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    There’s no doubt that last week’s winter storm impacted wildlife. But for a bird that migrates here in the spring and relies on damp, open ground to probe the earth for worms, two feet of snow and frigid temperatures can be tragic.

    During last Tuesday’s blizzard, Vince Hudak was snow-blowing paths for his dog at his home in Ross Township when he noticed something odd. In a small patch of slush covering a narrow drainage ditch stood a woodcock. Hudak watched as the bird tried hard to find a worm through the snow, but it wasn’t having any luck.

    Things didn’t look good for the woodcock, but Hudak kept watch over the next few days.

    On Thursday, however, there was hope. In a small grove of hemlocks behind his house Hudak saw the woodcock fluttering between the open wet areas of a spring seep. The bird was surviving and perhaps even finding a meal in the damp, exposed ground. Hopefully the woodcock can pull through in the hemlock grove as warmer weather is bound to arrive.

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    — Tom Venesky

    By Tom Venesky

    [email protected]

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