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Writer opposes cuts in sports

I strongly oppose the cut of middle school sports in order to save money. Think about the physical activity that sports provide for our youths, and the character they can build from participating in them. Do we really want to take that experience away from them?

Sports are physical and healthy activities in which all kids should participate. The physical exercise and team-building experience one can find in sports rarely can be found in any other activity. Playing sports can help a person build key skills he or she may need later in life. The physical exercise that sports provide is essential in maintaining a healthy body. We all know that the body needs some sort of exercise every day; playing sports can be this exercise for middle-school children. Why should sports be cut if there are other ways in which the school can save money and keep the sports programs?

One solution is for schools to keep the option of pay to play. This provides kids in middle school with the option of paying a certain amount of money to keep the sports program. If this option is chosen, the school would not be paying for team expenses, rather the players themselves would be paying to play. I know that some sports programs start preparing players for the varsity level as soon as they reach seventh grade. Taking middle school sports away would deal a severe blow to some high school sports programs. Instead of kids knowing the skills they should have learned in seventh grade, they must be taught at the freshman level which is a setback for the entire program.

Middle school sports are a necessity for kids for many reasons. The thought of cutting middle school sports should not even be considered. From the physical exercise to the team-building skills an individual can learn, sports provide an experience unlike any other.

Reader: Abortions same as killings

I believe that I am as sensitive as anyone when it comes to death and killing another human being. I have been a missionary and a pastor for more than 20 years, and worked with children for about 10 years.

I was one of the millions who grieved and am saddened about the killing of 20 young children in Newtown, Conn. I have also listened with great interest the discussions concerning gun control as a means of curbing these tragedies. I would like to call something to your attention for thought.

Research has produced some numbers that blow my mind! There are about 12,000 deaths by guns each year in the United States. There were about 1.3 million deaths by abortion last year. I do not want this to be an argument over abortion, but numbers are numbers.

Most people will know or understand that life begins at conception. Most people also will agree that to stop a life is a murder.

Fifty years ago the members of the Supreme Court of the United States deemed it legal to take a life by consent of the mother for any reason. This is murder.

My question is why is there not as great a concern for the life of a precious child in the womb as there is for a child sitting in a classroom?

In looking for solutions to end the killing by guns, what has happened to the teaching of good morals to children in both the home and the classroom?

Generosity makes party a success

Thank you! On behalf of the Cosmopolitan Senior Citizens of Exeter, the committee in charge of the annual Christmas party extends its sincere appreciation to local merchants.

Thanks to the local businesses that contributed to the success of our celebration.

The Cosmopolitan Senior Citizens is a nonprofit organization that receives no funding from any outside source, county or state. The club has been in existence for 38 years and continues through the efforts of its membership.

Our seniors are grateful for your generosity, which certainly brightened their day.

Thank you again.

A simple gift has great power

I wanted to write to thank fellow Avoca residents who generously gave of their time and means to help impact thousands of children in need this Christmas. Together we were able to pack more than 8,100 shoeboxes — filled with toys, school supplies and basic necessities — for Operation Christmas Child. Our packed shoe box gifts, joined by millions of others, are now on their way to needy children in 100 countries. During the 2012 collection season, Operation Christmas Child reached a milestone — more than 100 million children have been impacted by the power of a simple gift since 1993.

I would like to thank the volunteers at our local collection sites and all those who packed an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift. For many of the children who receive these gifts, this box will be the first gift they have ever received.

Although our local drop-off locations here in Avoca are closed, gifts are received year-round at Samaritan's Purse by mailing them to 801 Bamboo Road, Boone, N.C., 28607.

Find out how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference in children's lives around the world by visiting www.samaritanspurse.orgor by calling 410-772-7360.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this project.

Help make world a better place

I have read a few letters from previous writers concerning the sad state of our culture and suggestions that might help improve it.

It is obvious to the most casual of observers that we have culture rot and societal breakdown. In order for evil to triumph, all that it takes is for good people to do nothing. We are capable of doing evil. How do we get to the point where we can successfully resist evil?

First, we need self-examination. In searching for meaning in your life, you must ask the great questions of life, death and the hereafter. Why is the universe here and who brought it into existence? What is your purpose here and what should you be doing to fulfill that purpose?

To be sure, these are heavy questions of our perception of reality, but we need to find answers to them.

Read Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ and the Case for Faith. These will give you direction to investigate the truth claims of Christianity.

It's not about making bad people good. It's about bringing dead people to life. those dead in sin are made alive in Christ. Then, instead of being condemned by the law, look to the books of James, Chapter 1 which explains the perfect law of liberty, which is the moral and ethical teaching of Christianity brought to life and perfected by Jesus Christ.

The world can be a better place.

Writer questions transport of bodies

Are you kidding? Body parts are among the passengers on our planes?

I just read a news article that said quite a few body parts, as well as cadavers, crisscross the globe via airplane and delivery trucks!!

Talk about opening the doors to putting our lives in danger! Think about it, and please don't say the government or whoever has got it covered!

No matter how you look at it dead bodies carry germs and disease. How long was the hold up? Long enough for those frozen bodies to start thawing out? Were those who check out passengers protected properly or did they continue business with live people after coming into contact with the dead?

I don't know about you, but this reader thinks these bodies should be transported in a totally different way, with tougher rules applied, and with people qualified to handle such matters. Better yet, why can't these bodies be cremated by those who dissect them? After all, if they want the bodies, let them take care of the remains.

Something even scarier: how many states, cities, towns, are they passing through and what else do they bring with them?

More recycling events needed

On Jan. 21 in The Times Leader there was an article that all electronic equipment can no longer be put in the trash as of Jan. 24. It mentioned that you can call the Pennsylvania DEP or go on its website to find registered manufacturers and where to recycle.

I could not find that information listed on the website.

For the last couple of years I have been recycling mine at the Luzerne County electronic recycling that occurs once a year. That means you have to store them up until then and hope that you don't miss it.

If the state wants people to recycle their electronics, then once-a-year recycling will need to be greatly improved.

Magic of Disney beat away blues

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing one of the most amazing performances ever to grace the confines of the Mohegan Sun Arena, Disney on Ice! The performance beat away the winter blues and sadness aggravated by the terrible tragedies in today's news. It was an uplifting performance by great championship-caliber athletes.

These former Olympic and competitive figure skaters were dressed in beautiful costumes and put on an outstanding show.The sets, lights, effects and sound will transported me back in time to childhood memories of the wonderful world of Disney. All the characters were there including Pinocchio, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Incredibles, Goofy, Donald Duck and of course Mickey Mouse.

Chris Fazzini Mountain Top Pastor Lauren C. Hertzler, SR Hanover Township Johanna Malinowski, chairlady Aggie Abromavage Rosemary Golenski Maureen Gosart Ron Gosart Kay Haddock Vic Malinowski Helen Zarychta Marge Zinkavich Leigh Fisher Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Operation Christmas Child James U. Sinclair Wright Township Agie and Mike Barberio Wilkes-Barre Gerald Ostopowicz Nanticoke Tom Williams West Pittston

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