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Why should Petraeus be treated differently?

I don't get it. President Clinton has an affair with an intern and we're told that his private life shouldn't matter. Retired Gen. David Petraeus has an affair and an ABC news report says there might be charges.

What are we now, the United States of Schizophrenia?

God help us.

Paul Walters

Fairview Township

Volunteer firefighters, EMTs deserve thanks

We recently celebrated Veterans Day and it was wonderful to see the vets get the honor, respect and recognition that they so duly earned and deserve.

We have another group that very seldom gets any recognition: volunteer firefighters and EMTs. They very quietly go about their business 365 days a year without ever complaining or looking for any recognition. Talk about a thankless job!

I know firsthand what these people do. Namely, Sheldon Hannis, who has been a fixture as an area volunteer for 46 years, is still active and shows no signs of slowing. I've been in his company when he got the call and – bang – right out the door, no questions asked. Can you imagine 46 years of 24/7, 365 days a year as a dedicated volunteer? And remarkably there are many others who are just like Sheldon who just do it, plain and simple.

If you know any volunteers and should meet them in passing, I'd ask you to shake their hands and thank them. I'm sure it would mean a lot to them.

As for me, I thank every one of you from all parts of the Valley for your dedicated and highly skilled service.

John Mihalchik Sr.


Writer feels many voters thought Romney a phony

I read that Republican policy adviser Karl Rove has accused the president of suppressing the vote. According to Mr. Rove, President Obama did this by saying negative things about Mitt Romney to the American people, framing him within the narrative, you may not like who I am, but this other guy is simply a rich guy who cares only about himself.

Suppressing the vote through negative words? What claims did Obama's ads make that hadn't been made by Republicans during their entertaining, if not enlightening, primary season – a season that should have had both length and number restrictions, like trout season here in Pennsylvania? Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were all harder on Mitt.

My election analysis: Though half of American voters didn't agree with what Obama stood for, they also didn't trust that Romney stood for anything. Also, his smug pose during the campaign, you know, a pseudo-pleasant grin, head slightly tilted and a blank stare that unintentionally said loud and clear I'm a phony! That pose hurt him far more than any political mumbo jumbo.

Kenneth J. Brophy


Nation's elected officials must now work together

After two years of campaigning and $6 billion spent on national candidates, little has changed. We still have President Obama in the White House, a Republican-controlled House and a Democratic Senate.

According to Rick Klein of ABC News: A divided nation did not hand President Obama a mandate in his re-election victory. He'll have to earn that. White House correspondent Ben Feller of The Associated Press wrote: If Obama cannot end gridlock, his second term will be reduced to veto threats, empty promises, end runs around Congress and legacy-sealing forays into foreign lands. … America may not be filled with hope anymore.

President Obama and Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid both have promised to finally work with Republicans. Republicans also need to compromise: the tea party won in 2010 but not in 2012. Many analysts have said Obama, now a lame-duck president, no longer needs to cater to his party; he will indeed try to fix this nation's problems and he will be working on his legacy. But will he? Or will he, instead, be looking to the midterm elections and helping his party there?

With a terrible economy and the fiscal cliff looming, we, as a nation, are worried and scared. We have no interest in partisan politics; we want results! Now it is up to these officials to fulfill their obligations, to keep their promises, to do their jobs!

Bill Dress


One nation, one people? Not with Obama in office

I wasn't sure how to phrase this to make it sound reasonable without being defeatist, but it seemed impossible. I've never been so disappointed in this country, our area and state.

We had the option of choosing a businessman who believed in family values, entrepreneurship and self-determination, and instead we chose a man who never had a job in his life and squandered the first four years of his presidency – a man who drove us into severe debt, lacked bipartisanship and broke most of his initial campaign and first-year promises.

Now after winning re-election, he tells us we're one nation, one people? I don't think so. As far as I'm concerned, Obama might have been my president the first term (even though I didn't vote for him), but all that has changed now.

He detests everything that I stand for and believe, such as self-reliance and determination, and will never represent me nor my forefathers who had to toil for years to make it better for successive generations. What we have is a president re-elected by those people who want but don't want to earn, those who take but don't contribute and those who feel they are owed even though they are not deserving.

I'm convinced now more than ever that this country has turned a dangerous corner and is sliding down the same fatal path as other great societies have (Greek, Roman), with the majority of individuals believing that it is their right to be cared for and that they should not be required to contribute.

I'm afraid that I'm teetering on not participating anymore. In four years when unemployment has skyrocketed due to restrictions and taxes placed on businesses (Obamacare), our debt exceeds $20 trillion and illegals and those who don't work/never worked exceed those who contribute, it will be too late to reverse the damage, and we will become nothing more than a second-rate socialist state like many of those in Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece).

The sad part is those of us who saw it coming will be dragged to the same depths as those who were responsible for it. That's what's inherently unfair about all of this.

Charie Prula


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