, I truly appreciate the opportunity to speak to my representatives or their staff about current legislation. I believe that contacting one’s representatives directly is the most effective way of attaining information about current legislation, especially with the bias in today’s news media.

I encourage more people to get informed on these important political issues and to speak to their representatives. A more informed electorate will lead to smarter, more efficient government.

Thus, I ask that all political representatives and their staffs provide the comprehensive transparency to the electorate, just as Congressman Marino’s staff did for me, and that important legislation such as the Marketplace Fairness Act be considered.

Ryan K. Rinaldi

Madison Township

Verdict was just,

not racial issue

Pardon me for not tearing up, boohoo!

With all due respect, the trial proved an Hispanic man not guilty. Do you understand: Not guilty, Mr. Holder? The black community?

Having served as a navy recon photographer, I have a real hard time being told to act as if I am in the wrong when accosted with intent to infringe upon my rights.

And, please, spare me the racist stuff. I have had black and Hispanic friends, some of my best.

One more thing. Where are the white leaders? I don’t mean our politicians only intent on kissing behinds to keep their jobs. I mean, and believe me I hate to say this, leaders such as Rev. Jesse and the like who are not afraid to go against the white regime, right or wrong, for their people.

Bob Gust


Obama success

despite partisans

Amazingly, Barack Obama has been able to move this country forward. Looking at only the economy, think where we might be if there hadn’t been Republican obstruction. Every one of the president’s jobs bills has been blocked.

Jonathan Chait’s recent New York Magazine article is titled “Anarchists of the House: The Republican Congress is testing a new frontier of radicalism— governmental sabotage.” He asserts that opposition to the president has become so vile it “has proved impossible to modulate.

“Obama mused last year that his re-election would ‘break this fever,’ but in the months since November, the Republican House has only spun further out of control.”

Lo and behold, even the “smarmy” Eric Cantor cannot find common cause with the hardest of the hard right.

“In the actual world, the economy is recovering and the deficit, currently projected at half the level Obama inherited, is falling like a rock,” wrote Chait. “Yet messianic Republican suicide threats in the face of an imagined debt crisis have not subsided at all. The swelling grievance within the party base may actually be giving the threats more fervor. The reign of the Republican House has not yet inflicted any deep or permanent disaster on the country, but it looks like it is just a matter of time.”

Richard J. Yost

South Abington Township

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