College’s 45th annual commencement Thursday includes lots of inspiration.

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WILKES-BARRE TWP. — Guest speaker Tommy McFly, a Washington, D.C., radio personality and Luzerne County Community College alumnus, addressed the Class of 2013 at the college’s 45th annual commencement Thursday, saying, “Today’s the day you decide how much you want to be involved.”

“Whether you’re the next Einstein or the next Snookie, that’s awesome,” McFly said during an energetic speech at the Mohegan Sun Arena, a talk which he peppered with frequent shout-outs to his former teachers.

After graduating from the Nanticoke-based college in 2006, McFly became the co-host of “The Doc Show” on area radio station Froggy 101. Shortly thereafter, McFly went on to become an executive producer of a D.C.-based radio show. Two years later, he was promoted to evening host. In 2010 he was hired by CBS as an on-air personality on the new 94.7 FRESH FM. As the host of the “Tommy Show,” McFly provides insight on entertainment, the media and culture.

For the past two years, McFly served as the official emcee of the White House Easter egg roll and also as the host of the National Tree Lighting preshow.

“You have a million choices ahead of you, and you can do whatever you want,” said McFly. “Never lose your fire or passion. See how far you can push yourself. You’re gonna hit curveballs along the way, but that’s part of the fun.”

In his student address, 30-year-old Brian Zywicki urged his 875 fellow graduates not to be afraid to take risks.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy from the University of Scranton in 2005 and a master’s degree in education a year-and-a-half later, Zywicki landed jobs teaching science at Abington Heights High School and Holy Cross High School. “It wasn’t my passion,” Zywicki said during his student address. “It paid well, the benefits were good and I had a pension, but I wasn’t happy. In fact, I was miserable.”

Although he led a comfortable life, Zywicki said he felt he had settled. “We settle for the average — for what’s safe. Safe’s never going to get us anywhere.”

A love of food led Zywicki to pursue his dream of earning a culinary degree. “Don’t live a ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ life,” he said. “We all do some pretty dumb things in life, but it’s those things you wish you would have done that you’ll regret the most.”


More than 850 students received their degrees from Luzerne County Community College at the 45th annual commencement ceremony Thursday at the Mohegan Sun Arena.

Associate in Arts: Susan Bettinger, Wilkes-Barre; Vanessa Peterson, Larksville; Denise Wagner, Hunlock Creek.

Associate in Applied Science: Natalie Abreu, Hazleton; John Aftewicz, Wilkes-Barre; Leah Albano, West Pittston; Kelly Albert, Hillsborough, N.J.; Misty Allabaugh, Nanticoke; Shawn Allison, Wyoming; Alex Alvarado, Hawley; Tawnya Amer, Hazleton; Charles Anderson, Berwick; Derek Anderson, Coal Township; Ethan Anderson, Honesdale; Madelyn Andrews, Bloomsburg; Jeffrey Andrzejewski, Wilkes-Barre Township; Lauren Apel, Nanticoke; David Arbizu, Wapwallopen; Cody Arner, Nescopeck; Aliesha Arnone, Peckville; James Artmont, Glen Lyon; Ernest Ashbridge, Berwick; Bryon Aspenlieder, Pittston; Chester Atherton, Bloomsburg; Daniel Babetski, Nanticoke; Katie Bachman, Hazleton; Anthony Bacola, Nanticoke; Eric Bacon, Edwardsville; Kyle Bainbridge, Shamokin; Devin Bankes, Bloomsburg; Kristen Baranowski, Wilkes-Barre; Jason Barcheski, Hanover Township; Jillianne Bartholomew, Shamokin.

Beth Bartle, Nanticoke; Jocelyn Bascomb, Kingston; Adrian Baskin, Carbondale; Marlin Batista, Hazleton; Brianna Battista, Bloomsburg; Jacqueline Battista, Bloomsburg; Joelle Bauman, Wyoming; Genesis Beato, Hazleton; Brian Becchetti, Scranton; Stacy Bednar, Edwardsville; Valerie Bendas, Marion Heights; Lauren Benjamin, Nanticoke; Sonya Bennett, Nescopeck; Vincent Bentler, Wilkes-Barre; Jeremy Berezich, Swoyersville; Ashley Bergstrasser, Kingston; Bianca Beritcho, Sugarloaf; Wendy Bezilla, Wilkes-Barre; Philip Biacco, Drums; Angela Bialecki, Bloomsburg; Kyle Billings, Glen Lyon; Amanda Bitler, Muncy; Michael Bobinis, Watsontown; Jasen Bohinski, Nanticoke; Anastasia Bondar, Nanticoke; Anastasia Booth, Edwardsville; Ingrid Borges, Laceyville; William Bowman, Wapwallopen; Julianna Boyle, Hazleton; Ann Maria Sarah Braskey, Hazleton; Melissa Braskey, Drums; Jessica Brennan, Pottsville.

