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The Denver Broncos began when the team was chartered a member of the American Football League in 1960. The Broncos have played in the city of Denver throughout their entire history.

The Broncos did not win any titles as members of the AFL. Since the 1970 AFL–NFL merger, the Broncos have won 12 division titles, and played in six Super Bowls, following the 1977, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1997 and 1998 seasons. They won Super Bowl XXXII and Super Bowl XXXIII.

Their most famous player is former quarterback John Elway, starting quarterback in five Super Bowls and holder of many NFL records.

The Sunday Dispatch was on the search for predictions from local residents. The Broncos are heavily favored by the Greater Pittston area contingent with 195 votes. Here they are:

Joelle Dowd 38-30 Peyton’s time to toss the DOUGH!!!! TDs are going to fly!!!!!!

Tony Guariglia 41-34 About time John Haas gets a ring!

Jerry Pace 31-17 Great year performances

Charlie Chaiko 30-24 One Great Year

John Ryan 26-7 One of the best Quarterbacks

Tom Zenobi 27-24 Broncs win on game ending field goal.

Dotty Martin 35-21 Love. Peyton. Manning.

Neil Webb 42-21 Manning MVP

Mike Ferrara 27-13 They be sky high for the game.

Denise Evans 28-17 Go Broncos!

Mike Kosik (Endocott, New York) 35-10 Go get em, Peyton!

Irene Kosik 28-17 Too much Peyton

Heather Pesotini 38-27 Go get those Seahawks, Peyton

John Poli 27-20 Seahawks fans can’t help their team now. Manning makes defense look silly. Next year the Packers start a dynasty.

Patrick Pisano 24-23 I thought I would be rooting for the Chiefs

Lisa Michele Pisano 17-10 Should be watching the Chiefs

Patches Pisano 13-10 I’m from Omaha

Dorothy Dominick 14-10 Go Peyton

Mittens Dominick 17-14 I’m a Jersey Boy

Maryann Struckus 21-14 For my sister-in-law

Micheal Struckus 23-17 Richard Sherman has never been to Omaha

Joe Struckus 24-13 Peyton rides into the sunset a champion

Robyn Struckus 34-27 Sherman can’t block a Peyton pass

Bella Struckus 27-21 Because Mommy and Daddy said so

Danny Walutes 24-20 Peyton wins in Eli’s house

Andy Walutes 28-17 Daddy knows best

Jim Castellino 27-20 Peyton retires a winner

James Castellino 31-17 Peyton too good

Diana Johnson 21-14 Their uniforms are much prettier.

Kenny Jamison 28-14 A whole lotta Omaha!

Brad Reeves 28-14 Omaha!

Pete Swiatek 31-23 Because the broncos are ten times better than the niners!

JD Whitesell 34-28 Peyton wants to go yell Omaha at Richard Sherman when they put him in the animal kingdom.

Rick Pocceschi 31-17. Glad it’s not the Eagirls. GO Cowboys!

Kyle Scherer 24-21 Seahawks defense doesn’t affect Peyton

Mike Wagner 56-12 Beacuse Seachickens don’t exist.

Linda Casale 31-13 Orange is in.

“Duffy” aka Mr. Myrtle Beach 42-17 Broncos get you paid, Spring Fiesta here we come!!

Judy Minsavage 24-17 Next year Steeler fans

Jack Minsavage 34-24 Manning is too good.

Andrew M. Seder 30-24 The Elway curse is broken.

Travis Kellar 28-24 Seahawks might have a strong defense, but it’s hard to bet against a man like Peyton Manning.

Bob Todd 24-20 Peyton finally hits the jackpot.

Jay Vasil 27-17 Manning’s quick release.

Travis Boyer 31-24 Horses like the cold weather.

Gerald Thomas 42-36 Weather won’t be a factor.

John Carlos Ventura 23-20 Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

Jess Betterly 36-27 You “betterly” believe it.

Missy Nenstiel 21-17 I had a dream about it.

Hannah Cook 36-21 Is he related to Manning’s ice cream?

Delmis Machado 21-6 They can get 6, right?

Dylan Newman 36-27 The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

Jessica Geisier 41-31 New York will be Peyton’s place.

Kali Santizo 42-30 The Broncos will surf up and down the field.

Chris Miko 38-29 Orange is the new black.

Steve Kotula 24-17 Seahawks play great defense but it still won’t be enough.

