Your view: Trump’s untruthfulness troubling


    I think most would agree that truth is one of the core values of our society.

    If that is true, then it follows that any true American should be greatly disturbed by President Donald Trump’s steady stream of falsehoods.

    Since assuming office, he has told blatant lies about the recent crime rate, terrorism not being reported by news organizations, the number of travelers affected by his immigration executive order, the size of the crowd at his inauguration and millions of fraudulently cast votes in the presidential election.

    And these are just a few examples. I wonder how the president can be so untruthful.

    Might he be a pathological liar, horribly ill-formed or delusional? Otherwise why would he spew such an unending stream of falsehoods? Perhaps he picked up his habit of lying from his advisers.

    I heard his senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, defend Press Secretary Sean Spicer, saying he gave “alternative facts,” and spout another fiction about the “Bowling Green massacre” that never happened.

    If that is the case, then Trump is a poor judge of people to place in important positions. That could be it. After all, he did nominate Betsy DeVoss as secretary of education.

    Tom Bubul

    West Pittston
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