Matthew Breshock, Lattimer Mines; Catherine Brinton, Wyalusing; Belinda Brosious, Berwick; Ruben Brown, Wilkes-Barre; Kayla Bucci, West Wyoming; David Buckley, Wilkes-Barre; Megan Bullock, Plymouth; Lacie Burd, Nescopeck; Jessica Burger, Pringle; Kyle Burke, Shickshinny; Brian Burkhardt, Dallas; Jason Butler, Muncy; Nikolas Butrej, Berwick; Jarad Cambria, Mount Carmel; Milagros Candelaria, Catasauqua; Steven Cantoran, Wilkes-Barre; Vito Carella, Nanticoke; Jason Carle, Shickshinny; Grace Carter, White Haven; Jaclyn Case, Beach Lake; Eric Casey, Wapwallopen; Christopher Castillo, Shickshinny; Ralph Castner, Edwardsville; Marta Castro, Wilkes-Barre; George Chalawick, Plymouth; Marla Chepanonis, Kingston; Logan Cherkauskas, Ashley; Matthew Chesney, Hanover Township; Michael Chinikaylo, Wyoming; Daniel Chmiola, Wilkes-Barre; Elzbieta Chrzanowski, Shavertown; Christina Ciotola, Hazleton.

Alan Clampitt-Holsenbeck, Pittston; April Clark, Pittston; Jill Clark, Nescopeck; Patrick Clarke, Wilkes-Barre; Eugene Clemons, Wilkes-Barre; Ashley Coleman, Carbondale; Michele Collins, Dickson City; Erin Conologue, Lewisburg; Anny Contreras, West Hazleton; Erica Cooke, Paxinos; Kyle Cooney, Shickshinny; Brandyn Cooper, Riverside; Theresa Coppola, Stillwater; Shannon Corona, Berwick; Justin Court, Kingston; Gina Covino, Pocono Lake; Donald Cresho, Larksville; Tammy Cresswell, Montandon; Samantha Crisswell, Williamstown; Brittney Cristiano, Exeter; James Crossin, Kingston; Diane Croughn, Wilkes-Barre; Lauren Cunningham, White Haven; Jonathan Curnow, Hazleton; Ryan Curtis, Dupont; Kenneth Czapracki, Glen Lyon; Cherri DaHill, Nanticoke; Zoe D’Angelo, Freeland; Dana Daniels, Warrior Run; Joshua Daniels, Beaver Meadows; Kathleen Daniels, Mount Carmel; Michael Dante, Mountain Top.

Thomas Darby, West Pittston; Amber Davis, Wyoming; Ashley Davis, Wyoming; Brittany Davis, Shickshinny; Marc Dellario, Plymouth; Elaine Derby, Berwick; Stephen Dewitt, Sugarloaf; Vilma Diaz, Wilkes-Barre; Jesse Dickson, Avoca; Hevyn Dimm, Paxinos; Oxana Dineen, Wilkes-Barre; Amelia DiPhillips, Montrose; Amanda Dixon, Wilkes-Barre; Leah Doknovitch, Kingston; Ivan Doma, Wilkes-Barre; Zaxton Dorshefski, Shickshinny; Sarah Draus, White Haven; Silas Drewchin, White Haven; Barbara Drumheiser, Shamokin; Jasmine Dunham, Sunbury; Jennifer Dunkelberger, Catawissa; Andrew Dunn, Waymart; Brianne Dunn, Pittston; Jerry Durling, Hanover Township; Tatyana Dury, Damascus; Sean Dwyer, Danville; Jared Dzugan, Nanticoke; Lori Earley, Hanover Township; Elizabeth Edwards, Mountain Top; Ashley Elenz, Waymart; Suzanne Ensminger, Middleburg; Stephanie Evans, Nanticoke.