Angela Susi 36-22 But I like the Seahawks colors better.

Chris Monjelo 36-30 Home they serve chili at the party.

Brandon Colarusso 28-24 One word: Manning.

Michael McGavin 21-14 Fooooootballlll.

Tony Pellegrino 38-17 Are you ready for some football?

Anna Mae Olivo 28-24. Peyton is due.

Justin Lamoreaux 27-17 Lots of Omaha.

Tom Roushy 35-14 It’s the Dream Team.

Colin McFarland 28-24 Football is the one with sticks, right?

Mike Murphy 28-24 Peyton Manning MVP.

John Hall 27-23 Manning, 23 of 33 for 288 yards and 2 TDs.

Ryan Dunsmuir 28-13 Manning, Manning, Manning.

Timothy Lello 30-27 First Super Bowl to go into OT

Joe Soprano 27-13 Long, quiet ride home for Richard Sherman.

John Haas 24-21 Manning goes out as MVP and retires

Bill O’Boyle 31-23 This is easy, wild horses over fish-eating birds.

Tony Callaio 33-24 Get one for the old guy.

Vladimir Nabokov 14-7 Green Bay looks promising this year.

Evan Rosengrant 28-17 Peyton’s going to tear the LOB up!!!

Andrew Yuhas 24-23 Sherman 2+ INTs, OMAHA!

Troy Platukus 24-13 Someone will win

Adam Valkos 28-24 Peyton is going to rip their defense up

Tyler Woodruff 21-14 It will go into OT

Brandon Ferrance 38-24 Peyton goes out on top!

Sam Corla 24-17 OT Win!

Brandon Hudacko 60-0 Raiders baby!

Jonathan Kamar 35-17 Seahawks won’t handle Denver’s offense.

Enrico Connors 42-28 The Denver offense can blow them away.

Michael Schwab 20-6 Anthony Halat grabs 2 TDs from James Emmett

Rachel Simansky 27-24 G-men!!!

Robert Ryzner 34-23 Broncos all the way!!!

Jenny Meck 34-34 Yeahhhhh Broncos!!!

Tyler Mullen 24-13 Fly Eagles Fly!

Mariah Mattioli 35-32 Eli Manning’s bro, lets go!

Dana Maurizi 28-17 Eli Manning!

Nicole Chaiko 32-17 And it won’t even be that close.

Ali Brady 28-10 The ducks will find their mark.

Maria Lussi 28-14 Richard sherman will be quiet.

Danimal 38-17 It’s the year of the HORSE!!

Zach Herron 42-21 Record day for Manning.

Katie Jobson 38-32 One of best Super Bowls ever.

David Mancini 52-24 Beware of the blue fog?

Ryan Joyce 24-21 Broncos win in OT

Danny Costantino 35-24 Broncos O-line is underestimated.

Austin Quinn 28-14 Do it for Archie.

James Emmett 38-28 All offense.

Mike Harth 31-28 Who’s this Saturn guy who’s performing at halftime.

Justin Peterson 21-19 Not Saturn, Mars, like the candy bars.

Tyler Mooney 34-28 Comes down to the last 3 minutes

Mariah Zimmerman 23-21 The difference is a safety.

Matthew Cawley 24-21 Seahawks miss deep FG to tie game

Tyler Demich 24-22 Richard who?

Gary Teasdale 24-17 Sherman the No. 1 that isn’t really

Lois Ellsworth 28-20 Manning’s the man!

Christy Teasdale 28-24 Peyton!!!!

Joanna Smith 16-13 My boyfriend is hotter than Decker

Gene Ellsworth Sr. 31-10 Peyton’s gonna take out the trash!

Matt Deube 24-17 Yup!

Philip Walter 38-13 ‘Merica!

JJ Mullin 56-32 Sherman gets burnt 3 times

Marueen Noone 31-28 If not Steelers :(, “Denver”

Brooke Bomboy 13-7 And they’ll be back next year too.

Ronnie Blight 35-31 Seattle can’t match up

Ed Kane 33-24 Seattle will not be cleaning the cob webs from its trophy case

Steve Opeka 31-17 Manning’s leadership will win this game!!!Brian Coe 23-14 Go Stillers

Brian Coe 23-14 Go Stillers

Kim Kolanich 32-10 Here we go Steelers, on to next year!

