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Fuel Cell was a recent purchase for trainer Cad Gregory back on October 12 at Pocono Downs for $23,000. The five-year old Mutineer gelding then made his next start at Harrah's Philadelphia a week later and paid immediate dividends for Gregory, wiring a pretty good field in a quick 1:54.4. The trainer has been a mid-season sensation winning right off the claim at a high percentage and tonight Fuel Cell returns back in for a tag. He made a rare miscue in his most recent start at Pocono, so we are going to dismiss that effort. If he races as well as he did in that mile at Harrah's I see no reason why driver Tyler Buter won't bring this Leo Controneo owned trotter back for his picture following yet another triumph in this evening's tenth race feature.



POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $10,500 last 5
1 Most Happy DragonM.Dowdallx-2-3Dowdall wins in PD debut6-1
2 Midas Blue ChipT.Buter4-4-3Dangerous off the drop2-1
4 Four Starz KyleA.Napolitano6-6-2Another down in class7-2
6 Bear KingA.McCarthy3-8-7Offers some late pop5-1
5 Oriental CarpetJ.Pavia1-4-2Steps up off easy win3-1
7 Medoland Big CamM.Kakaley4-2-7Lasix didn't help much10-1
3 Ideal DannyM.Simons1-5-3I'll take a pass on12-1

Second-$9,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $4,000 last 5
3 Marion MonacoJ.Pavia5-9-7Completes the early double3-1
7 Jaded TimM.Kakaley4-4-1Makes for nice exacta15-1
6 Over RuledA.Napolitano7-8-3It's a fairly wide open race two4-1
4 Badboy Paparazzi AM.Simons4-8-2Horse doesn't like to win7-2
8 Ginger Tree WandaT.Buter5-7-4Buter catch drives9-2
1 Broadway's HeirT.Jackson6-7-8TJ's choice over #810-1
2 Windsun BellagioB.Simpson8-5-6Riding long losing streak6-1
5 Pretty PaperA.McCarthy5-6-6Carved up6-1
9 Permanent JoyR.Krivelin7-9-1Not from here20-1

Third-$11,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 2 pm races life
3 Misssomebeach BlueJ.Pavia3-7-3Yep, Pavia again5-2
8 LepatataB.Simpson8-3-7Newcomer to Simpson barn4-1
7 Tara's BestJ.Taggart5-4-1Yonkers invader5-1
6 Dropping StarM.Simons8-2-6Taggart opted off6-1
4 VillagioA.McCarthy4-4-2Lightly raced 3yr old7-2
2 Kindle HanoverM.Kakaley6-7-92nd time lasix user8-1
9 My Sweet MaddyT.Buter7-4-4Sour12-1
1 Ellan's TwinM.Romano6-9-5Often a long price15-1
5 Skin The CatT.Jackson6-6-xMarks her debut20-1

Fourth-$11,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 2 pm races life
7 Pacific MargauxJ.Plutino1-7-3Plutino in for this drive9-2
3 My Love BiB.Simpson3-5-4Very game in defeat4-1
8 Angel Eyes HanoverM.Johansson2-2-3Hung last wk3-1
9 Exercise To GoJ.Pavia5-5-7Been racing in NJF stakes7-2
6 Toms Miracle GalT.Jackson7-7-6Jackson driving at .1746-1
2 Ringside NguyenL.Vandervort3-6-5Leah in for rare drive8-1
1 CanbetA.McCarthy4-3-7Longtime maiden10-1
4 Rosannadanna TimM.Kakaley7-8-6Slow in prep20-1
5 DeweyneedmorewineM.Simons3-5-5Drunk to play her15-1
Fifth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5
7 DoubleshotascotchT.Jackson4-8-5Too classy for this bunch3-1
5 Waylon HanoverA.McCarthy2-3-5Seeks the pocket7-2
2 CruznwithdabigdogM.Romano6-3-5Gets needed class help4-1
6 TheetownlittleguyM.Kakaley7-7-3Matt owns and reins20-1
8 Fresco BlueJ.Pavia8-3-4Can grind it out8-1
9 Battle CallM.Simons8-5-7New to Pocono15-1
1 Rileys LuckB.Simpson8-9-7Burke losing ground9-2
3 Kiss My CamT.Buter5-5-2Monti shipper6-1
4 Town TreasureB.Adams6-7-4Off since July10-1

Sixth-$9,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $4,000 last 5
1 Collect CallT.Buter1-1-2Team Buter winner7-2
5 Get PhysicalM.Simons4-1-1Can be any kind4-1
9 Dream LakeM.Romano2-7-8Coming around10-1
8 Crème De CocoaD.Ackerman3-4-3Just a shadow of old self9-2
2 Opinion HanoverA.McCarthy4-5-6Beaten chalk 4 of last 53-1
4 WingbatB.Simpson7-4-7Gallie a cold trainer6-1
6 Master HanoverM.Kakaley3-5-3Tends to fall far behind8-1
3 Biscuits N GravyT.Jackson7-8-6Smothered15-1
7 Ringside WinnerL.Vandervort2-6-8Trouble staying flat20-1