Jillian Falkowski, Pittston; Michael Featherman, Dallas; Coleen Felia, Edwardsville; William Femea, Kingston; Thomas Finley, Warrior Run; Louise Fino, White Haven; Alice Fisher, Wilkes-Barre; Kristin Fisher, Berwick; Melissa Fisher, Hazle Township; Sarah Florkiewicz, Wapwallopen; Matthew Flynn, Exeter; Patrick Flynn, Exeter; Stephanie Flynn, Wilkes-Barre; Robert Fonalledas, Hawley; Karen Force, Wapwallopen; Nikolai Forkal, State College; Desiree Fowler, Bloomsburg; Kevin Fox, Hazleton; Pearl Frances, Berwick; Nissa Freeze, Milton; Christine Fritz, Kingston; Jaclyn Fritz, Danville; Devin Fry, Orangeville; Shirley Gallagher, Wilkes-Barre; Ana Garcia, McAdoo; Bernard Gavlick, Ashley; Stephanie Geise, Shamokin; Colleen Gembitski, Wilkes-Barre Township; Jonathan Gensel, Shickshinny.

Jamie Gerhard, Weatherly; Debra Gerrity, Scranton; Thomas Gershey, Pittston Township; Andrew Gialanella, Dallas; Antonio Giannelli, Plymouth; Jeffrey Gibson, Luzerne; Michael Giedosh, Lattimer Mines; Kenneth Gill, Nanticoke; Tammy Gluck, Wilkes-Barre; Jessica Good, Nescopeck; Courtney Grabowski, Mount Carmel; Brittney Graham, Nanticoke; Angelica Granahan, Scranton; Alex Green, Nanticoke; Thomas Gregorowicz, Larksville; Alyssa Grimes, White Haven; Tyler Grimes, Benton; Travis Grosz, Wapwallopen; Marcus Grudzinski, Pittston; Eileen Guilford, Hazleton; Brittany Guydish, Shickshinny; Wendy Guzenski, Wyoming; Christopher Habrack, Trucksville; Nevin Hack, Berwick; Joseph Haganey, West Hazleton; Lori Haines, Forkston Township; Bethany Hamilton, Plains; Carolyn Haney, Shickshinny; Casey Harris, Mountain Top; Lauren Harris, Mountain Top; Heather Hartzel, Berwick; Nicholas Harvey, Plymouth.

Jesse Hauze, Sweet Valley; Lori Hearst, Wilkes-Barre; Christopher Heckman, Milton; Christopher Heiss, Danville; Nicole Henn, Tunkhannock; Justine Henrie, Nescopeck; Kayla Herb, Marion Heights; Daniel Herchenroeder, Pittston; Steven Herring, Wapwallopen; Rebecca Hertzog, Natalie; Cody Hess, Benton; Colton Hess, Nanticoke; Deborah Hess, Beaver Meadows; Mark Hess, Millville; Carol Hill, Wyoming; Misty Hilliard, Sugarloaf; Ashlee Hoch, Herndon; Holly Hochreiter, Laflin; Jeanine Hofbauer, Pocono Lake; Cheryl Hoffman, Coal Township; James Holminski, Nanticoke; Kelly Hopkins, Wilkes-Barre; Erin Hornberger-Wetzel, Shamokin; Allison Howe, Lakewood; Calieb Howey, Wilkes-Barre; Theresa Howey, Freeland; Kenneth Hueholt, Bloomsburg; Jennifer Hughes, Ringtown; Justin Hughes, Pittston; Hubert Huiswoud, Wilkes-Barre; Jasie Hunter, Swoyersville; Karl Huntington, Bloomsburg.

Dana Hupczey, Hazle Township; Michael Hutz, Wilkes-Barre; Brian Inshetski, Scranton; Richard Irving, Wilkes-Barre; Jessica Jaikes, Nanticoke; Brittany Janosov, Plains; Ariel Jantzi, Nanticoke; Maura Johnson, White Haven; Phyllis Johnson, Kingston; Tori Johnson, Danville; Christopher Jones, Duryea; Leonice Jones, Wyalusing; Laura Jozefowicz, Clarks Summit; Stacy Kaiser, Wilkes-Barre; Donelle Kalinay, Nanticoke; Amanda Kalish, Hanover Township; Christopher Kane, Edwardsville; Emily Kania, Tunkhannock; Jessica Kashner, Bloomsburg; Paul Kasinecz, Minersville; Joshua Kaskey, Wilkes-Barre; Joseph Kasper, West Pittston; Ariana Katchur, Scranton; Heidi Kauffman, Milton; Thomas Kauker, White Haven; Brandon Kazar, Sunbury; Christopher Kelchner, Berwick; Colleen Kelly, Kingston; Laureen Kelly, Archbald; John Kennedy, Mountain Top; Eileen Kerpovich, Trucksville.

