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Illegal immigrants should be sent back

Our fearless leader's shared his plan on illegal immigration on 1-30-13, and the Latinos are lining up like ducks in a row. Because they are the only ones who will benefit from his plan, plain and simple, Obama says let them all become legal?

That's the worst plan I've ever heard. They were not born here, and came to this country illegally, and should be sent back to the countries from which they came. They should come to America the way our forefathers had to and should learn to speak English.

In an article published Jan. 31, a Hazleton man was quoted as saying To me Barletta's not racist. For him, it's a part of his political platform. Let me give the Republican Party some advice for the future; learn to speak Spanish.

My ancestors came here from Germany in the early 1800's and learned how to speak the language of the land, which is English. I believe illegal immigrants are collecting our money and our benefits for which we worked our whole lives. God bless America because we're going to need it with leadership like this!

Base tax rates on the ability to pay

If everyone pays the same tax rate, why is a sales tax unfair? Pennsylvania's 6 percent sales tax is unfair because it is not based on a person's ability to pay (income), and it punishes the poor and rewards the rich.

For example, Pennsylvania taxes the sales price of a motor vehicle, new or used. On a vehicle that sells for $20,000, a buyer pays an additional $1,200 sales tax. That $1,200 punishes someone with a $20,000 income more than someone with a $40,000 income, and it rewards someone with a $200,000 income, who could easily pay a lot more.

Likewise, Pennsylvania's 3.07 percent personal income tax rate is unfair, and so are occupation, per capita and property taxes because they aren't based on a person's ability to pay. A graduated personal income tax that rises as one's income increases is fairer because it taxes those who can afford to pay more in taxes.

The federal income tax system is graduated, and a single person with a taxable income of $20,000 pays almost $2600 (13%) in taxes, but a single person with a taxable income of $40,000 pays almost $6,200 (15.5 percent) in taxes and a single person with a taxable income of $200,000 pays $50,000 (25 percent) in taxes. As you can see, a graduated income tax levels the playing field by taxing those who can afford to pay more a higher rate.

Believe it or not, during the 1950's the top federal marginal income tax rate was 91 percent, (today it's 39.6 percent) and Republican President Eisenhower had balanced budgets, supported New Deal programs like Social Security, cut national defense by keeping America out of wars and started the interstate highway system during a decade when Republicans were still broad-based conservatives, unlike today's right-wing radicals.

Sales and flat-rate personal income taxes are unfair to those who are not wealthy, but the most regressive tax of all is the payroll tax for the social security that has a cap on wages of $113,700, which means the wealthy don't pay on income above that amount, and the federal estates tax doesn't kick in until the value of an estate reaches at least $5 million. How many Americans have that kind of money? Very few!

Unfortunately, the sales tax is just one of too many unfair taxes that punish the poor and reward the rich.

A graduated income tax is much fairer because it taxes those who can afford to pay more, not less. They don't need tax cuts, and it won't create jobs.

Give the president an economics test

President Obama is either a genius or totally inept. One way to make the determination would be to administer an exam in basic economics and have his results disclosed.

If he passes, it proves he's executing his once-stated (and never disavowed) mission to purposely and permanently crash the United States economy into the ground as repentance for its past economic sins of global interference.

If he fails, it proves he dwells in a fantasyland where down is up and gravity doesn't exist. In the interest of our nation, he would then need to immediately cede control of the world's largest economy to a responsible surrogate operator for the duration of his reign.

Michael A. Schappert Ashley David L. Faust Selinsgrove Jim Sovaiko Throop

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