Seventh-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
5 Special DarkM.Kakaley1-1-1On a tear3-1
2 RM Mornin SunshineT.Buter4-3-1Good at this level7-2
6 Harper LeeM.Simons5-1-4Note the driver change6-1
7 SonadorA.McCarthy3-8-3Raced solid upon arrival4-1
4 You Can't Fool MeJ.Pavia4-7-4Pellegrino better at Monti9-2
8 Bond Blue ChipB.Simpson6-3-3Bad luck in draws8-1
1 Prairie GanacheJ.Taggart8-5-5Drops, but still off form10-1
3 No Mo ParkingA.Napolitano7-5-6Better in 201115-1
9 Poor HouseT.Jackson6-3-5Not from nine hole20-1

Eighth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
6 Grace N CharlieA.Napolitano3-3-1Back on top3-1
2 Mon Beau Somolli NT.Jackson3-5-7Much improved6-1
3 Streetwise HallJ.Pavia6-9-2Needs a little more stamina7-2
7 Like A HushM.Kakaley4-3-5Best of the rest4-1
4 Rompaway BrandonM.Simons5-5-2Continues to fold late9-2
9 Captain BradyC.Norris5-4-3Norris driving this evening15-1
1 DJ John BoyB.Simpson8-7-5Bad habits8-1
5 Shelly RossT.Buter5-6-6Very weak10-1
8 O-GeorgieA.McCarthy7-8-4Struggled last few seasons20-1

Ninth-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $9,500 last 5
5 Gale StormM.Kakaley2-7-4Finds a way4-1
2 Odds On AdventureA.McCarthy1-5-4Likes this strip3-1
6 Nutmegs YankeeT.Buter4-1-5Capable mare7-2
4 Shesa Bragn DragonB.Simpson8-5-3Returns from NY6-1
3 Miss Sand CreekM.Simons8-2-1Simons drives for Ford9-2
1 Forty ThreeJ.Taggart6-2-6Moves inside8-1
7 Rub ThingJ.Pavia6-1-1Bounced off the wins15-1
8 FranciegirlT.Jackson3-9-1Post knocks20-1
9 Kiddie MccardleM.Romano5-3-4Too many hurdles10-1

Tenth-$16,000 Clm.Hndcp Trot;clm.price $20-25,000
7 Fuel CellT.Buter9-1-4In front and drawing away7-2
6 JL Rockin JakeM.Kakaley3-7-2Back to level of purchase3-1
1 April SunshineA.Napolitano4-5-3Mare loves the outside9-2
4 DC's Piggy BankM.Simons6-1-7Marks debut for Mullin barn5-2
3 Hailstorm VoloT.Jackson4-1-6A notch below these6-1
2 ExtracurricularM.Romano5-1-6New to the Downs8-1
5 Broadway VictoryC.Norris7-8-1First start off the claim12-1

Eleventh-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5
4 Scottie CT.Buter5-7-1Plenty speedy3-1
5 MobileM.Simons3-8-5The added lasix helped7-2
3 Cry For CashB.Simpson3-2-7Gets 3rd place money4-1
2 Pride And GloryM.Romano6-8-5Matt in a little funk9-2
8 Buckeye In ChargeJ.Pavia4-4-4One worse than fourth6-1
1 Artifact KM.Kakaley7-7-6Does get the pole8-1
7 Really RockinJ.Kakaley4-7-8John won 2 on Halloween20-1
9 StandupnkissmeT.Jackson6-8-9Stood up15-1
6 Smoke Em UpA.McCarthy7-8-4Burned10-1

Twelfth-$13,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $18,000
1 ManofleisuresuitE.Carlson2-1-2Deadly consistent5-2
7 Maybe I'm A ReiT.Buter3-2-7Holzman still has had great yr4-1
5 Fresh DreamJ.Pavia5-6-3Just needs some live cover9-2
2 Cruising YankeeM.Kakaley3-2-1No excuses3-1
8 Upfront CroweM.Dowdall2-2-1Dowdall's other shipper6-1
3 ArticulateT.Jackson6-5-4The Panderosa gelding10-1
4 BungleinthejungleA.McCarthy3-6-6Overmatched12-1
6 Patient MajorA.Napolitano7-8-4Gapped15-1

Thirteenth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life
4 Dontu Get LonelyA.McCarthy5-6-6Alive and kicking9-2
3 RockweillerM.Kakaley7-5-2Money burner5-2
5 Shock It To ‘EmA.Napolitano1-2-3Lone 2yr old in here7-2
2 White LiarE.Carlson3-3-4Grey colt3-1
1 BetterthanlynxT.Buter6-4-2Sits the pylons6-1
6 He's UnbelievableT.Jackson7-4-7A toss8-1
7 Western DogM.Romano4-7-7One more race to go12-1

Fourteenth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
6 IdadazzleT.Buter2-1-6Buter in the finale3-1
4 Winsome WonderM.Kakaley6-1-2Second best9-2
3 Che HallT.Jackson2-2-5Done decent for Jackson6-1
1 HalfpipeA.McCarthy3-4-1McCarthy the new driver7-2
7 Fort BenningJ.Pavia5-1-8Down from ten claimers4-1
8 Muscle To SpareE.Carlson3-6-2Wait for better post10-1
2 Tameka SeelsterB.Simpson9-7-9Slow in final qtr8-1
5 Rushmore HanoverM.Simons5-3-7….next15-1
9 Four Starz ConwayA.Napolitano7-4-6See you tomorrow20-1

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