Gerard Kiah, Tunkhannock; Keith King, Bloomsburg; Rory Kirwan, Larksville; William Kishbach, Wilkes-Barre; Wendy Kiska, Ashley; Carl Kiwak, Exeter; Sarah Kiwak, Falls; Catherine Kleiner, Berwick; Rayann Kline, Noxen; Virginia Kline, Benton; Benjamin Knouse, Chambersburg; Amanda Kocher, Dallas; Kate Kocher, Bloomsburg; Joseph Kokinda, Wapwallopen; Casey Koons, Wilkes-Barre; Timothy Kopiak, Shavertown; Ann Kotsko, Mountain Top; Leah Kowalski, Nanticoke; Shannon Ktytor, Plymouth; Joseph Kuhar, Dickson City; Frank Kus, Dallas; Michael Kwiatek, Lake Ariel; Shelli Ladner, Weatherly; Joseph Lamont, Hazleton; Jeffrey Landis, Sugarloaf; Kailee Lappan, Berwick; Melissa Lasalle, Kingston; Elliot Laury, Danville; Matthew Lawrence, Nanticoke; Brandyn Leeson, Nescopeck; Donna Lehman, Berwick; Brian Lewis, Glen Lyon; Clayton Lewis, Unityville; Kristen Lick, Kingston.

Jared Lindner, Falls; Jamie Littleford, Nanticoke; Sara Litzelman, Nanticoke; Michelle Llewellyn, Wyoming; Sarah Llewellyn, Nanticoke; Melissa Lohman, Luzerne; Alexander Long, Bloomsburg; Ashley Long, Coal Township; Janelle Loomis, Nanticoke; Ashley Lopez, Bloomsburg; Jacqueline Love, Hunlock Creek; Mirian Lozano, Hazleton; Casey Lucas, West Pittston; Helene Luchetti, Plains; Alicia Luczak, Nanticoke; Lara Lukesh, Kingston; Matthew Lutsey, Hunlock Creek; Rachel Lynn, Bloomsburg; Mark Madrak, Dupont; Joseph Malacari, Wilkes-Barre; Jeanine Manta, Exeter; Lynn Marko, Forty Fort; Kyna Markowski, Berwick; Jeffry Marstell, Pittston; Sean Marstell, Exeter; Shelley Martinez, Hazleton; David Matoushek, Waymart; Dustin Maurer, Bloomsburg; Ashley McAndrew, Duryea; James McAndrew, Sugarloaf; Matthew McAndrew, Avoca; Timothy McCarthy, Wilkes-Barre; Scott McCoy, Ashland.

Ryan McDonald, Edwardsville; Joseph McEvoy, Hanover Township; Shawn McGhee, Nanticoke; Melissa McHenry, Bloomsburg; Joshua McKinley, Watsontown; Kim McManus, Plymouth; Jacob McNamara, Nanticoke; Grace McNeil, Exeter; Mark McNulty, Plains; Joanne Mera, Nanticoke; Matthew Michalski, Hazleton; Michele Mikkelsen, Exeter; Scott Miller, Drifton; Krista Minetti, Jermyn; Katlin Mininger, Plymouth; Lisa Mitkowski, Berwick; Karyn Montigney, Wilkes-Barre; Amanda Morales, Lake Ariel; Thomas Moyer, Coaldale; Kalin Mulligan, Forty Fort; Sherry Mummey, Shamokin; Courtney Munson, Coal Township; Michael Murphy, Dickson City; Dean Myers, Nanticoke; John Myers, Wapwallopen; Kristin Nardone, Exeter; Jamie Naro, Scranton; Dayna Narsavage, Hanover Township; Jeremy Naus, Berwick; Julia Neikam, Hazleton; Amy Neishel, Hudson; Curtis Neuhausel, Dalton; Ashley Nichols, Nanticoke.

Denee Nichols, Hunlock Creek; Josephine Nicoletta, Wilkes-Barre; Michael Noel, Hudson; Haley Novack, Shamokin; William Novick, Kingston; Jamie Noyalis, Hanover Township; Jane Nulton, Shavertown; Karen Nunez, Hazleton; James O’Connor, White Haven; David Olah, Berwick; Nadia Olah, Berwick; Christine Olshan, Wilkes-Barre; Jennifer O’Neill, Wilkes-Barre; Tyler O’Reilly, Union Dale; Stephan Ormiston, Conyngham; Sandra Oros, Mountain Top; Tanya Ostopick, West Nanticoke; Katherine Ovalles, Hazleton; Ryan Owazany, Nanticoke; Nickolas Owens, Taylor; Roxann Palmieri, Drums; Maryjo Pancher, Kulpmont; Heather Paradise, Scranton; Sara Pastor, Hazleton; Khushbu Patel, Scranton; Lori Pavell, Hazleton; Rebecca Pecora, Sugarloaf; Chantel Pepin, West Hazleton; Kayla Pilecki, White Haven; Mark Pinciotti, Ashland; Sarah Pirolli, White Haven; Cecilia Plisiewicz, Mount Carmel; Kathryn Plotkin, Archbald.