Francesco “Cuz” Stuppino 28-14 “Here we go Steelers,” “Go Pens”

Ali Cook 34-27 Go Peyton

JP Cook 34-2 Go Peyton

Dawn Fasciana 21-17 Peyton will prevail!

Anthony Macario 24-23 OMAHA!

Joe Kopko 31-27 That in Nebraska, right?

Nancy Alberiei 27-20 Good movie, Nebraska.

Rob Yatsko 34-31 Remember Mutual of Omaha’s wild Kingdom?

Christ Alberiei 42-28 Yeah. What ever became of that show.

Ryan Kaslavage 24-17 Peyton’s gonna cros em up. It will be Gary, Indiana, today.

John Marianacci 32-17 It’s the Year of the Horse.

DW Hando 24-21 Weather will be a factor

Brianna Shinko 24-14 Broncos have a better offense

Yasmine Spellman 36-24 The Broncos are better - offense and defense.

Marty Michaels 28-21 Broncos have a better QB

Madison Hinamarsh 31-28 Seahawks have nice uniforms

Joan Urban 34-31 Passing

David Vincent 28-14 Run fast

Steve Stravinski 31-21 Denver O is too good

Bernie Kasulis 20-17 It “Peys” to bet on Peyton

Brittney Piatt 31-17 Don’t quote me

Jessica Mashinski 36-29 It’s a Peyton thing.

James Heller 38-24 Peyton secures his place in the Hall of Fame.

Zachary Wood 31-28 What’s going on?

Steve Kotula 24-10 And I’m not so sure about the 10.

Nicholas Roche 28-15 I’m just in it for the hot wings.

Brittany Howells 38-30 OMAHA!

Ed Sromoski 25-20 The Broncos are on a Rocky Mountain high.

Kristopher Olshefski 30-27 Got a good feeling about this score.

Derek Levarse 27-20 Society finds something other than Richard Sherman to discuss by Easter

Bernie Kachinko 31-24 Peyton’s Place

Joanne Wagner 35-24 Just a guess

Paul Orzel 28-21 Manning = Dedication + Ability

Addison Orzel 24-21 Seahawks only win the toss

Bernadette Warren 28-17 Peyton fan. Need I say more?

Josh Courter 26-24 Peyton!!

Ettore Anselmi 35-28 For my cousin Jen Loquasto in Colorado!

Paul J Dezinski Broncos 28-24

Brian Quick 34-31

Nick Wagner 28-17 Horses > Broncos

Jade Cotter 33-21 I always liked horses

Colleen McGlynn 24-14 BooHoo Richard Sherman

Karen Lello 21-10 Because Broncos are son’s favorite team

Colleen McAndrew 24-17 Win it for the Ice Man

Mike Garzella 28-21 Go Peyton!

Patrick M. Bilbow 28-24 Go bibs/Cast go!!

Brady Bilbow 28-24 Ciaran can’t be right!!

Reilly Bilbow 38-14 These Super Bowl snacks are great!!

Gene Philbin 28-14 Hey, wait a minute - that’s the Eli Manning!!??

Al Zondlo 38-24 My neighbor is ALWAYS right!

Chuck Montagna 38-31 Manning with two weeks to prepare wins

Michael D’Angelo 21-10 Can’t go against Manning

Mark Serino 35-28 Peyton

Faith Pavalonis 39-23 My dad knows all about Peyton…He’s a Raiders’ fan.

Peggy Basara 24-14 OMAHA

Katie Conlon 28-17 Peyton Manning

Charles LoPresto 33-24 Love Ducks

Donna Cabrera 27-24 Peyton needs another ring

Bridget Brogan 27-13 Another great Super Bowl for the Manning family!

Margie Norwood 17-14 Pete Carroll goes down!

Jill Samuels 28-21 One more for Peyton.

Heather McAndrew 31-24 Denver all the way!!

Angel Noone 35-27 Rather watch the commercials!

Nicole Tieso 26-13 Peyton #18!!!

Mike Brogan 26-24 Peyton by a “neck.”

John “Skip” McGlynn 30-28 Broncos always. Go Elway!

John “Jump” McGlynn III 33-24 Manning rules.

Joey Wyochoski 27-17 Wish it was Oakland.

Joey Wyochoski Jr. 33-17 Has to be the Broncos.

Theresa Wyochoski 30-24 Is there really a halftime show.

Bruce Miller 27-17

Sheila McGarry 28-17

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