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Hot Topic: Judge Mark Ciavarella
Mark Ciavarella Mark Ciavarella is the former President Judge of the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas who, along with Judge Michael Conahan, was responsible for the Kids for Cash scandal of 2009. Ciavarella received a sentence of 28 years in prison for his involvement in the scandal.

2012-04-12 Juvie suit defendants' request denied
2012-04-09 Juvie bills' signing a vindication
2012-04-07 Corbett will be in Wilkes-Barre to sign juvenile justice bill
2012-03-21 Judge Rules for insurer in juvie suit
2012-01-12 Appeal extension sought
2012-01-15 Book 'Kids for Cash' focuses on children
2012-01-10 Ciavarella's appeal tab on taxpayer
2012-01-09 Juvie changes show way
2012-01-07 Lawyer: Each juvie case different
2012-01-06 State ends oversight of county court system

2011-11-24 Ciavarella lawyers to do appeal
2011-09-24 Conahan's lawyers attack Ciavarella
2011-08-18 Ciavarella appeals sentence conviction
2011-08-16 Ciavarella defense wants cash
2011-08-14 Ciavarella sentenced to 28 years
2011-09-14 Ciavarella moved to Illinois prison
2011-08-14 A stumble cost Ciavarella his world
2011-08-13 Judge hikes Ciavarella's restitution
2011-08-12 Ciavarella one of 33 caught up in federal corruption probe in Luzerne County
2011-08-12 Feds' study will determine what jail Ciavarella gets
2011-08-09 Sentence of life for Ciavarella possible
2011-08-09 Release of letters regarding Ciavarella sentencing sought
2011-07-22 Old charges could still hurt Ciavarella
2011-07-22 Ciavarella fate set Aug 1
2011-07-15 Ciavarella has new gig
2011-06-17 Report: Conahan Ciavarella case shows better court oversight vital
2011-06-01 Claim on Ciavarella pension withdrawn
2011-05-03 Ciavarella appeals convictions
2011-04-26 Hearing set for Ciavarella pension
2011-04-19 Feds back verdict on Ciavarella
2011-04-12 Mother who confronted Ciavarella to testify today
2011-04-10 Mother and son suing Ciavarella
2011-03-28 California looks at Ciavarella outcome
2011-03-26 Brief filed by Ciavarella attorneys appeals verdict
2011-03-16 Seizure of Ciavarella assets OK'd
2011-03-12 Ciavarella's assets are pursued
2011-03-05 Ciavarella asks reversal of guilty verdict
2011-02-24 Ciavarella ruling shadows woman's success
2011-02-20 A verdict based on the reaction of Ciavarella MARK GUYDISH OPINION
2011-02-20 Ciavarella's demeanor stirs anger
2011-02-20 Ciavarella defenders should own up to what's been done - Richard L Connor Opinion
2011-02-20 Ciavarella guilty of racketeering
2011-02-20 Ciavarella won't talk lawyer says
2011-02-12 Feds: Ciavarella kept money ties secret
2011-02-07 Jury picking begins today in Ciavarella trial
2011-02-06 Judge puts Ciavarella motions on hold
2011-02-02 Ciavarella prosecution submits jury instructions
2011-01-27 Feds fight Ciavarella jury queries
2011-01-23 Ciavarella case irony thicker than docket MARK GUYDISH OPINION
2011-01-21 U S wants hearing on Ciavarella pension postponed

2010-12-16 Judge denies Ciavarella motions
2010-11-30 Ciavarella dismissal plea draws federal response
2010-11-30 Retrial for case Ciavarella heard
2010-11-17 Ciavarella again seeks trial move
2010-11-13 Ciavarella should pay for defense
2010-11-05 Judge denies motions in Ciavarella case
2010-11-03 Ciavarella asks for dismissal of counts
2010-10-30 Ciavarella claims violation of his pension
2010-10-23 Two counties cut from Ciavarella's jury pool
2010-10-01 Ciavarella facing new indictment
2010-09-30 Ciavarella facing new indictment
2010-09-02 Prosecutors want IDs of Ciavarella witnesses
2010-08-06 Ciavarella trial set for Feb 7
2010-07-24 Ciavarella not swayed by Conahan
2010-06-09 Ciavarella's focus Venue and judge changes
2010-05-16 Poetic justice for Conahan and Ciavarella MARK GUYDISH OPINION
2010-04-01 Judge fights land rulings by Ciavarella
2010-03-06 Ex judge Ciavarella defaults on loan
2010-01-08 Judge: Re trial warranted in Ciavarella case

2009-12-29 Ciavarella decision sparks new lawsuit
2009-12-08 Testimony Ciavarella's ways accepted
2009-11-10 Feds may question Ciavarella home sale
2008-11-07 Ciavarella won't discuss budget
2009-10-30 All Ciavarella juvie convictions vacated
2009-09-05 Doctor Ciavarella had conflict in his case
2009-08-07 Ciavarella ruling reviewed
2009-08-04 Ciavarella's testimony for use in suit sought
2009-08-04 All Ciavarella juvie records to be saved
2009-07-22 Court imperils Ciavarella suits
2009-06-02 Date set for Ciavarella cases
2009-05-29 Ciavarella challenges court pension freeze
2009-05-28 Ciavarella blocked from pension
2009-05-10 Ciavarella case appealed to state 's top court
2009-03-31 Muroski wants Ciavarella seat filled
2009-03-18 Judges ask governor to fill Ciavarella's seat
2009-03-14 Ciavarella off bench Monday
2009-02-27 Ciavarella, Conahan targets of new suit
2009-02-18 Ciavarella's seat won't be on this year's ballot
2009-02-12 Judge picked to review Ciavarella juvenile cases
2009-02-09 Ciavarella: "I disgraced judgeship"
2009-02-04 Review of Ciavarella orders set
2009-01-28 Ciavarella lawyers issue statement on charges
2009-01-27 Ciavarella's lawyers file papers
2009-01-23 Ciavarella OKs new job for aide -news
2009-01-18 Ciavarella shows poor judgment
2009-01-11 Ciavarella kicks sand in face of county taxpayers betty roccograndi OPINION

2008-06-19 Ciavarella recuses self from Laputka firm motions
2008-06-18 Ciavarella Conahan not alone
2008-06-18 Law firm seeks Ciavarella's recusal
2008-06-14 Judge Ciavarella made real difference in students' lives
2008-06-11 Writer makes a case in support of Judge Ciavarella
2008-06-06 Juvie rights official Lupas' court better than Ciavarella's
2008-06-04 Brief alleging Ciavarella Powell link filed
2008-04-26 Cops: Teen threatens Ciavarella

2007-11-11 Ciavarella County OK down judge
2007-08-22 Salon owner accuses Ciavarella of bias

2006-12-13 Ciavarella picked for top judge 's position
2006-12-12 UPDATE Ciavarella selected as bench president
2006-10-14 Ciavarella eyed for president judge
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