Yuannis Polemitis, Wilkes-Barre; Joseph Prednis, Wilkes-Barre; Deborah Price, Hunlock Creek; Molly Prutzman, Ashley; Chelsea Purcell, Coal Township; Liliana Quevedo, Wilkes-Barre; Maryanne Quick, Hughestown; Amy Rader, Dallas; Valerie Rarig, Danville; Tina Remensnyder, Mocanaqua; Trisha Reznick, Conyngham; Angela Richards, Ashley; Mia Rinaldi, Pittston Township; Nicholas Rinehimer, Mountain Top; Benjamin Ringler, Kingston; Ernest Ritter, Danville; Jamielyn Rizzo, Edwardsville; Arthur Roberts, Wilkes-Barre; Melissa Roche, Kingston; Esmeralda Rodriguez, Hazleton; Roy Romano, Milford; Dennis Rothenbecker Jr., Edwardsville; Misty Rozyckie, Lewisburg; Karl Rucker, Greenfield Township; Sunsearra Ruffin, Scranton; Diane Ruggiero, Drums; Nicole Rundle, Berwick; Amy Ryczak, Jermyn; Dirk Saar, Drums; Alyssa Sabalesky, Wilkes-Barre; Salina Sachetti, Hazle Township; Haydee Santos, Hazleton.

Jennifer Santos, Hazleton; Joseph Saraka, Shavertown; David Savage, Hanover Township; Meagan Saxe, Shickshinny; Louis Scarantino, Old Forge; Daniel Scheid, Nanticoke; Cindy Schreffler, Elysburg; David Schreiber, Scranton; Christine Schweizer, Plymouth; Nicole Scopelliti, Shamokin; Jennifer Scott, Kingston; Carrie Seiwell, Mountain Top; Kimberly Selig, Duryea; Sarah Selner, Plymouth; Brian Shabroski, Archbald; Heather Shaffer, Jefferson Township; Rasha Shaker, Mountain Top; Tracey Sharp, Hazleton; Kevin Sharretts, Nescopeck; Amy Shepperson, Bloomsburg; Travis Shultz, Danville; Pamela Shumate, Wapwallopen; Brett Sikora, Hunlock Creek; Robert Simons, New Milford; Matthew Sims, Hanover Township; Tara Skutack, Pittston; Lindsey Smerlick, Mount Carmel; Cassandra Smith, Nescopeck; Julie Smith, Mount Carmel; Michelle Smith-Alfonso, Nanticoke; Amber Soboleski, Berwick.

Jeremy Sokol, Jessup; Jared Sokolowski, Plains; Dezerae Sowersby, Shamokin; Deanna Spak, Yatesville; Dina Spears, Mount Carmel; Jennifer Sromovski, Bear Creek Township; Nicole Stachyra, Exeter; Melissa Stanton, Nanticoke; Sienna Stash, Mountain Top; Clarissa Stauffer, Berwick; Lanelle Stefanec, Wilkes-Barre; Trisha Stephens, Wilkes-Barre; Maryah Stevens, Newfoundland; William Stewart, Bloomsburg; Brittnee Stout, Beach Haven; Brian Strocko, Mount Carmel; Tammi Suda, Mocanaqua; Ashley Sutton, Dallas; Mary Swerdon, White Haven; Amanda Szychowski, Plains; Brittney Tarapchak, Hazle Township; Marcus Tencza, Nanticoke; Christine Thomas, Wilkes-Barre; Erich Thomas, Shickshinny; John Thompson, Dallas; Michael Tirko, Mountain Top; Alexa Tluczek, Wilkes-Barre; Jolisa Tokar, Bloomsburg; Thomas Tomasco, Wilkes-Barre; Jonathan Tomko, Ashley; Bryce Torsella, Berwick; Michelle Toth, Freeland; Joseph Traglia, Pittston; Cortney Travelpiece, Beach Haven; Catharine Trump, Selinsgrove; Kaitlyn Tugend, Scranton.

Jean Tullo, White Haven; Alison Turowski, Kingston; Christopher Twardowski, Pittston; Jeanetta Twardzik, Minersville; Alysia Uliano, Hazle Township; Brandon Ulitchney, Hunlock Creek; Todd Updike, Old Forge; William Uram, Berwick; Esvetlana Valdes, Harveys Lake; Joe Valenti, West Pittston; Daniel Valentin, Edwardsville; Apryl Valyo, Hunlock Creek; Samuel Van Horn, Dallas; Rebecca Vanderveken, Shavertown; Craig Varney, Shamokin; Victoria Venturi, Mountain Top; Michael View, Hanover Township; Jennifer Vitalec, Dunmore; Katelynn Voelker, Berwick; Lauren Wackley, Drums; Donna Walko, Kingston; Timothy Waltman, Mifflinville; Lori Ann Wasik, Duryea; Paul Watson, West Pittston; Alaina Wehmeier, Conyngham; Tessa Weigand, Nanticoke; Tammy Welles, Wilkes-Barre; Jessica Wenner, Nescopeck; Robert Werner, Mountain Top; Nick Weron, Nanticoke; Jaime White, Wilkes-Barre.

Allyson Wielgopolski, White Haven; Andrew Williams, Wilkes-Barre; Crystal Williams, Pittston; Justin Williams, Duryea; Kari Williams, Shavertown; Mark Williams, West Pittston; Mark Williams, White Haven; Richard Williams, Wilkes-Barre; Diane Williamson, Plains; Eric Willow, Selinsgrove; Brandon Wills, Dallas; Shamara Wilson, Wilkes-Barre; Laura Wisniewski, Dickson City; Wendy Wolfe, Shickshinny; Andrew Wortman, Swoyersville; Breann Woss, West Wyoming; Tracy Wren, Wilkes-Barre; Brandy Wright, Berwick; Rachael Wright, Plymouth; Courtney Yakabouski, Wilkes-Barre; Andrew Yakobitis, West Pittston; Patricia Yankowsky, Nescopeck; Steven Yannes, Bloomsburg; Kristen Yavorski, Shavertown; Zachary Yordy, Huntington Mills; Hydie Youells, South Abington Township; Brittany Young, Berwick; Kyle Yourth, Berwick; Amy Yurchision, Shavertown; Tyler Yurista, Drums; Melissa Yuschovitz, Pittston.

Laura Zakrzewski, Nanticoke; Brian Zannetti, Nanticoke; Frank Zdziarski, Shickshinny; Mary Jo Zdziarski, Shickshinny; Ashley Zearfoss, Mountain Top; Aleeya Zehner, McAdoo; Terri Zezza, Exeter; Julianna Zourides, Berwick; Brian Zywicki, Scranton.

Associate in Science: Michelle Abbatantuono, Hunlock Creek; Raymond Adamavage, Hanover Township; Jason Aiello, Hazle Township; Jevier Shahan Alanson, Wapwallopen; Jason Allabaugh, Edwardsville; Lindsey Ancharski, Pringle; Jeffrey Ankner, Wilkes-Barre; Andrea Apgar-Kulp, Berwick; David Arbizu, Wapwallopen; Christopher Arnold, Drums; Dana Authier, Hanover Township; Danielle Avery, Wilkes-Barre; Vicki Bailey, Shickshinny; Nicholas Baloga, Plains; Christopher Barrett, Wilkes-Barre; Nabila Bashir, Wilkes-Barre; Ryan Bauman, Pittston; Abigail Beach, Shamokin; Earnestine Benton, Wilkes-Barre; Susan Bettinger, Wilkes-Barre; Kelensky Bourdeau, Hudson; Nicole Boyd, Berwick; Rainy Boyle, Pittston; Richard Brill, West Hazleton; Joslyn Brown, Scranton; Brian Bubb, Nanticoke; Jennifer Burke, Ashland; Patrick Callahan, Avoca; George Cantoran, Wilkes-Barre; Ryan Carpinet, Wyoming.

Spring Chamberlain, Trucksville; Rashelle Chappell, New Columbia; Matthew Chiboroski, Sunbury; Brandon Clayton, Coal Township; Nancy Cloak, Swoyersville; Jennifer Colarusso, Pittston; Kylee Cosgrove, Kingston; Samuel Cosminski, Dalton; Beth Cottle, Swoyersville; Stefanie Coxe, Glen Lyon; Matthew Crandall, Wilkes-Barre; Emily Crawford, Bloomsburg; Mariah Curtis, Dupont; Kayla Czapracki, Glen Lyon; Arjun Dalsania, Clarks Summit; Micheal Dantone, Hughestown; Destiny Davis, Millville; Jordan Daylida, Kingston; Leonela De la Cruz, Hazleton; Daniel DeColumna, Kingston; Amber Degnan, Wilkes-Barre; Miossottys De-Los-Santos, Bloomsburg; Chandel DeLucca, Hazleton; Joseph Depue, Pringle; Amy Deschaine, Berwick; Hillary DiMaria, Larksville; Lissette Dishmey, Wilkes-Barre; Amy Dixon, Dallas; Ryan Elmy, Mountain Top; Derek Espinal, Hazleton; David Falacko, Harleigh; Natanael Fernandez, Hazleton.

Richard Florek, Mountain Top; Joel Floryan, Kingston; Jermaine Foster, Kingston; David Fox, Drums; Megan Fox, Hanover Township; Sarah Fox, Wilkes-Barre; Hallie Frankle, Edwardsville; Danny Fuentes, Hazleton; Jeanette Gadison, Plymouth; Sylvana Garcia, Nanticoke; Jacob Gaylord, Luzerne; Dawn Gilliland, Pittston; Michelle Gitkos, West Pittston; Kellie Golias, Sugarloaf; Margaret Gorham, Plymouth; Cortney Grenier, Bloomsburg; Brittany Guydish, Shickshinny; Janelle Hagenbach, Benton; Courtney Hagy, White Haven; Willard Hauze, Wapwallopen; Jason Heckler, Bethlehem; Tammy Heid, Swoyersville; Taylor Hendrickson, Danville; Kenneth Herron, Duryea; Kristin Hofauer, Orangeville; Jennifer Hogan, Hunlock Creek; Christopher Holt, Shickshinny; Nadine Hooker, Pittston; James Hopkins, Wyoming; Michelle Horan, Girardville; Samantha Hudock, Kingston; Amanda Hughes, Wilkes-Barre.

Kali Huntzinger, White Haven; Jennifer Ippolito, Plymouth; Jesse Jayne, Hunlock Creek; Ryan Joyce, Avoca; Karen Kane, Edwardsville; Joel Kankiewicz, Mountain Top; Kimber Kashner, Bloomsburg; Michael Kennedy, Shickshinny; Cassie Kile, Muncy; Kristyn Kile, Wapwallopen; Shane Kitzmiller, Wapwallopen; Brooke Kocher, Bloomsburg; Erik Kordsmeier, Plymouth; Thomas Koval, Pittston; Deborah Kowalczyk, Plains; Jeffrey Kramer, Duryea; Cassandra Kulsa, Hazle Township; Michael Langan, Wilkes-Barre; Rebecca Lattig, Wilkes-Barre; James Lawrence, Williamstown; Joshua Lewis, Falls; Jamie Lindquist, Freeland; Kerryn Long, Forty Fort; Elizabeth Lorenz, Hazleton; Emily Lynch, Forty Fort; Peter Mackar, Peckville; Seres Magana, Bloomsburg; Anas Mahmoud, Plains; Mark Majikes, Larksville; Nicole Marsh, Pittston; Eric Martis, Larksville; Katelyn Matthews, Bloomsburg; Michael Maul, Glen Lyon.

Cole Mausteller, Watsontown; Nicole Maximowicz, Kingston; Marie Mayhue, Bear Creek; Carley McCahan, Danville; Brian McDaniels, Swoyersville; Naomi McFarlane, Bloomsburg; Katelin McGraw, Hunlock Creek; Ashley Mehal, Wilkes-Barre; Brett Mengak, Moutain Top; Byron Miller, Wilkes-Barre; John Milot, West Hazleton; Anthony Minier, Berwick; Helen Minnick, Warrior Run; Kayla Minnick, Bloomsburg; Nathan Miriello, Elysburg; Tyler Morgan, Dallas; Kayla Morris, Shickshinny; Rebecca Myers, Benton; Joseph Naperkowski, Wilkes-Barre; Nicole Napkori, Moutain Top; Daniel Nawrocki, Exeter; Rebecca Noles, Shamokin; Christopher Olcheski, Nuangola; Christopher Ondish, Conyngham; Hannah Ondish, Conyngham; Candace Opachinski, Mountain Top; David Orrson, Shavertown; Matthew Otte, Freeland; Frank Owens, Hunlock Creek; Katelin Pallone, Swoyersville; Marius Pasca, Hazleton; Kinjal Patel, Scranton.

Kayla Pawlowski, Wapwallopen; Branden Peloso, Sweet Valley; Debra Penor, Ashley; Jeffrey Peters, Pittston; Justin Pliska, Hazle Township; Claudia Poltorak, Mountain Top; Scott Posey, Orangeville; Monica Quick, Benton; Christi Ricci, Nanticoke; Amanda Rikoskie, Wilkes-Barre; Aurelis Rivera, Hazleton; Celina Rosario, Wilkes-Barre; Amy Rosenstiel, Drifton; Gail Rospendowski, Wapwallopen; Frederick Roughsedge, Moosic; Tyler Russell, Sugarloaf; Chad Saffel, Milton; Brandon Samler, Beaver Meadows; Chad Sample, Danville; Briana Schlauch, Hanover Township; Corey Schreffler, Weston; Hayden Schutz, Wilkes-Barre; Debora Shicowich, Strong; Ashley Sims, Hazle Township; Frederick Sivulich, Glen Lyon; Robert Smith, Wilkes-Barre; Elaine Snyder, Harveys Lake; Shana Sobers, Wilkes-Barre; Angel Sosa, Wilkes-Barre; Michael Stepanski, Wilkes-Barre; Megan Stobodzian, Hanover Township; Beth Stroup, Bloomsburg.

Shana Sweeney, Drums; Christopher Tigue, West Wyoming; Leona Titman, Dallas; Carmen Traistaru, White Haven; Alysha Vehoski, Courtdale; Patrick Verrastro, West Wyoming; Jason Vishnefski, Shickshinny; Thomas Walter, Dallas; Jasmine Waltman, Edwardsville; Robert Ward, Wilkes-Barre; Jaclyn Waschko, Sugarloaf; Jeffrey Watkins, Wilkes-Barre; Kolby Watson, McEwensville; Rebecca Wharton, Scranton; Allison Williams, Kingston; Charles Woodruff, Berwick; Kaytlynne Yocius, Mountain Top; Jennifer Yuhas, Wilkes-Barre; Lorianne Zaleski, Wilkes-Barre Township; Mark Zluchowski, Plains.

Certificate of Specialization: Misty Allabaugh, Nanticoke; Heather Ashmore, Berwick; Eric Bacon, Edwardsville; Eric Bason, McAdoo; Stacy Bednar, Edwardsville; Kelvin Berroa, Hazleton; Bonnie Burke, Kingston; Kyle Burke, Shickshinny; Michael Church, Kingston; Marisa Courtney, Larksville; Mariah Crawford, Bloomsburg; Benjamin Damick, Kingston; John Evans, Wilkes-Barre; Brendan Farrell, White Haven; Joseph Farrell, Hanover Township; Angeline Galli, Mountain Top; Joshua Grudzinski, Pittston; Yaneris Hernandez, Hazleton; Laura Herron, West Pittston; Emily Holeva, Wilkes-Barre; Frank Hummel, Hanover Township; Felicia Hunsinger, Berwick; John Jurosky, Old Forge; Colleen Kelly, Kingston; Kristyn Kile, Wapwallopen; Cynthia Kiluk, Luzerne; Barbara Klinger, Berwick; Zachery Kocher, Wapwallopen; Kayla Kraser, Spring Brook Township; Eileen Lampman, Avoca; Paul Loftus, Mountain Top.

Katherine Luvender, Tunkhannock; Kathryn Majusiak, Hazle Township; Victoria Martin, Wilkes-Barre; Milissa McGuirk, Wyoming; Emily McMichael, Berwick; Christina Musto, Pittston Township; Amy Nordheim, Wilkes-Barre; Jennifer Peters, Pittston; Dina Prueitt, Danville; Michele Randis, Drums; Jacqueline Reese, Hunlock Creek; Kirstie Robertson, Wilkes-Barre; Randy Russo, Conyngham; Grace Sipple, White Haven; David Sokolofski, West Hazleton; Kathryn Taylor, Moosic; Kayla Troutman, Pitman; Ashleigh Whitenight, Berwick; Allyson Wielgopolski, White Haven; Charissa Woodruff, Catawissa; Brandy Wright, Berwick; Kendra Yakobitis, Pittston; Erica Zegarski, Wilkes-Barre; Robert Zenon, Wilkes-Barre; Marissa Zionce, Wilkes-Barre.

Diploma: Katelyn Benner, Sunbury; Amanda Bruno Wright, Hanover; Meranda Defazio, Lansford; Leah Doknovitch, Kingston; Bernae Evans, Bloomsburg; Alina Kopcha, Wilkes-Barre; Jeanine Manta, Exeter; Lynn Marko, Forty Fort; Danielle Monsuer, Wilkes-Barre; Brianna Nichols, Hunlock Creek; Lisa Owens, Hunlock Creek; Wendie Palko, Freeland; Alicia Schlauch, Ringtown; Michael Sentiwany, Hazleton; and Joan Shoemaker, Ashley.

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